I LOVE my Friends I FORGIVE my Enemies I MOVE ON

Nixon Issangya died. In December 2016 he celebrated his birthday. On January 8th Nixon Issangya was murdered. They robbed his new computer and his motorbike. And they took a wonderful human being from this world.

I decide to keep his website here as a memory. I discovered unpublished sections. These quotes show his thoughts and emotions, his faith and experience in life. And his gratefulness. With tears in my eyes I publish this post now. I tried to support Nixon on Johntext but did I do enough for him and his mission? Hopefully his thoughts and books are motivation for other writers and believers who go through hard times. I did not correct what Nixon wrote out of respect for his style. Nixon Issangya survives in his books.

Hans-Jürgen John


I was born and brought up in my African village. We had no papers and pens in our poorly built muddy walls and thatched roof hut. Both, my father and my mother never went to school.

However, I was educated before I went to school. Oral education was first, from home. My grandmother was a story-teller. Our elders were our first teachers, in life.

Oral education: was solid foundation to my education today. It was the way of life with many in Africa.


No! Not today!
Those who claimed that Africa is Dark Continent should come and see, and learn what Africa is all about.


August 14th. 1980 Still dark in, The Hague, The Netherlands: I woke up from my bed and picked up my pen and pieces of papers. Virtually, I emerged in the world of writers, as I started putting on paper: Chapters of my first book.

Our orphans are joyful as we keep on supporting them in in various villages of: AFRICA.

FAITH keeps me moving on. No turning back!

What I have to do is: DO OR DIE!

Do the possibilities: Have Faith in God who does impossibilities for you That way: ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE.
I live my life: Love myself: Then Love my neighbor as myself.

When you know what you know Also Know that You do not know what you do not know.
To see God in His true picture: You have to take off your religious spectacles.
To be able to Love others: You ought to Love yourself.

When I started writing my very first book: I was climbing a mountain When I worked with my fifteenth book: I walked down the valley.
I LOVE my Friends I FORGIVE my enemies: I MOVE ON.!
Mountains in life tells me: There are valleys beyond them.
Trials makes me tick: They takes me to the higher LEVEL.
Whatever is possible: Do What is impossible: Believe.
Faith: Is present Hope : Is Future.

Universe is my University: Nations are my Class rooms: Experience in my true Tutor.

I like Life-I love Friends-I forgive Enemies and I press on!

When people tells you You cant do what you can: Move on, since what you are doing is: None of their business.
MT. MERU MARTYRS My next book Off the Press in two weeks.

Do what you do: Forget what others say.!

When I encounter impossibilities I do leave them on my living God.

Take all your IMPOSSIBILITIES to GOD: They will turn into POSSIBILITIES.

As soon as I have done my best: God will do the rest.

You are what you are: Not what people thinks you are.
I LOVE those who loves me: I HELP those who hates me That way I have no debt in my heart.
This World will never be the better place: Nevertheless. those who are ready will become the better people.
It is through TRIALS when I learn how to TRUST.

Do not worry about tomorrow: Today is yesterdays tomorrow that you worried about, and here you are!

September 11, 2001 Stands vivid on my mind!

This particular day I happened to be far from my home in Africa. I was in Marshfield, Missouri, USA. While watching TV I noticed LIVE while the Twin Towers fell to the ground in New York.

The September 11 attacks (also referred to as September 11, September 11th, or 9/11) were a series of four coordinated terrorist attacks by the Islamic terrorist group Al-Qaeda on the United States on the morning of Tuesday, September 11, 2001. The attacks consisted of suicide attacks used to target symbolic U.S. landmarks.

Four passenger airliners—which all departed from airports on the U.S. East Coast bound for California—were hijacked by 19 Al-Qaeda terrorists to be flown into buildings. Two of the planes, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were crashed into the North and South towers, respectively, of the World Trade Center complex in New York City

Meanwhile, my mind flashed back to my African village, where life is slow-paced. The village where friends from abroad enjoy  the structure of life.

An account is narrated in some chapters of my books: Tell The Nations and Africa To America.

Before you bother yourself with what you cannot do: Go ahead and do what you can do first.

December 24th. last year was a day not to forget for me: My dear wife, Evelyn passed away. However, I AM MOVING ON.!

STAND ON YOUR FEET: Is my second book on the list of over 15 books, I had authored that came off the press while in Ohio, USA, in 1992 Today, I still put on practice what I wrote!

