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I like being bold,sometimes breaking the cinematic rules;it can make you feel something different. - Steven Douglas Smith Eye Popping Visuals - Variety "Good cinematography is finding that perfect balancebetween the way something looksand how it makes you feel." - Steven Douglas SmithCharles Winkler"My experience with him was first rate. He is a DP who has the goods and personality to Match""Somnath Sen"Not once did I Feel that any of his films were 'lit' - they seemed almost natural. this to me epitomizes Cinematography."David Zucker"The Easiest D.P. I have ever worked with, STEVEN has a dedication and most Importantly an eye to CAPTURE SHOTS..." a scholar of film." The camera work should talk to the audience and illuminate the dialogue. - Steven Douglas Smith BioPromoting positive community and artistic growth for the movie-going audience.Born in Southern California, close to Hollywood, Steven'scareer as the Director of Photography on 30 plus feature films, documentaries, and various television shows have produced significant works thatcombine a visceral immediacy with a conceptual richness. Dinosaur for Disney Studios combines 1300 visual fx shots and is considered one of the most expensive films ever made; the low budget Indie Joyride stars Tobey Mc Guire Benicio Del Torro; On The Lot, a series Prod. by Steven Spielberg Mark Burnett, rounds the diversity of hiswork.His first serious art making was through still photography and began to discover the aesthetic possibilities a visual medium could offer. He worked with this medium as a hobby for many years, always with a "design" approach. Steven continued these interests in the Boy Scouts and later attained the highest rank--Eagle Scout.Double majors in Media Communication from UC San Diego, significantly prepared himfor graduate study in film production at the University of Southern California, where he received my Master's degree from USC's renownedSchool of Cinematic Arts. He studied under renowned Oscar-winning cinematographers where he developed innovative means of expression using the motion picture camera to create contextually rich and powerfully symbolic works of arts that utilized technical advances to broaden the aesthetics of the visual medium. His work in television at NBC, ABC and ESPN sports helped develop my skills as a cinematographer.Stevenemboldened the X-Games shoot with IMAX, used 3D to capture futuristic films for the U.S. Government, and even lensed a documentary shot on location and underwater in Antarctica. Hisworking methods have been highly creative and divergent; notably, Nicolas was the very first feature shot with High Definition cameras. Working with the latest high definition cameras, veteran directors Irwin Winkler, James Cameron, and the infamous David Zucker, to name a few fueled his love for filmmaking. Academy Award-nominated actors Hillary Swank, Samuel Jackson and Virginia Madson influence the passion for cinematography and imprint hisoeuvre.Steven has enjoyed the collaboration of many talented people and hasgone back to USC as a guest lecturer to pass on the aesthetics of the cinematography to a new generation of filmmakers. Some recent quotes about his work: "A box office behemoth if there ever was one, "Dinosaur" is an eye-popping visual spectacle that serves up a vivid picture of what the planet may have looked like when dinosaurs ruled the earth...nothing like you've ever seen before." ~ Variety; "He's fantastic with the camera on his shoulder -- excellent instincts when it comes to diving in on a prop or an actor's reaction...a DP who has the goods and the personality to match ." ~ Charles Winkler; "He's efficient with equipment and time, bringing back unique and spectacular imagery, while always concerned with the bottom line." - David Mackay, Producer/Director.Grateful for a fantastic family and group of friends, Steven makes sure that new clients are welcomed ina way that has become customary in Hollywood."I know that no single approach is the right one for every film so I strive with a range of modalities to treat each script with a visual richness all its own." ~Steven Douglas Smith ReelsCompilationFEATURE TRAILERSTELEVISIONDOCUMENTARIESCOMMERCIALS DIRECTOR OF PHOTOGRAPHY RESUMEcinematographer@earthlink.net . CONTACT (310) 403-7100 AGENT: Ivana Savic (323) 782-1854FEATURES (Partial List)A BOY CALLED POSCARY MOVIE 5THE NET 2.0HOME OF THE BRAVETOBYHANNAUNREQUITEDKNUCKLEHEADTHE CRAZIESAN AMERICAN CAROLI HOPE THEY SERVE BEER IN HELLBLACK CADILLACAKEELAH AND THE BEEDINOSAURJOYRIDE50 FIRST DATESRIPPLE EFFECTJENIFALEELAHEAVEN OR VEGASNO EASY WAYSOMETIMES THEY COME BACK 2SECRET AGENT CLUBOUR