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Poppers will not be bannedThe government has dropped plans to ban poppers – just weeks before the law was set to come into force.In January, Parliament voted to approve a blanket ‘legal highs’ ban that would prohibit the sale of drugs including alkyl nitrites (poppers), commonly used by gay men to help relax the anal sphincter muscles for anal sex.Home Secretary Theresa May pushed through the legislation to make poppers illegal alongside substances such as nitrous oxide (laughing gas) – but conceded a review of the issue after expert recommendations and unrest among Tory MPs.The law had been set to come into force on April 6 – but in a drastic last-minute intervention, the government this week intervened to ensure that the ban on poppers will not go into effect.Home Office minister Karen Bradley confirmed in a letter to the Advisory Council on the Misuse of Drugs: “I understand that the Council has now advanced its understanding of the psychoactivity of the alkyl nitrites group under the Act and concluded that only substances that directly stimulate or depress the central nervous system are psychoactive under the Act.“Having given due consideration, the Government agrees with your advice and interpretation of the definition.“We do so in the understanding that “poppers” have these unique indirect effects. Our understanding is that this approach does not have any further implications for the operation of the Act and that other substances that the Act intends to cover are not affected.“We remain confident that the psychoactivity of those substances can be established under the definition in the Act.“We will ask law enforcement agencies to be guided by our agreement with your advice.“Our acceptance of your advice brings to an end the review process we were undertaking in parallel to consider the case for a bespoke exemption for the alkyl nitrites group under the Act on the basis of their beneficial and relationship effects.“The process to exempt substances from the Act applies only to substances which meet the Act’s definition.She continued: “I am grateful for the ACMD’s updated assessment of the harms of “poppers”. This is in line with the government’s position that there are harms associated with this group of substances.“Some formulations of ‘poppers’ have been banned under dangerous substances and cosmetic regulations.“Your assessment of the harms of ‘poppers’ including the latest formulation isopropyl nitrite, will no doubt inform the regulatory authorities responsible for the General Products Safety Regulations 2005.“We will ensure that our messaging across government and its agencies is updated.“The ACMD advise that the reports of ocular damage though rare should be carefully monitored. Together with Government, I ask that the ACMD keep a check on this as well. “The issue has been a cause célèbre of LGBT advocates in the Commons.Conservative backbencher Crispin Blunt had outed himself as a user of poppers in a Parliamentary debate, while another, Michael Fabricant, also admitted to “trying” the drugs – though not for gay sex.Mike Freer MP told PinkNews: “There was no evidence that poppers were psychoactive and now that has been officially confirmed, sense has prevailed.“I am just disappointed that the Home Office didn’t listen to representations at the outset and this mess could have been avoided.“Karen Bradley as the new Minister has been supportive and deserves credit for helping untangling the mess.”Source: Pink News Posted in Uncategorized Comments Off on Government ditches plans to ban poppers in latest u-turn Hi Guys,As you will have seen from the previous posts on here the UK Government are introducing a blanket ban on all psychoactive substances .  in this they want to include Poppers despite advice to the contrary  from the ACMD which is the government body set up  to advise them on the misuse of drugs.Despite the ACMD report suggesting an exemption for Poppers and various other groups and organisations such as the National Aids Trust and Stonewall all advocating the exemption the government want to press ahead with a ban.There has been a petition set up in defense of the use of poppers and I urge all UK residents to sign the petition and send a message to government to listen to the people.  After all the government are there to work for the people (in theory anyway).Please click the image or follow this link to sign the petition for the Government to keep its hands off our Poppers.https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/112862-Maverick Posted in Uncategorized Comments Off on Uk Poppers Ban Government Petition Poppers could be banned under new Government proposals to crack down on ‘legal highs’.Due to drugs being classified as illegal by their chemical compounds due to the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971, tweaks of compounds can mean drugs avoid the law.However, a draft law would implement a blanket ban on the sale of legal highs and those found guilty of selling them could face up to seven years in jail.As well as substances such as nitrous oxide, known as laughing gas, or “hippy crack” being banned under the proposed laws, amyl nitrite, or poppers as they are commonly known and which are often sold as room odourisers, could also be made illegal.Under the proposals from the Home Office, police could be given new powers to shut down websites selling legal highs, andMinister of State for Policing, Crime, Criminal Justice and Victims, Mike Penning, said: “Young people who take these substances are taking exceptional risks with their health and those who profit from their sale have a complete disregard for the potential consequences. That’s why we are targeting the suppliers.