I believe in dreams, but from my point of view: A dream is a window to see through, then I have to step out there into REALITY.
There are good days and bad days, good times and bad times: However, there is but GOOD GOD all days and all times.

FAITH enables me to see the PATH forward.
FAITH has nothing to do with Seeing Feeling Touching Smelling!

Friends visiting my homevillage

Pleasing people will cause you being manipulated: Move on with your life.1

People are people: No matter what! They said Dont judge a book by its cover and I say Judge not people for their colors: Beyond Black, White, Brown, Red We are ALL BUT HUMANS.

CHRISTMAS wouldnt have been there if CHRIST was not born: However, many today are more concerned by the season (Christmas) and not for the reason (CHRIST)

My fellow ministers: We live in the days of theological confusion, however, we live in the NEW CONVENANT: Never lead people back to Mt. Sinai, to practice law Lead people to Golgotha to experience GRACE.

Walking fast is needed when you are to walk alone: Nevertheless, to reach far you need to walk with others.

With journalists for interview

Just as you cant stop people from what they are thinking or saying: They cant stop you from what you have to do.

Many claims I AM DOING THE WRIGHT THING..! But when you call the wrong thing the wright thing and do it: Virtually YOU ARE ENDING DOING THE WRONG THING.

I love IMPOSSIBILITIES simply because I do not bother them: I do POSSIBILITIES and leave IMPOSSIBILITIES to my CREATOR.

To become a prolific writer: Then be a better reader.
Quality readers of my books asks How come you can write books? Because I can read books I answer!
Many claimed that I could not do what I am doing today: Today they tell me that they are glad I did no listen to them.

Never mind concerning MOUNTAINS in life: VALLEYS are just beyond the mountains MOVE ON!

Beyond what you know: Waits what you should know.
Those who are WISE: Tend to act as they do not know anything- Those who are FOOLS: Tend to act as they know everything.

The more you learn: The more you see; how less you know.
Respect yourself: Believe your Creator: Love your friends: Forgive your enemies Go on with your life!

Nixon Issangya, Evelyn his wife and: Jane his daughter

On the Internet broadcasting from AFRICA

Possessing FAITH is one thing: Putting FAITH in action is another thing.

Do what you can do today: Tomorrow is not here yet.

Whenever and whatever you are doing: If you fall LOOK UP and GET UP.!

SELF-ESTEEM: Is starting point of success to your LIFE.

Those who think you cant do when you do: They will learn from you.
Do what you can do today: Tomorrow you will celebrate.
AFRICA My continent was named Dark continent one time: But I see LIGHT spiritually always in AFRICA.
FEAR NOT to those who hates you: Some hates you for the fact that they fear you.

African children here with their two teachers: Eager to start learning how to read and write in the early age in various villages, towns, and cities of: AFRICA

I know two things: What I know and what I do not know I learn from what I know: To know what I do not know.
Never say never: What you couldnt do yesterday might be done today.
Trying to worship, idols, things, or people, is trying to create your god: A true GOD was there before us, He is our CREATOR.
The powerful weapon to my enemies is: FORGIVENESS The gift to my friends is: LOVE The way to my GOD is: FAITH.
When I have tried to do what I have to do 100 times without success, never tell me I have failed 100 times: Never..! I just learned 100 wrong ways of doing what I should do: Sooner or later I might try the wright way.

The living GOD is beyond: Dead dogma.
Too many religions Too much confusions: Thank God is ONE.

Those who are encouraging you, are talking to you, listen: Those who are discouraging you, are talking to themselves, dont listen to them.
When you try and fail, you are just back to squire one: Try again and again!
The TROUBLE is only the TROUBLE when it troubles you: When you TROUBLE THE TROUBLE things do change.

Do not forget where you came from Never ignore the ones you left behind: However, move on!

Book Links:

IN GOD WE TRUST The statement on: American dollar encouraged me to visit USA However, as I landed there I was stunned by the news of TV .Man has been gunned down in New York, today! Meanwhile, my mind flashed back home to my African village where I grew up with no Guns and gangs
Be aware politicians Religious leaders And persons in general: If you fool people today, you will get them: But when they find out tomorrow, they will leave you.

Africa To America: One of my books, is the book I worked on while in Africa, Europe, and The States.
I wrote through experiences while encountering Western cultures. Nothing like my slow-paced lifestyle in my African village culture.

