Gallery21, Carmel CA – featuring Eyvind Earle – Gallery21, Carmel CA – featuring E

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Gallery21, Carmel CA – featuring Eyvind Earle


Thus-Mon: 11am-5pm
Tues & Wed: by appointments only

Please call (831)-625-1738 or email us at

Located on 6th Avenue between  Dolores & Lincoln St.  Carmel, CA 93921
Telephone: (831) 625-1738


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The Internet is merely another medium for exploitation of copyrighted works, no different for purposes of copyright law than print media. If you reproduce or display any artwork or materials supplied by Earle Publishing on the Internet without written permission signed by a representative of Earle Publishing authorized to give such permission, you will be infringing on our copyrights. Use of Mr. Earle’s artwork on the Internet presents an immediate, International infringement of those copyrights, and we take it very seriously.

To give you some idea of how copyright law applies to the Internet, the courts have already ruled that: a scanned image is a reproduction; an image viewed on a computer screen is a reproduction, specifically by making a copy in the computer’s RAM; storing an image on a computer is a reproduction; uploading an image onto a Webpage is a reproduction; making an image available for the public to see on a Webpage is a public display; and making an image available for the public to download from a Webpage is a distribution. In each case, an infringement occurred.

If you would like to make any use whatsoever of our artwork or materials on the Internet, please contact us before doing so.

The name “Eyvind Earle” in any format, design, or style, together with the goodwill accompanying Mr. Earle’s name, is a protected trademark owned by Earle Publishing LLC. This means that under the relevant laws, Earle Publishing has the sole and exclusive right to use and authorize others to use Mr. Earle’s name in connection with his works of art, including any books or videotapes about Mr. Earle or his artwork.

Earle Publishing is also the exclusive owner of publicity rights attaching to Mr. Earle’s name, likeness, photograph, signature, and voice. As a result, you may not use Mr. Earle’s name, likeness, photograph, signature, or voice “in any manner, on or in products, merchandise or goods, or for purposes of advertising or selling, or soliciting purchases of products, merchandise, goods or services” without written consent from an authorized representative of Earle Publishing.

You may not use a likeness or photograph of Mr. Earle, nor may you use his voice or signature without first obtaining written permission from Earle Publishing. A violation of this section entitles Earle Publishing to obtain an injunction against your further unauthorized use, and to claim actual or statutory damages, profits, punitive damages, and attorneys fees.

Inquiries should be addressed to Eyvind Earle Publishing LLC, 1 John Street, #B, Sand City, CA 93955 USA

Eyvind Earle Publishing LLC.

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