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SHDesigns specializes in the design of rapid, inexpensiveEmbedded hardware and software solutions.Custom Hardware and Software Design: Designs include all documentation required for manufacturing, including a bill of materials and CAD-drawn schematics Open development, all software/firmware source is provided to client, including install programs, test, development and debugging tools. Embedded targets include: 68k, 68HCXX, 80x86, Z80, Microchip PIC16Cxx, PIC32, Moto DSP56K, Z-World (Digi) Rabbit Modules and boards, Netburner/Coldfire Hardware design: Digital, Analog, Audio, Telcom, CPLD, DSP, Linear and Switching Power supplies. Software Development: Embedded Systems, Win32 ,DOS , OS/2 , DSP, Linux. Design of embedded network, web servers and control systems. Xilinix and Atmel CPLD design. Embedded, NT, Win2K/XP and OS/2 Device Driver Development. Product prototype design and testing. Software development: C, C++, Assembler, Windows, Visual C++/MFC, SourceSafe, Innosetup, Softools, Dynamic C, PIC MPLAB Asm and XC32.SHDesigns provides a full design service. Experienced in thecomplete product development cycle. From requirements, specifications,initial design, hardware and software, PCB design, prototype,to final testing. Contact us with the product you need to design.We can take your idea and develop the product for you. We caneven set up production.Consulting and Contracting: Experienced with multi-tasking, real-time systems including development of custom execs. Extensive Debug/Test experience including writing custom debuggers. Embedded Device Drivers. Production support. Code Review, optimization. Dynamic C to Softools ANSI C porting. CAD PCB, Schematic and Simulation design. Networking: Win'9x, Win2k, XP, Linux and TCP/IP, Web design, installation and support, Embedded TCP/IP. 25 Years of experience; Independent consultant since 1996. 15 years consulting experience. Member of IEEE Consultants Database Degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering. Custon hardware and software design: Be sure to check out the sampleproject list and theBoard Gallery.Who is SHDesigns?SHDesigns is mostly Scott Henion. However, I use other designengineers as needed, especially for things like PCB design. Ihave good relationships with these designers and allow rapid designon larger projects.SHDesigns provides engineering services for both largeand small clients. If you would like to discuss a consulting projector a contracting position, feel free to contact:

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