Prologue: Chapter of one of my touching books AFRICA TO AMERICA The book born out of my experiences and encounters I faced while in The States, several years on countless occasions.



Nostalgia ­ blanketed me as I sensed outside pressure from a strange world ­ The  world with nothing in common with that of mine.

As I walked and drove in those streets of Hollywood; I missed home at the point of  admiring someone to yell behind me JiaUsaare. I was homesick in Hollywood. I  was eager to hear my mother tongue (Kimeru) dialect. As they shouted and I heard of  their America slang: I missed sounds of my official language Swahili. I longed for  sounds like JamboHabari yako.

Apart from missing home, I was stunned with America. America shocked me with  what I witnessed onto the streets, and what I viewed on the television. On Sunset  Street, in Hollywood I recall witnessing to a nude person on the queue of the bank.  The incident reminded me of a college student who decided to attend his classes with  no clothes on.    All these, caused me to sense the statement “Take me home….”

* * *

What I witnessed on Washington Blvd in, Los Angeles one afternoon will remain  vivid. Vehicles were driven as if they were flying. These were police under­-covers  chasing the criminals. There was no doubt that both sides should have been armed. I  couldnt tell who was a criminal and who was a police. But I could step aside, then  watched.

While vehicles were driven at full speed on the streets; police helicopters enveloped  the air. I stood as I stared into the streets. I gazed while I lifted up my head. I could  scarcely comprehend such incredible scene.

Before I had an answer of what I was viewing; a black American lady amazed me  with her question Whats going on? I dont know! I answered as I wondered. I was  stunned by what I was witnessing, and I was astonished by her question. If an  American dont know, how would I know? I murmured to myself.

* * *

Such uprisings were the way of life, in most of the big cities of America. I recall  during my very first visit to The States, a man was shot in New York. The other time  as I landed at Chicago, a police was gunned down. On the news in America one could  watch chasing, shootings and killings, all day long.

But I kept hearing this typical American slogan repeatedly The greatest nation on  earth: It might be true. Here is the nation that is great in all aspects.

* * *

From Africa to America; was tantamount, to from one planet to another. I  encountered unlawful structure of life. This became my motto to eliminate my  admiration to westernization. Here is where I had herald of exodus. That enabled me  to acquire genesis to my new way of viewing things in a different eye.   The day came to pass, when I had to long for a prairie instead of a city. I was looking  forward when I was to see again, splendid savannah of Sakila: My serene village.

* * *

The book you are holding is a book concerning my practical experiences on the  other part of the planet.   However, this is your book…!

As a matter of fact You can not do everything: Nevertheless You can do something GET UP AND DO IT.!

African villagers experiencing Media: The day I launched my book:

Africa To America

People are humans: When they love you Receive them! When they hate you Forgive them.
Whenever I do not see how I should do what to do: I believe in what I should do.
I will learn as long as I live: Universe is my University Nations are my class rooms Experience in my best tutor.

I believe in MIRACLES simply because GOD is the MIRACLE worker and I am only a MIRACLE receiver.
September 11 Stands vivid in my mind. I happened to be in: Marshfield, Missouri, USA.
To my surprise, I watched on TV while Twin Towers in New York was attacked by Al Qaeda.
I narrated an account in my books Tell The Nations and Africa To America.

SPIRITUAL WORLD is beyond scientific World: Here is where we are engaged with spirits Evil spirits v/z Holy Spirit: Nevertheless, powers of darkness are defeated by Powers of Light.
Politically: An enemy of your enemy is your FRIEND. Spiritually: Is not so A true FRIEND is one who loves you with NO STRINGS ATTACHED.

Spiritually: To see God in His true colors One has to take off religious glasses.

In life There is a new road: Beyond dead end of the road.
Some folks are smart to promise: They might promise you Heaven while they are heading for Hell.

Do not stop studying: The more you learn The more you know How much you should know.
ALL humans are on the same level: You will notice when they are dying.

How come Christopher Columbus discovered America and Native Americans were there before him?
The same as when history clams that Mr. Rebman from Germany explored Mt. Kilimanjaro while Chagga people had lived on the slopes of that mountain for centuries.
I am thankful for rewarding job done by: Hans John.

BELIEVERS and THINKERS should come together: To impact this World.

Closed DOOR is not the only door you should focus on: Turn around and see hundreds open DOORS.

