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Rachel Schultz This is our family s favorite snack mix for fall. It is HEARTY. The kind of hearty where if you serve it with like a fruit and cheese board it feels pretty much like a meal. It is really nice to have on a cozy fall night watching movies.  What is it about a snack mix that is so fun to eat? First you target your favorite items. And then move on to others. Something about searching for your preferred items and alternating between different tastes is very fun and adds something to this special time of year.My favorite piece is the chocolate covered pretzels OF COURSE. I make slight variations to the mix. No one in my family adores the mellowcreme pumpkins yet for some reasons I still sometimes keep them around for the seasonal-ness and cuteness.Also reese s pieces feel so nostalgic halloween for me, I just love them in october. They are kind of a must for me this time of year.Autumn Snack MixMakes one big bowl, about 15 cups or so10 ounces reese s pieces11 ounces mellowcreme candy pumpkins10 ounces white cheddar cheezits7.5 ounce bag chocolate covered pretzels14.5 ounce bag gardetto s6 ounces pistachiosCombine all ingredients together in a large bowl! AUTUMN SNACK MIX Print Author: Rachel Schultz Ingredients 10 ounces reese's pieces 11 ounces mellowcreme candy pumpkins 10 ounces white cheddar cheezits 7.5 ounce bag chocolate covered pretzels 14.5 ounce bag gardetto's 6 ounces pistachios Instructions Combine all ingredients together in a large bowl! 3.5.3251   This is our family s favorite snack mix for fall. It is HEARTY. The kind of hearty where if you serve it with like a fruit and cheese board it feels pretty much like a meal. It is really nice to have on a cozy fall night watching movies.  What is it about a snack mix that is so fun to eat?READ MORE Rachel Schultz BROUGHT TO YOU BY KICHLERWELL THIS IS A SATISFYING SIGHT. Our master bathroom, my new favorite room of the house. Let us go back to the beginning and I will bring you along for this story of hope and triumph. Stylistically, the defining characteristics of the before bathroom were blue carpet and wallpaper. Functionally, it had a single stall shower that was tiled in, with a large shelving space as part of it. It was on my wishlist to convert that area to have a freestanding bath. Below is the before and after photos!IT MAKES ME SMILE ONE THOUSAND SMILES.light fixture | honed marble hex tile | shower curtains | soap pumps | freestanding bath | bath faucet | exposed shower plumbing | shower curtain rod | shower spout | white vanity | vanity hardware | chrome sink faucet | brass mirror Mostly this was done DIY style, save for a few plumbing movements for the shower we hired out to someone more trustworthy and knowledgable than ourselves. First we gutted everything down to the subfloor and in some places, the studs. At that point the shower wall was open so that we could do some plumbing work to install a new laundry closet on the other side. So then the bathroom was on hold while we finished the laundry closet. Once the new laundry space was complete, we moved back to working on the bathroom and the first item on the list was to relocate the plumbing to prepare for the new tub placement.Then we patched all the drywall from the shower and vanity removal and replaced the subfloor. (I feel like in any bathroom more than twenty years old, water damage is a given). The subfloor being replaced is always a favorite step for me. It just feels so solid and clean and has the excitement of the first step after demo is complete when you are now building up again. Next was tiling. We did a honed marble hex tile, which we wrote a post about here. Then it was yet another exciting part! Installing the vanity, new toilet, tub, and ALL THE GOOD DETAILS like the light fixture and hardware. The fixture in here is the armstrong three light flush mount in matte white from kichler, which I loved in our upstairs landing makeover and used again here.One of my favorite decor tricks is to repeat elements throughout a home for it to feel thoughtful and cohesive. To me it s really stylistically pleasing when the same light fixture pops up a few times throughout a house.Okay I have to pause for another before and after from a different angle! This time the shower area.To go along with the brass details of the fixture, I did a dramatic brass mirror over the vanity. The vanity we chose is just a really simple, most-inexpensive-one-I-could-readily-find type piece. It came with some not good looking polished nickel knobs. Swapping those out for the more petite ones (only like, $2 at hobby lobby!) with a bit of character helped the vanity significantly.The metals almost everywhere else are chrome because one of my favorites is the depth that mixing metals brings. I say no more than three, but also not less than two.light fixture | honed marble hex tile | toilet paper holder | toilet | blue and white vase (similar) | wall clock | trash bin (similar) | towel hooksIt s a bit hard to believe this bathroom is finally done. Because we didn t use it for so long, it feels like a little addition has been added to our house! I debated some about the color to paint the walls, because I am now considering resale.If it was just for me, I probably would have done everything a dramatic olive green. But because I was on the fence and white always makes things seem bigger, we chose our white for this house, ralph lauren chalk white in eggshell. (And I just painted the master closet a dramatic navy so that fulfilled the dramatic color urge partly!) We ended up with a relaxing neutral look with stone and metals being the main features, which I find so peaceful and beautiful for a room like this. Rachel Schultz BROUGHT TO YOU BY KICHLERHallways are kind of forgotten because they are mostly just passages and sometimes decor mind space and planning is dedicated to rooms where people sit down and stay awhile. But this makeover has reminded me hallways are very visible. Maybe this is just a little second floor landing, but with a good light fixture and some vintage art, it makes the whole house feel nicer. When we moved into this house, this area had pink white walls, a little bit of wallpaper, and not one but two carpets. A brown in the hall itself and inside the closet a green shag.First, we added a laundry space in the closet you can see the details on that renovation here.light fixture | landscape art print | cloud study art print | pasture art print | seascape art print | la jolla basket | vintage persian rug (similar)To begin (at the VERY beginning) we installed wood floors. A true white paint as opposed to the old off-colored one did a lot. (This is ralph lauren chalk white in eggshell.)Then I did a trustworthy decorating formula I ve observed myself gravitating to MANY TIMES. A great light fixture with personality, a vintage persian rug, and some beautiful art. With a nice paint color, sometimes that s all it takes.Good flush mounts are hard to find! Also hallways don t often have much furniture so I think that is a room to especially get a good fixture for the place to infuse some detail. We went with the armstrong three light flush mount in matte white from kichler. We put it on a dimmer too and it is wonderful for moving about in the evenings. I love to pass through this room now! It is visible from many parts of the house all the bedrooms, as well as the stairwell and entryway. Consider this a case study that hallways are worth decorating!You can see more home renovation posts here!

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