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If this is the first time you are downloading from the EELSModel site, please fill in all the field below to be able to download the selected file.Otherwise only your email adres will suffice. * Manditory field if you have allready downloaded before. The download should start immediately, if not please contact the site administrator. Home pageWelcome to the EELSMODEL home page. EELSMODEL is software to quantify Electron Energy Loss (EELS) spectra by using model fitting. This provides a more accurate and reliable way of extracting quantitative information from EELS spectra compared to the conventional quantification technique. EELSMODEL is written under the GNU Public License, which means briefly that you are free to distribute and use the program and that you have access to the source code. It prevents you however from using (parts of) this program for commercial purposes.The aim of this program is to give as many people in the EELS community access to an improved method for quantifying spectra with a more or less user friendly program.Recent NewsRelease of EELSModel 4.1 for Windows and Mac OsX16-6-2015EELSMODEL 4.1 has been released for Windows and Mac(download here). Drastically improved speed and convergence properties due to linear models.Release of EELSModel 3.3.3 for Mac OSX31-10-2013EELSMODEL 3.3.3 has been released for Mac OSX (download here). Finally your favorite EELS quantification is available for Mac (OS X>10.5). Some minor bug fixes, a fast background model, new graphs based on QWT. A version for windows will soon follow.Release of EELSModel 3.3.225-1-2011EELSMODEL 3.3.2 has been released (download here), Some bug fixes and optimisation for i7 architecture.Release of EELSModel 3.3.01-12-2009EELSMODEL 3.3.0 has been released (download here), Important bug fix in the fitter code regarding exluded points, it is strongly advised to upgrade to this version! also fixed a few minor bugs and updated the spin split hydrogenic edge.Release of EELSModel 3.2.528-09-2009EELSMODEL 3.2.5 has been released (download here), 2 features were added as requested by Bernhard Schaffer to visually keep track of the values of parameters and to export the calculated model (do not use this as noise filter!).Release of EELSModel 3.2.406-07-2009EELSMODEL 3.2.4 has been released (download here), it solves some issues that were encountered during the demo at the QEM practical in St. Aygulf and has improved low loss capabilities. It also contains a large range of test spectra to practice.Release of EELSModel 3.1.208-04-2009EELSMODEL 3.1.2 has been released (download here), it solves a few bugs in the equalizers and has an improved dielectric model for modelling the low loss. This remains experimental but could become very interesting to determine the dielectric properties of materials from their low loss spectrum.EELSMODEL 3.0 has been released after a long silence (download here). This new version was inspired by many user requests for a more user friendly setup of new models. It features an easy auto-creation of models containing K and L edges by just clicking on a periodic table of elements. Other interesting new features include the possibility to load 2D spectrum images, a correct way of treating convergence angles, auto-fitting of estimated background parameters, improved fine structure component with possibility of changing the number of parameters. Especially for low loss EELS, a Fourier log component and a Drude Lorentz model have been added. Although quite experimental at the moment, this will allow the fitting of dielectric functions including retardation effects. The code is now fully written in QT4 which makes the binary slightly smaller.This version crosses the line of 30.000 lines of code. Many bugs have been solved, and a few have undoubtedly been added. Drop your comments and bug reports via the contact page on this site.This new website has been developed by Mark Freese currently working at EMAT. The website has undergone a major graphical upgrade and contains a few new features. From now on, you will need to register before downloading giving us the opportunity to track how many users and which labs are using our code. The program will remain under a GNU public license (read GNU licence) as before. We are working on an improved tutorial to make life easier for first time users.

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