Those who want me to live their lives: Should realize that I have one life to live.
FORGIVING is my spiritual strength to confront my enemies with.

LOVE and FORGIVENESS to my enemies: Gives me energy to move on
Preachers should preach the GOSPEL and pray for those in need of MIRACLES: Nevertheless, they should avoid to try to sell GODS FREE GIVEN GIFTS to those in need They are PRICELESS.

The more tough stuffs you encounter in life: The more strength in life.

Most humans when they get UP there, they ignore the ones DOWN there: The ones they used them as stairs while stepping UP where they are now.

Looking GOD into a Religion, equals,Searching FREEDOM into a prison cell. True GOD is beyond religious borders!
Major problem, in terms of Global business, between Supper powers and Poor nations is that: Supper powers are PRICE MAKERS and Poor nations are PRICE TAKERS.
Do not stop others as they proceed: Or else you will find yourself STOPPING in order to stop them Move on and let them move!
If FIRST WORLD is FIRST and THIRD WORLD is THIRD: How come that most of NATURAL RESOURCES are from so-called THIRD WORLD?
Black people White people Red people.! Those are meaningless labels: People are not colors They are SOULS They are no colours on souls.

Best way to overcome DEPRESSION is to GET UP and DO!
What I see I can do I do it: What I think I cant do I try And if I fail I pick up the pieces and try again!
There are: Schools Teachers Universities Professors: But EXPERIENCE is the best of ALL.
Do not depend on others HAPPINESS: That is second-hand joy.
Never use others as your CRUTCH: When they fall, there you go.
Do not fool people: That will never last long.
JESUS is not a founder of a Christian religion: He is the SAVIOR of the World.
Do not worry that you have enemies: Be thankful that you still have Friends.

When I walk by FAITH and not by sight: I see beyond circumstances.

Yes! I do believe in EVOLUTION: However. the other way around I do not believe that we came from MONKEYS: Nevertheless, mankind, some of them, today tend to imitate monkeys.

Karl Heinrich Marx: Who was born in Germany in 1818 claimed not to believe in God or Religion: But he started his religion Communism What contradiction that was!
Those who tells you You are nothing They do not know Mathematics: If you were nothing you wouldnt exist.

With Friends: You will gain With enemies: You will Learn Take advantage from both.
FEAR comes and go: When you fear Fear comes: When you dont fear Fear goes. Dont create FEAR..! Fear not!
When you want to walk fast Walk alone: BUT; If you want to reach far Walk with others: AFRICAN SLOGAN.

LIVE your LIFE and LOVE your LIFE: That way you can LOVE Others.
When you are not your own ENEMY: Your ENEMIES will do no harm to you.
Since you can FALL: Also you can GET UP If you can get up: Then you can MOVE on!
When I SPEAK I speak to the particular audience: Nevertheless: When I WRITE: I speak to all WORLD-WIDE endlessly.

Be Yourself then love others: Trying to be others will cost you: Losing Yourself.
Knowing ONE thing: Should be the STEP of exploring THE OTHER.
LOVE yourself before loving others: Or else you end up worshipping them.
I live my life and let others live theirs: That way we can work together BETTER.
Small FAITH is FAITH: Start from there- It will grow. FAITH is Seed. SEED from small to great FAITH
FAITH Faith is not Feelings: Faith is Fact: Faith is not Hope Hope is for Future, but Faith is for Present. Faith is not Sight: I have Faith before I See. Faith represent what I hope for. With FAITH I will face obstacles and look beyond circumstances.

I was raised in African isolated village: Sakila Meru: Now I live in a Global village: Planet Earth

  NIXON N. ISSANGYA: Viewing Mt. Meru {the second highest in Tanzania} from his home village One of his books: Mt. Meru Martyrs.


Both: Writers and readers should be thankful for rewarding job that: Hans John, has done to invite us on the platform of: JOHNTEXT.


I never dream of being  an Author: But today I have authored 17 books.

I have learned through experience: That I was a author before I dreamed to be one.

I write because it is Gods given gift to me: I hope my readers will explore their gifts, too.


Africa: Is no longer a sleeping giant: we are getting up!

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Tell The Nations (7)

Tell The Nations 7: My autobiography I worked on for over 15 years, came off the press last July. Here, I write of my background and my world view.