COUNTRYBASIC INSTINCTTEN INCH HEROULTIMATE XDOCUMENTARIES1000 FEET PROJECT Chris Gale 1000 Feet Project.orgILM CREATING THE IMPOSSIBLE Leslie Iwerks Walt Disney / Iwerks Production (Additional Scenes D.P)INDUSTRIAL LIGHT MAGIC: CREATING THE IMPOSSIBLELeslie Iwerks / Stars Network EXPEDITION: BISMARK James Cameron Discovery Channel(Additional scenes DP)51 DONS Ron Luscinski ESPN- Black History DIRTY OIL Leslie Iwerks Babble GumMISSION CANNOT FAIL Ron Luscinski EXE Studios 3D (U.S.Navy/ Army Installation Theatre) L.I.G.A John TarverDoctors Without BordersTHE HISTORY OF COUNTRY MUSIC Tom NeffTBS (Additional DP) MAMA OF DADATom NeffPBS/Stonebridge Ent.DIRECTORSJohn Asher / Rod Hamilton (Post Production)Malcolm Lee/ David Zucker (Dir/Prod) The Weinstein CompanyCharles Winkler Sony / Screen Gems / Winkler FilmsIrwin Winkler / Rob Cowan MGM/Millenium (2nd Unit DP) Ron Luscinski EXE Studios 3D (U.S.Navy/ Army Installation Theatre) Jason Epperson Lucky Day StudiosMichael Watkins Lionsgate(Additional VFX DP)Breck Eisner Paramount Pictures/Sony Pictures (Additional VFX DP / Operator) David Zucker Mpower Pictures (Additional scenes DP) Bob Gosse Darko Entertainment (Co DP) John Murlowski First Look Pictures/ShowtimeDoug AtchisonLionsgate/Starbucks Ent./2929 (Additional scenes DP)Ralph ZondagWalt Disney Co./Buena VistaQuinton Peeples Live Entertainment/Trillion Ent.Peter Segal Sony/Anonymous Content (Additional VFX DP)Philipe Caland Think Films/YGB FilmsKenki Saegusa Toho Arthouse/Wilco Co. LtdSomnath Sen Bollywood/Lemon Tree FilmsGreg Haynes Cineville/Storm EntertainmentJeff Fine PGFW/Redwood Communications *Kodak Visionary AwardAdam Grossman Trimark PicturesJohn Murlowski / Jordan BelfortHit EntertainmentKeith Melton IMAX Corp./Giant Screen FilmsPaul Verhoeven Tri-Star Pictures/Carolco Pictures (Additional Cam Operator)David MackayBrave New Films (Additional scenes DP)Bruce Hendricks Walt Disney Co.TELEVISION (Partial List)ON THE LOT Steven Spielberg/Mark Burnett (Series) FOX Directors: Sam Frielander, Adam Stein, Zach Lipovsky, Jason Epperson, Will BighamCORONADO Claudio FaehHallmark (Shared credit)SWIMMING UPSTREAM Robert Emery Media Ent./Newmark Ent. Group (MOW)NICOLAS Pete Shaner2929 Ent./Sci-Fi Network *First HD Feature (ever) Cannes Film Festival EntryINSIDE OUT David OgdenShoreline Ent.LILLY S LIGHT Daniel Carey PBS (Pilot)THE TICK Barry Sonnenfeld Sony Pictures/20thCentury Fox (Pilot/tests)NEWS RADIO NBC/Columbia Tri-Star(Pilot/Opening ROUGHLY CUT RILEY Michael Young/ NBC/Columbia Tri-Star (Pilot)MUSIC FOR YOUR EYES: HERB ALERT Tom Neff PBSDegrees Certificates-HI Definition, IMAX, Anamorphic, Visual FX Specialist)-Aerial Underwater Cameraman (Advanced Ice certified)-Master of Fine Arts, U.S.C School of Cinema-Television, Film Production (1991)-Bachelor of Arts, U.C. San Diego, Media Communications, Economics (1987)-Member I.A.T.S.E 600 Central Region 669 Canada-Eagle Scout Boy Scouts of America (1981)Steve Shacter,I received an email from my office regarding a reference for Steven Douglas Smith. My experience with him was first rate. We shot "The Net 2.0" together in Istanbul together and it was a bitch. The Turks are...well, they're Turks. Let's just leave it at that.The shoot was incredibly difficult, emotionally draining and it was without doubt the toughest I've ever endured.Steven was a trouper. He put up with a lot of shit. His Turkish electric crew was worthless. But I wouldn't cut him any slack. I am notoriously tough on D.P.'s and I like to move fast (lots of bad television on the resume). Since I made the move to HD last year I refuse to wait for anything or anybody - including Steven. He figured this out by the middle of our first morning together and heroically kept up.Final tallies: 1150 set-ups 1st unit. 300 plus set-ups 2nd unit. Additonally 100 set-ups with DVX cameras. All this in 24 days. The film looks great. It's moody and dark when it needs to be and the daylight exterior stuff is as good as any HD you'll see.Steven had no ego issues with my grabbing the camera of his shoulder when I wanted to operate. And this is no knock on his operating abilities. He's fantastic with the camera on his shoulder -- excellent instincts when it comes to diving in on a prop or an actor's reaction. (I mostly operate when I'm bored.)Also, he worked extremely well with our Production staff to adjust his lighting package to save a few Lira.All in all I can highly recommend Steven. I would work with him again in a second. Particularly if, God help us, Sony decides to send us to another fucked-up shooting situation and I need a DP who has the goods and the personality to match.Charles Winkler

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