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this is for the pshycholoy geeks out there: A>B>C while Ac=Bc, kind of the equation of nuanced thought and a lot could be written about just thathowever, I'd like to share with some of you some insights I've had, upon deep self's a matter of time, up is. while gardening would notice how the plants I planted into the ground would grow via time, kind of a "duh" moment, however not really,I'd like you all to think along these lines with me,... [Read More] I have a shy, calm and quiet personality normally. I'm tolerant to well-intentioned mistakes but when i encounter an injustice (there're countless in our country) i become braver than people around me, unexpectedly. Most of people get insensitive to injustice and tell nothing about or they express it rationally and moderately. I express my thoughts directly and agressively. I don't or can't use a diplomatic language. These are rare and sudden angry bursts. Of course in most situations i... [Read More] Hello everyone.First post )45 years old / Male / UndiagnosedI'm posting here because I need to figure out how to escape or better manage my confusion. I'm not entirely clear on how to explain myself to others or what it is I'm expecting specifically. I can to these feelings since childhood.Here's my day so... [Read More] I wasn't sure how to name this, and I don't even know if this has anything to do with ADHD. I am curious does anyone has this. After I start doing something, and it all goes well, I end up staying away from that activity because I'm afraid I will make it less perfect over time. Here are some examples below.I started teaching English online, and it's been going well for now, all students gave me 5/5 stars, which is great. The problem is that now I can't force myself to continue... [Read More] Few months ago i started to do exercise by doctor's recommendation. First few days it worked great, gave me energy and improved my mood. But then i started to feel no difference. About 1 year ago i started to take Korean red ginseng pills. It was working very good at first and then never worked.Also i realised that caffeine works almost like ritalin if i take it after a week break.Why do i develop tolerance to everything so quickly? Do you have any suggestion?Powered by vBadvanced CMPS v3.0.0All times are GMT -4. The time now is 11:00 AM.

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