Tell The NationsTell The Nations (7)



In African proverb says Wimbo huja ngomani. Direct translation A song comes while dancers are dancing. This means that: Move on, and face whatever, you will find out what to do on the scene.A This African slogan comes out of experience. From African point of view, singing shouldnt come out of proper preparations, song books… brochuresBut should be born out of dancing activities.

* * *
Singing spontaneously is the way of life, in terms of African creed and culture.

* * *
Sakila singers danced and sang spontaneously when I was growing up. They didn’t practice their dances or their songs ahead of time. They were not actors or actresses. Whatever they did, they performed from the bottom of their hearts. They sang songs born out of feelings and experiences of what happened, and of what was going to take place. All the songs were story-telling songs. Songs were unwritten songs, and, singers were to sing with no instruments or song books.There were songs telling that warriors were back with the cattle: The cattle that were stolen by Maasai warriors, and be brought back by Meru warriors. Other songs would be about, weddings, warnings, wars, ethics.

* * *
Apart from these, there were songs, which were not after serious issues. These were the songs to be sung basically for fun. One which was famous in those days goes;”… Kyikombe kya shai Nsero…!” ”Kyikombe kya shai Sambura…! (A cup of tea…guy! A cup of tea…girl! ).
Most of their songs were rhythmic syncopated songs. There was no need of pens or papers. Men and women danced and sang spontaneously.

* * *
Contrary to western entertainers, singers didnt sing for money. They sang for pleasure: Not for business.

* * *
Sakila Hill is the trade mark of the village: The village name: Sakila is from the warrior who was speared and died on the slopes the hill: Sakila. Our ancestors tell the story of how he arrived from some where east with his army and confronted the army of the enemy on the foot of the hill. Here they fought and when he died, the rest of his army ran to settle on the slopes of mount. Meru.

* * *
I was a cattle herder of my father until at the age of eight years when I started my bush school then standard one in the same year.
After four years of my Primary school education I was selected as one of five who passed their examination to start: Middle School at Makumira Middle School. While at Makumira I dreamed of being somebody and of doing things, but not at my place of birth: Sakila. Little did I know that God had plans for me to start: From Sakila to the nations The nations of the Universe. Whatever I do around the World today the genesis is from my place of birth: Sakila. Paradoxically: Here is where I began to preach – teach – instruct lead and acquire heart of preaching, counselling, travelling.

* * *
Sakila is one of over 85 registered villages of Meru-land in the northern part of Tanzania. There are villagers who still call the village – Ulukusare. The name came from Maasai warrior, Lekusare, who declared the war against Meru people – Wameru, better known as `Varwa.` who speaks `Kirwa.` He walked from Leguruki to Momella area and slaughtered an oxen before the fight. But Wameru warriors emerged in the bush and fought his army before they were ready. Lekusare was injured one of his feet after he was speared by the warrior known as: Kishong`u. He walked miserably back to where he came.
Here is where I was born and raised – Here is where I started the school – Here is where I took care of my father`s cattle. Yes. Here is where I was called to start my mission: Sakila was as my universe. Yes! My World view before I knew the World.

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Tell The Nations (6)

Tell The Nations 6 : My autobiography I worked on for over 15 years, came off the press last July. Here, I write of my background and my world view.

Tell The NationsTell The Nations (6)

My mother passed away and I remained with my grandmother. My grandmother, my mothers mother was a very old lady, but young in her spirit. She was not aware of her age, and she didnt bother herself about that. She was on the same category, as that of my father and my mother. None of them had been in school.
My childs memory concerning my grandmother was that, she had a strong will. Besides that, she was a peace-maker. Numerous times I witnessed her being pushed, while standing between two people who were quarreling. As a small boy I was worried about her, assuming that she might be knocked on the ground. That never happened. No. Perhaps they feared to push her all the way because of ethics of ethnical culture that, that would cause curse on them. My grandmother was my educator. She taught me numerous, Meru parables and tales. Most of the nights we gathered surrounding her ready to hear bed stories. She was our story teller. Her oral education laid foundation for my books education.

* * *
Relationship with my grandmother was fantastic, until when she passed away. This happened when I was in standard three. That day I had walked back from school and found a crowd at our home. I was overwhelmed when they informed me that she had died. I sat down, still in my khakis school uniform, and cried terribly. Let the boy cry! I still recall what one of the mothers suggested. From that era, I was not sure of what my life would be like. Here I was half orphan without a mother or a grandmother. From there, I remained with my father and my two half-mothers; the second wife and the fourth wife of my father. My half mothers cared for me, and my father played his role as the strong support of the family.

