GIS for Marketing

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Marketing Management

GIS for Marketing

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) for Marketing platform is best-in-class targeting for direct mail, digital display and Facebook ads.

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COOP & MDF Management

COOP/MDF utilization by channel partners is typically 50-60%. Stream-lined claims processing and user-friendly compliance solves that.

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Automated Marketing

Consistent marketing nets consistent results. Highly targeted, high conversion programs that run year round--automatically!

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Targeting Tracking Attribution

Integrating targeting, tracking and attribution are crucial if you want a continuous improvement process built into your marketing strategy.

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Retail/Branded Storefront

Buy direct or white label our Storefront for direct mail, digital marketing, Facebook ads, yard signs, print, promotional items & more.

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Multi-Channel Marketing

A typical prospect averages seven different points of contact that are accessed from 3 - 5 devices. Reach them on all of them.

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Automated Marketing Programs

Combine Online With Traditional Marketing Tactics

Radius Marketing New Mover IP-to-Address Webleads MobileID-to-Home Address B2B Programs
Radius Marketing

Radius Marketing

Unhappy customers will find a new service provider. If they were unhappy, their neighbors are likely unhappy with that same provider.

Market to the neighbors of your customers and you’ll Own the Neighborhood!

New Mover

New Mover

New Mover’s spend a lot on their new home–that’s a given. But they also need recurring home services like internet, TV, pest control, pool service, lawn service and so much more.

Reach them early and make loyal customer’s for years!

IP-to-Address Webleads

IP-to-Address Webleads

Our website pixel captures the IP of anonymous visitors. Then we translate the IP address to the physical mailing address. Target people who are already interested in you.

Turn anonymous website visitors into a mailing list!

MobileID-to-Home Address

MobileID-to-Home Address

Geo-Replay technology captures devices from within a mapped area for any time frame in the prior six months. Then we target them with digital display ads regardless of where they may be.

Cookie-less adtech that’s better than Geo-Fencing.

B2B Programs

B2B Programs

Effective business-to-business marketing requires collaboration between sales staff and marketing.

Ask us how to structure a coordinated, B2B sales and marketing campaign!


Marketing Fulfillment

Cradle To Grave Fulfillment And Support Of Many Marketing Tactics

Direct Mail

Direct mail gets noticed when GIS for Marketing is used to target the right prospects.

Cookie-Free Digital Display Ads

Address-level digital targeting without COOKIES! Get seen and get results!

Targeted Facebook Advertising

Facebook and Instagram campaigns are key for homes services, retail and entertainment marketing.

Advertising Technology

Modernize your digital strategy! IP-to-Address Technology takes it to the next level.

Every Door Direct Mail®

EDDM is perfect for small campaigns where targeted mapping and demographic profiling are not required.

Printed Marketing Materials

Promote your business with flyers, brochures, door hangers, business cards and more!

Yard Signs

Yard signs complement any local marketing strategy! Cost-effective and they get noticed.


Banners are made to last and are a great way to promote your business.

Promotional Items

Promotional Items reinforce your brand with current customers and prospects alike!


what people says about us ...

"Lorex is able to use their GIS Mapping technology to be able to target the right households so my ROI is really, really good."

Jose G. – Owner/President

"I have been pleasantly surprised with the success we have seen in transitioning our marketing efforts over to you and your organization. The results are great and the people we work with within Lorex are even better. You have been awesome to work with and we look forward to growing that relationship!"

Jon P., Executive VP

"I really like the fact that they can target specific areas without [competition]. They can also target specific areas based on current customers [location and demographics]."

Jason B. – VP Sales

"Lorex and their GiS Mapping Program has been a game changer for us in enabling us to target households based on broadband speeds at the address level. It enables us to put our money where we will actually get some results."

Jeriah H. – Owner/President