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The Old Corral was last updated on November 16, 2020. Click HERE to view the changes and updates.Any Old Corral visitors have credentials to provide updates to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb) or Find A Grave. Am always looking for help to get corrections made to both sites. If you can help, send an e-mail to ye Old Corral webmeister.B westerns on television - if you're wading through TV schedules and goin' crazy, this may help. Rob Mohr has set up a twitter feed called B-Westerns On TV . A day or so before a B western is scheduled on Encore Westerns, TCM, GetTV, Retroplex, Encore Action, etc., Rob sends out a reminder on Twitter. Rob's Twitter feed will open in a separate tab / window - click below: you find a page with a typo or an image or link that is broken ... want to communicate with Chuck Anderson, the Old Corral curator and webmaster? Click HERE and a separate window/tab will open.You can do a search on the entire Old Corral website for names, movie titles, whatever. Click HERE for more info and instructions.Official websites of some of our favorite western heroes:Click HERE for the official JOHN WAYNE website.Click HERE for the official GENE AUTRY website.Click HERE for the official HOPALONG CASSIDY website.Click HERE for the official ROY ROGERS AND DALE EVANS website.Click HERE for Boyd Magers' WESTERN CLIPPINGS website.Click HERE for Jerry Schneider's Movie Making Locations Webguide.PRIVACY STATEMENT - PERSONAL INFORMATION: this site does NOT require or ask you for personal information, does NOT have any 'talkback' or 'chat boards', does NOT require registration, does NOT utilize browser 'cookies' ... and we don't sell anything nor do we have a charge/fee for accessing any of the info on the Old Corral. However, the Old Corral does contain links to many external websites (which are clearly identified as such), and those sites may require registration, utilize 'cookies', etc. If you e-mail me for any reason, I will not 'sell' or 'rent' your e-mail address to others, nor will I provide your e-mail address to others unless you give permission. The Old Corral is also safe viewing for kids of all ages.Want to link back to the Old Corral? You can use either of these .gif files. Pick the one that matches the color of your page background.Use the corral1.gif (left) for transparent-white-light colored background or the corral2.gif (right) for transparent-black-dark colored background.This is a graphics intensive website. I chose to keep the images rather large for your viewing pleasure, instead of resizing them to matchbook sized pics which are horrible to view. The downside of these larger images is that page loading time may take a while if you still access the Internet via a dial-up modem. Page loading time should not be a problem for those with a cable or DSL high speed internet connection. This website does NOT utilize 'frames', but your browser must support 'tables' (which shouldn't be a problem). I have also refrained from using quantities of Java, Javascript, Active X, etc. since some of you may have those functions 'turned off' for security reasons.This is a non-profit, non-commercial fan site, with nothing for sale and no profit in mind. The Old Corral is NOT an online business or store. We don't sell videos, DVDs, audio tapes, CDs, posters, lobby cards or photos. There are no companies who sponsor or underwrite the Old Corral. And there are no banner advertisements, link exchange ads, pop-ups, pop-unders, nor are we part of any money-making 'associates' or 'referral' programs with click-thru icons and banners that take you to other websites to purchase books, CDs, videos, etc. In other words, no remuneration of any kind is received in connection with the operation of this site. Ye Old Corral webmaster pays for everything, including the domain name registration and the website hosting/web server. That's my treat and I consider it a worthwhile expenditure in order to keep the B-western memories alive.The text and graphics on the Old Corral are for your personal, non-commercial use only.All rights reserved. Please do not 'steal' or take images and written material from the Old Corral to use on your website. If you'd like to use any of the written material or images, please have the courtesy to send me an e-mail and ask for permission.The Old Corral website is a research project in progress and is dedicated to those wonderful cowboy heroes, heroines, sidekicks, heavies, and supporting players that rode the silver screen from the 1930s through the early 1950s in B westerns and cowboy cliffhangers. My goal is to simply rekindle memories of those great silver screen adventures, and to provide information, critique and education on the actors, actresses and films of the genre. As the Old Corral has expanded, it has been recognized as a comprehensive history and ongoing study of the B western, the western film performers, and the production companies and personnel.The website design, as well as much of the notes and written material are 1998-2020 by Chuck Anderson. Some written material and personal/family photos are copyrighted/owned by others, including guest authors, commentators and relatives of B-western performers and production people, and that information is denoted on a specific webpage, section, photo or image. All rights reserved.Every attempt has been made to ensure the information on the Old Corral is correct. In some cases, references are made to books, articles, interviews, etc. And we do our best to identify conjecture and opinion vs. truth and history. But research is imperfect, and I realize that errors can and will occur. We are always open to corrections and updates.Applicable trademarks and copyrights to some material on the Old Corral are held by respective owners. Some images, names, likenesses, comic characters, et al are copyrighted or trademarked, and in particular, we acknowledge: Images of Roy Rogers, Dale Evans and Trigger are Copyright Roy Rogers Enterprises, and the names Trigger, Roy Rogers and Dale Evans are trademarks of Roy Rogers. Gene Autry, Champion, the Gene Autry Entertainment logo and the Flying A logo are registered trademarks of Gene Autry Entertainment. The Lone Ranger and Tonto are trademarks and/or service marks of Classic Media, Inc. The Hopalong Cassidy name, character, films, stories and likenesses are trademarked and copyrighted U.S. Television Office, Inc. Captain Marvel is owned and copyrighted by DC Comics Inc., 1700 Broadway, 7th Fl., New York, NY. The Phantom is a registered trademark of King Features Syndicate, Inc., 235 East 45th Street, New York, NY. Red Ryder is a registered trademark of Red Ryder Enterprises, Inc., 1111 North Westshore Boulevard, Suite 604, Tampa, Florida. Republic Pictures is a registered trademark of Republic Entertainment Inc. This site is not intended to infringe on the copyrights or trademarks of any individual, company, trust, or corporation. Pictures, movie artwork/advertisements and collectibles which are displayed are typical of what is advertised, sold and traded by collectors, auction houses, and other businesses that sell posters, lobby cards, pictures and cinema memorabilia. And the sale of this western movie ad/artwork and images has been going on for decades. The ad/artwork and pictures on this website are from the collections of myself and many contributors, including friends and relatives of western film performers and production people. Much of this movie ad/artwork and photos are from Poverty Row and B film production companies that disappeared a half century ago or earlier. When originally released, this material was considered as disposable publicity and advertising, and was distributed to theaters, newspapers, trade publications and movie reviewers, and was also freely given away to fan clubs and fans as well as to the production personnel and performers involved in the making of these old B-westerns and serials. My use on the Old Corral is consistent with that purpose. Much of the material on this site is assumed to be public domain or allowed by the fair use provisions of the copyright law. Any misuse of materials is unintentional and will be promptly removed upon notification.Milestone: on May 1, 2006, the hit counter recorded 1,500,000 homepage visitors. In May, 2006, I also moved the Old Corral to a new, faster web server and established the domain name.The homepage URL for the Old Corral website is: http://www.b-westerns.comThe webmaster/curator is: Chuck Andersonand the Old Corral went online in May, 1998

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The Old Corral - the great cowboy films, heroes, heroines, sidekicks and heavies of the 1930s and 1940s

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