Nyandoi and Nkaremu were my half-mothers who entertained me regularly. According to Meru customs, they were obliged to take care of me as their own son. However, time after time I felt that something was missing. I missed my mother. My fathers characteristic was that of a leader. No wonder they elected him as a clan’s leader at one time. His administration kept the family of four wives together. He occupied hundreds of acres of land. Meanwhile, most of them were bushes. We witnessed wild beasts in those bushes on regular basis. As a peasant my father was a provider. He organized for us to grow our own food. We grew maize, millet, beans, bananas, coffee, etc. Apart from being a provider, he was a tough, serious hero. On one occasion he killed a rhino by using his spear. His comrades talked about the episode endlessly. He was the first person to buy an old tractor at the village. His Fordson Major caused many at the village, to claim that our family was rich. If we were rich, how come I put on my first pair of shoes at the age of fourteen?

* * *
Needless to say of how I put on: Urubeka: That piece of clothing for all those years.

To Be Continued

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Tell The Nations (5)

Tell The Nations 5 : My autobiography I worked on for over 15 years, came off the press last July. Here, I write of my background and my world view.

Tell The NationsTell The Nations (5)



I was born, as I was told: Not around doctors or nurses. My mother delivered me in a thatched roof and muddy walls African hut. At my village at that time, all homes were nothing but simply made shelters. I Please! Dont ever ask me of my date of birth. I have no idea. Nevertheless, I am convinced that I was born one day out of, 395-6 days, of the year: during one of the twelve months, in a certain year. Who cares of the specific dates of births or deaths? Both of my parents didnt. What bothered them was to raise me with proper parenthood. They imparted to me ethics and integrity of their ethnicity.
* * *
My parents were pagans, but decent people. The day I decided to join the church, my father offered me his blessings. Both of my parents were humanized humans.
* * *
Shakaiya or Malive: My father was born and raised in Akeri, Meru. He was young half-brother to Man’na. His father Selembo who happened to be my grandfather was born in Akeri: Son of Munri known as Ujeka or Issangya. Munri was brother to Lengowa, Meeko and Nana. Munri my great-grandfather, was son of Lekeshua known as Sauni or Swai who left his brother Mwesa in Machame and emigrated in Nsorongo: Meru.

Nkasiyoi or Nawasari: My mother, daughter of Kumari Kaaya was born in Akeri, Meru. My memory of my mother is meager. She passed away when I was six years old. But I recall memorable memories about her. She was the third of four wives of my father and she raised five of her children. We were three boys and two girls. Her first daughter passed away as an infant, so we remained four of us. As far as I can remember, my mother was motherly kind of a lady. She loved children, whether hers or not. To pinpoint, I will highlight how she wanted me to treat my fellow kids. One day I walked home together with my fellow child, from our childish trips. At the moment I was extremely hungry. At my arrival my mother welcomed both of us. She served us delicious Meru dish, nswa

She handed to me a wooden bowl filled of meal, expecting me to share my food with my fellow child. I received, but my plan was to consume my mothers food by myself. I took one time to my mouth and before I repeated my mother suggested to me Pass to the other child. No. I replied as I shook my small head. Why? My mother demanded. He refused to share with me his food previously. I stood by an excuse. He is hungry, she stated while disagreeing with me. She insisted that I should share my food, but I protested, and finally one of us won. I dont recall who did.
To Be Continued

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Tell The Nations (4)

Tell The Nations 4: My autobiography I worked on for over 15 years, came off the press last July. Here, I write of my background and my world view.

Tell The NationsTell The Nations (4)

Sakila savannah was a peculiar place, in terms of nature. Everything grew wildly. There was no need of planting beautiful, green plants, or growing flowers. We only waited until after the heavy rainy season, then we could glance to green colour wild plants, and various colours of beautiful flowers.
Dangerous bees and colourful butterflies scattered all over the flowers. The rainy season also produced the lake, which lasted temporarily. During the dry season, the entire savannah was dry and dusty.
The temporal lake, which rested at the centre of savannah, was the centre of attention. We boys practiced swimming, and both; people and the cattle drank from the same water. People had to battle against frogs while fetching the water.
Above all, the lake covered partially by masasanja swamps, was the home of flamingo and various birds.

