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The company was established in 2008 under the name of Alhashem for trading

In 2015 the trading registerwas changed and the name of company became Alhashem for trading and contracting with new register number 13476.


The owners of company are:

Duha Ahmad Meshrkany with portion of 80%HeshamAbdulkareem Assaf with portion of 20%


Main activities of the Company

During the period of 10 years from, the date of establishment the company had performed many projects in oil and gas fields including procurements and construction:

Remove and transfer the important skids from Alhail station.Repair Chrisms trees for WadiObaid wells.Construct the damage parts of fir, coordinate with Maintenance team to remove and re-install Propane compressor in south middle area gas plant tube.Carry out repair and reconstruct gas pipeline / flow lines in Shaer and HayanProvide service and required equipment to extinguish burnt wells in Jhar, Almoherand Shaer.Construct AboRabah gas flow line number 13.Construct Abo Rabahgas flow line number 18.Remove and transfer skids and equipment from Althawra oil field to middle area oil directorsCarry out mechanical work in Hussain north station/ Syria Gas Company.Carry out mechanical and civil work for Dejlahpetroleum company.Carry out maintenance contract in STSI company ( Hayan) stage II.Carry out construction for storage tanks in different capacities with AlnoorCompany for Homs refinaryTransportation of crude oil from AlfuratCo. oil fields to Homs refineryPotable water network for some quarters of Homs City.Reinstruction of Alshaer oil field buildings ( living and control).

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Location and Address

Syria – Homs – Hamra

Beside Hashem Alatassi School
Tel :             0312216160
Fax :            0312216170
Mobile :      0930225359
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