“The landmark bill will fundamentally change the way we tackle new psychoactive substances – and put an end to the game of cat and mouse in which new drugs appear on the market more quickly than government can identify and ban them.“The blanket ban will give police and other law enforcement agencies greater powers to tackle the reckless trade in psychoactive substances, instead of having to take a substance-by-substance approach.”email the Home Secretary Theresa May and let her know that you don t want this to happen.  public.enquiries@homeoffice.gsi.gov.ukArticle from www.pinknews.co.uk Posted in Uncategorized Comments Off on Poppers could be banned under new proposed legislation in the UK Hey guys,I ve recently had brought to my attention an article on accidentalbrear.com titled; The New “Poppers” Are Not What You Think| Huffing as an Emergent Health Concern Among MSM Substance Users At first glance it looked like some new Poppers health scare from a pseudo-scientific study that s been done somewhere.  On closer inspection it seems as though the article is about Ethyl chloride and solvent abuse.  It s not entirely clear as I can t seem to find the substance mentioned anywhere in the article but they do mention a brand name of Maximum Impact which I think has been discussed in the forum somewhere.Here s the full article below for you.What’s That I Smell? The New “Poppers” Are Not What You Thinkby Routledge JournalsWhile it is widely known that “huffing” –  inhaling organic solvents or propellants to achieve a “high” – is extremely dangerous, new products being sold as “poppers” and distributed throughout the US,  primarily to men who have sex with men (MSM), actually contain harmful solvents and propellants and pose the same health risks as huffing. In their article titled “Sometimes Poppers Are Not Poppers: Huffing as an Emergent Health Concern among MSM Substance Users”, authors Timothy M. Hall MD PhD, Steven Shoptaw PhD, and Cathy J. Reback PhD point out that these products marketed as “poppers” are not equivalent to conventional poppers, which are based on alkyl nitrites and related to the medication amyl nitrite.  Traditional poppers, originally garnering the nickname through glass ampoules that “popped”, have been popular among MSM due to its mild psychoactive effects and relaxing of smooth muscle, used to enhance sexual experience. The new products, with exciting and enticing brand names such as “Maximum Impact” can instead cause the damaging health effects associated with less benign inhalants – a rare but fatal arrhythmia in some individuals known as “sudden sniffing death”, delirium in the short term, potentially permanent impairment in memory and executive functioning, and neuropathy.There has been essentially no recognition in the LGBT or mainstream press about these huffing solvents now being marketed as “poppers”.  These substances received little attention in addiction textbooks, and searches in PubMed and Google fail to turn up systematic reporting on the issue. The use of these inhalants was found by the authors to be on the rise, however, when surveying Los Angeles informants, searching internet sites, and reading drug-related message boards.  Depictions of huffing poppers have been seen in MSM-oriented online pornography since 2010.MSM can easily be introduced to these products through sexual partners without realising the substances they are inhaling.  Clinicians must also recognize the increased risk in inhaling solvents over alkyl nitrite.  To emphasize the need for education about these potentially dangerous “poppers”, Timothy M. Hall MD PhD has stated, “Clinicians are taught almost nothing about regular nitrite poppers. They’re little more than a footnote at the back of most addiction textbooks, lumped in with sniffing glue and huffing aerosols, even though the physiologic effects are quite different. Gay and bisexual men, on the other hand, have little exposure to huffing but tend to think of nitrite poppers as fairly benign. There’s a real risk here for MSM to be taking a much more harmful substance than they’re expecting, and for clinicians not to recognize the difference.” Hi guys,Below is an article from Pink News a couple of days ago regarding the Government thinking of a blanket ban on legal highs which could include poppers.The Home Office has told PinkNews that it’s “too early” to say if further restrictions are to be placed on the use of poppers, following