Financial Domination Phone Sex - dominating money slaves, payslaves and money pigs with phone sex. 8

Web Name: Financial Domination Phone Sex - dominating money slaves, payslaves and money pigs with phone sex. 8






Financial Domination
Phone Sex

Making your money our money since 2002.


Our spoiled brats and
Dommes specialize in:

Money Slaves



Payslaves and Money Pigs

There's only reason you could be here.
You're weak. You know you're weak.
And you need someone to constantly remind you of your weakness.
A beautiful Mistress or spoiled brat, who will take everything.
And then send you back to make more.

We specialize in patheticlosers like you.
Money pigs and payslaves. Human ATMs and money slaves.

Our relationship issimple.
You worship us. We abuse you.
You submit to us. We enslave you.
You give up your dignity. We take away your self-esteem.
You give us all you have. We tell you to bring Us more.
And it will never be enough.

CallUs now. And have your wallet ready.
Financial Domination Phone Sex.

You work hard for your money.Harder than most people.
But you know you don't really deserve it.
You don't really deserve much of anything, now do you?

You're just a money slave. Alittle pay piggie.
All you really deserve is a bratty spoiled girl, or a strict Mistress toserve.
They're the ones who deserve the fruits of your hard work.
Because they're beautiful, powerful and demanding.
And they're the only ones who will pay any attention to you at all.

They'll take everything youhave - just to satisfy their whims.
They'll leave you penniless, and then dismiss you until you have more.
You will finally accept your lot in life, and you will embrace it.
And will you pay tribute and prove your dedication
to the Ones who make it possible.

CallUs now. And don't forget your credit cards.
Financial Domination Phone Sex.

If your needs run even deeper,you've found the right place.
Our cruel Mistresses and Dommes specialize in blackmail and extortion.
You will find yourself embarassing and debasing yourself in the worst ways.
You will perform the most horrible, hateful acts you can imagine,
in order to pay your Mistress.

You will desperately try toavoid being exposed at all costs.
But as you already know, you will never have enough.
The day of reckoning will eventually come for a worm like you.
Until then, you will be nothing more than a human ATM.
It is what you deserve.

Money pigs. Pay slaves.
You are worthless except for your wallets.
And We are ready to prove it now.

CallUs now. Bring all you have.
Financial Domination Phone Sex.

Meet some of our financial domination phone sex Dommes and bratshere.
Our Mistresses and brats blog here:
phone sex Dommes
fetish phone sex ladies
teen phone sex brats

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If you don't see your fantasyon this site call this phone sex number:
TOLL-FREE 877-665-7399
Don't be shy.
Tell the receptionist exactly what you're looking for and she'll set up theright call for you.
OR, EVEN EASIER: try our phone sex search engine.

Role-playing phone fantasiesare for entertainment purposes only.
18+ only.
Copyright 2011 Financial Domination Phone Sex.

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