* * *
Here is where birds sang from twilight, all day long. Here is where frogs screamed from sunset, all night. And snakes sneaked, from bush, day and night.

* * *
To the northwest, stood Sakila Hill and behind it one could view the peak of, mount Meru from the distance. To the north rested the dark, dangerous forest, where time after time, the elephant caravans walked in and out: From Arusha National Parks.
The zigzag valley marked the end of savannah, from the south, southeast and southwest.

* * *
Leaving one another was not the easy task, since savannah was like our home away from home. As kids, we performed a special game as the way of saying…”Bye-bye.” We scarcely wanted to depart from each other. Nonetheless, we had no way out. Since we were to leave one another while bringing cattle home; we played (ukova) game.
Ukova, was a typical and tantalizing story. It was the endless evening game.
Initially, one boy would touch the other boy and yell Ukova. He had to run, but the other boy had to chase him until he touched him and claim Ukova. Then the first boy should chase the other boy until he reached him and touch him and shout Ukova. Then the first boy had to extend the game, by repeating the same.
We were to be helped by our family counterparts. The one that thought could run than him. Secret behind the scene is that your group shouldn’t be the last one to be touched. That would be like going home with debt.
The winning family group is the one that, after one of them touch the one from the other family group, he and the rest of his group, could be able to run fast and reach their home compound, before the other group touched one of them. Then the other group would be going to sleep with (ukova).
The game was the sweetest one of herding the cattle. Nevertheless, most of the times, adults were to intervene and shout, to stop us from shouting Ukova…!

To be Continued

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Tell The Nations (3)

Tell The Nations (3) : My autobiography I worked on for over 15 years, came off the press last July. Here, I write of my background and my world view.

Tell The Nations (3)CHAPTER 2MY WORLD VIEW

When my father ordered me… ”Take a stick…” I took orders, and emerged into my boyish world. He claimed he sent me to work, but it was fun to me.W From the very day I was capable to pursue my elders, taking care of the cattle, I spent most of my days at, Sakila Savannah. The Savannah combined with; Masasanja swamps, lakes, bushes, and wells. Here was the scenic spot of Sakila.
Both domestic and wild animals scattered all over. Its the place where my father with his neighbour, speared rhinoceros to death. Myself, unlike my father, I was not a warrior. However, with my fellow boys, we were stoning birds from the bushes.
Most birds were beautiful. We mentioned them by their names; Mansero is one of the birds we sang about. Irwai Uruu “Ulukoviru were other kinds. Isombwerere was the bird with the long tail, so we had the second name for it Manjia.
We would also hunt by chasing antelopes, rabbits: With the assistance of our dogs. One of our fast running dog those days named, Sisa.
Once in a while we were lucky. Sometimes we came home empty handed. Nevertheless, people of, Sakila and Meru, in general didnt care for rabbits. We ate antelopes and the dogs took care of rabbits.

* * *

Chasing a rabbit was fun, than chasing any kind of a beast. As a boy, I never saw once, a rabbit running straight. A rabbit always ran zigzag. And, it could halt instantly, and leave us keep running ahead, with our dogs, as idiots.
With rabbits, faking was the name of the game. They used their heads more than their feet.
While rabbits ran and faked, we chased them, and threw everything we could, from our hands.
I dont remember how many times we missed. Some of us were smart not to throw, but waited a rabbit with long sticks. We waited (as we compass around the rabbit) until a rabbit came to our direction then held our sticks up high, ready to hit a rabbit.
A rabbit will come and we would be alert and smart to calculate, when to hit. We normally wait until there was one step in front of a rabbit before it reached there. Many times, a rabbit would stop timely, as soon as we started hitting. Ironically, we ended up hitting the ground, in front of a rabbit.
Then, before we could think of lifting up the stick, to hit again, a rabbit would step over the stick and move on. ”What a creature…!” We wondered.
No wonder, we had a slogan As clever as a rabbit.

* * *

To be continued

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Tell The Nations (2)

Tell The Nations (2): My autobiography of 580 pages : The book I worked on for over 15 years, came off the press last July. I tell of adventures in life in: Africa Europe and America.