the publication of a report into legal highs.The report has called for a blanket ban on all brain-altering drugs in a bid to tackle legal highs.The government said it will consider legislation introduced in Ireland four years ago that bans the sale of all “psychoactive” substances but exempts some, such as alcohol and tobacco.It is illegal to sell amyl nitrite (poppers) for human consumption in the UK but they are often sold in sex shops and gay venues as “air fresheners”.On Thursday, the Home Office told PinkNews that it was “too early” to say if further restrictions would include poppers and that the scope of a potential blanket ban on legal highs was “still to be decided”.The intoxicating nature of poppers, risks to health and potential social harms, are all issues that need to be considered, officials said.In July, the Home Office released the latest official figures on drug use in England Wales.It showed that drug use in the past year amongst gay and bisexual men was three times higher (33%) than use amongst heterosexual men (11.1%). For lesbian and bisexual women use was more than four times as high (22.9%) than for heterosexual women (5.1%).Just as for heterosexuals, the most commonly used illicit drug amongst LGB people is cannabis, used by around 1 in 5 gay or bi men, and 1 in 6 lesbian or bi women.Poppers are the second most commonly used drug by gay and bi men, and 25 times more common than amongst straight men.A separate report published by the Home Office today found that there is “no obvious” link between tough laws and levels of illegal drug use.Liberal Democrat Home Office Minister Norman Baker said the report, comparing the UK with other countries, should end “mindless rhetoric” on drugs policy.He accused the Conservatives of “suppressing” the findings for months.Tory MP Michael Ellis said the Lib Dems had “hijacked” it for political gain.Lib Dem Crime and Prevention Minister Norman Baker said: “The Liberal Democrats believe drugs policy should be based on evidence, not dogma or the desire to sound tough. If you are anti-drugs you should be pro-reform.“For too long successive governments have been unwilling to look at the evidence. This comprehensive report shows that other ways of tackling drug addiction and supply can save lives and cut crime.“It’s time for a radical change in British drugs policy. The fact is we should spend more time and effort cracking down on the Mr Bigs’ and criminal gangs who traffic drugs than users and addicts who should be helped to recover, not put behind bars.”A Home Office spokesperson said: “This government has absolutely no intention of decriminalising drugs.“Our drugs strategy is working and there is a long-term downward trend in drug misuse in the UK.” Looks like the PWD brands are trying to come back after all this time.Who owns it now?Do they have the original recipe ?Do they have the right setup for producing it?Why come back now?Has someone just bought the rights to the brands?After all this time it looks like PWD brands are trying to be resurrected. Will they ever be the same or is it too little too late?-MavIf anyone knows the answers to these questions then leave a comment here or join the discussion in the Forum [Popper retail experiences].Spring Sale!15% OFF everything including the No1 Room Aroma :worldwide delivery!*****  OFFER   ENDS  01/06/14   *****Enter at checkout CODE: 773344   (orders over £20 excl P P).www.redlighttrading.com Hi guys,Just a reminder that advertising your our products and webpages is not allowed in the forum.  Genuine customer reviews only!  If you wish to advertise on this site then you must pay for it by contacting us.  Advertising here is not expensive, and violating this request will result in all your forum posts being removed and your membership suspended.Adds can be in the form of a Post at present and we are introducing a banner add system on the site shortly.  All advertising will be considered for inclusion on the site including Poppers advertising and other associated services.-Maverick Hi Guys,Have a loot at the video below.  Basically it s showing the process of washing and drying the nitrites after production.The saturated saline solution cleans the nitrites and the addition of the bicarbonate of soda neutralizes the remaining acid.After this stage the final remaining nitrites are dried with anhydrous magnesium sulfate.-Maverickhttp://poppersplace.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/04/Washing-and-dryingF.wmv Hi Guys,I ve got a few videos to post soon.  Just doing a little editing.  They will be showing a simple washing drying process for nitrites.Keep posted There is also a new section with pics of Popper use.  Feel free to upload any pics you have of Poppers use.  It s still in a trial stage with the gallery so things might not work perfectly at the minute.  All pictures will need moderating so after a pic upload it may take a few days before you see them in the Gallery.If you have any issues with it then please let us know via the contact page.-Mav

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