Close their textbooks.

Open their imagination.

What is CaveSim?

CaveSim is an educational experience that makes learning effortless and fun. We create amazingly realistic caves, and we bring the mobile versions of our caves to schools and public events around the country. Our educators often spend over 100 days a year on the road, teaching kids of all ages about science, conservation, math, history, and many other subjects. We help children love learning, and because we build everything ourselves, kids see that they can create amazing things by excelling in school and following their passions.

What to expect from a CaveSim program:

A cave on wheels brought right to you. Our mobile caves are smaller than a school bus, but have 60+ feet of tunnels to explore.Computer scoring. As students move through the cave, they lose points for touching stalactites. After exploring, kids view their careful-caver score on a computer.Much more than a mobile cave. Programs include numerous activities, each with hands-on learning to keep students engaged at all times. Kids rotate through stations including cave rescue practice with a real stretcher, STEM lessons with working cave rescue phones, and energetic games about bat biology.A vertical caving tower. Students wear a simple harness and get lifted up the portable 12' tower while learning physics.Experienced, professional educators. We've been teaching CaveSim programs since 2010.Lessons aligned with what students are learning in the classroom. Kids of all ages love our program, from elementary through high school. Adventuresome adults participate too!
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Recent CaveSim News

Exciting programs for the National Park Service

We had such fun at Timpanogos Cave National Monument!  Visitors had a blast learning about vertical caving on our tower, and they loved exploring the

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CaveSim at EUREKA! McConnell Science Museum, Grand Junction

Great photos by Scott Crabtree (Grand Junction Daily Sentinel) of our program at the EUREKA! museum.

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What we build:

Awe-inspiring caves of all sizes

In addition to teaching world-class programs, our team designs and creates stunning caves. We build mobile, permanent, and modular portable caves. All of our patented systems include state-of-the-art computer scoring to create an interactive experience for participants – as visitor explore, they get real-time feedback about how well they’re doing at avoiding the artificial cave formations, cave critters, and artifacts. After exiting, participants review their score on computers. We believe in using technology for a purpose: to engage kids and get them excited about learning about science, conservation, and exploration. 

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We believe:

Kids who know better become adults who do better.

CaveSim fosters a love of life-long learning in everyone we teach, and our programs inspire kids to understand the importance of science and conservation. We strive to make the world a better place through education, and these generous sponsors help make this possible. Being a sponsor is easy; please help us today:

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Digging up past experiences.

Since 2010, we’ve been bringing educational programs to kids around the US. We travel all over the lower 48 states, and everywhere we go people love our programs.


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a student's realization: school is fun
“Mrs. Chaney, why don’t we get todo this kind of cool stuff in biology class?” CaveSim staff person, “This is biology class!”

High School Biology Student in Oklahoma

"an incredible experience"
"This is an incredible experience. My students absolutely enjoyed the CaveSim experience and learned so much! Thank you CaveSim!”

Lori Hines, 3rd Grade Teacher

How do CaveSim programs work?

We bring an amazingly realistic mobile cave to your school or event, along with a vertical caving tower, cave rescue gear, and more. Students learn important content as they explore and have fun.  

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How much does a program cost?

CaveSim programs are surprisingly affordable, especially given how much your students will learn. Our prices are competitive with the cost of a typical field trip, but we bring our program right to you.

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