Next Morning, I had the moment to put into remembrance my home life- style. From the moment, KLM airline jet departed, memories blanketed my being. Mine were memories of my background. My mind went ahead of me. Sky, fancy flight and the trip; all were no longer peculiar to me. Meanwhile, my home background captured my mind. I was home!
My recollections were that of my upbringing: Both of my childhood and my boyhood. I recollected of when, how and where I grew up. I was brought up in a serene background. Life was normal and natural. My parents were peasants. Cultivating and herding the cattle, was the way of life. As an African boy, I practiced daily duties at the early age. Prior to my school education, I was after pasturage. I wandered in wilderness and trotted into juggles chasing the cattle. I had to watch to distinguish them from rhinos and buffalos. Wildlife was practical….
Place of my birth was not westernized. Poverty was plenty. People couldn’t see what they couldn’t afford. They possessed no radios, televisions or newspapers. They were aware with their own world. They couldn’t be materialistic.
Simply made shelters, with muddy walls and thatched roof were like heaven to them. Colonial culture was declined. People were antagonistic to imperialistic modernization. Their ethics were contrary to materialistic mentality. Being proud of being poor was rather practical. Complex cultural context was not accepted.
Starting school was my starting point. The first day, I dashed to school on a dusty road, was a glorious day to me. I was barefooted: But who cares. Walking to school was tantamount to, stepping into a new and a different world. I began to learn, to read, write….
My school days built up ambition in my being. I walked on zigzag pathways to school, while I dreamed. I became a dreamer at my early age. I was ambitious to become somebody. But I never dared to dream of what I do today. What I am doing was beyond my ken. The last task I could dare to dream was to preach, to tour the nations, authorship….

* * *

Above African continent, it was dark. I fell asleep. The flight kept on flying….
That late evening, as we approached the lights of my home airport, I bore no more memories. Meanwhile, I wasn’t homesick. I was home….
Finally the flight landed.
I walked off the plane.
I stepped down stairs.
I reached to the ground
“Homecoming….” I muttered!
I gave God His Glory. He brought me back safely, beyond the shadow of the doubt; I was home. Home again For how long? Not long! But I had no idea.

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Tell The Nations (1)

Tell The Nations: My autobiography of 580 pages : The book I worked on for over 15 years, came off the press last July. Looking back, I wonder how the dream of completing the book came true. However, it is true. Here, I write of my background, my World view, in my village in Africa. I tell of adventures in life in: Africa Europe and America.


That day was of its kind “… Destined to destiny” I determined!
“No smoking” signs were on. I fastened my seat-belts, so to be loyal to the order. Air Hostess was instructing through the sound system. Delta airline’s jet was still swaying in the air. At this point we were descending towards our destination: Los Angeles International Airport.
Los Angeles looked larger and larger. Buildings grew bigger and bigger, from the ground. Freeways, those above the buildings and those on the ground: Both were wider, when we neared to the ground. The sky was smoky, hazy sky.

* * *

That morning, July 25th 1993: I was still on the other part of the planet. The day I was ready and well equipped to face over twenty hours in the air.
Heading home, after several years in The States, was a sense of relief to me.

* * *

Portland was my departure point. Los Angeles was the stopover. Amsterdam would the city to spend the night. Moreover, my destination was supposed to be my home: Kilimanjaro International airport.
I was convinced that I had to confront three continents America Europe Africa.

* * *

Skylines were smaller from the sky. I cast a glance. Through the flight’s glassy window, I could gaze the city moving backwards. Meanwhile, monstrous mansions of Malibu looked like cottages. Freeways were no longer wider. Strange streets of Los Angeles looked as, roads for rats. Vehicles were moving. But they appeared to be like toys.
KLM airline flight soared higher and higher. Then the large, Los Angeles City was lost behind and below.

* * *

That evening, post my departure my mind flashed back… My mind took a trip to my very first tour to abroad: Voyage that took place over decades ago. For my very first time I crossed my continent. Cairo was left behind below. London was ahead. Munich was supposed to be the destination.
Since my first trip serial trips had taken place. And, post this particular one, several came to pass.
While on the way still in the sky I couldn’t forget my books. I had published two of them. The rest manuscripts were but a distant dream. However, since it was a constant compulsion, I concentrated on….
Somewhere, above Atlantic, I was asleep.

* * *

I woke up, still in the sky I longed to land. I was anxious to step on the soil. I was sick and tired with the sky. Above all, I was overwhelmed with westernization. I was homesick.
That morning, as we landed at, Schiphol International Airport, I acknowledged that I was almost half way home.

To Be Continued

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