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Soft skills training - reinventedImmersive AI simulationsLearn, reflect and practicefor VR, PC, mobile and desktop streamingAutonomous, efficient, affordable.Immersive AI simulationsAvailable forVRPCmobiledesktop streamingVR

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VR training for soft skills development

Soft skills are increasingly in demand, but they can be difficult to learn and master. Our Bodyswaps training platform, available for VR, PC, and mobile, offers immersive off-the-shelf experiences that can help your learners develop vital skills like how to communicate, collaborate, and lead.

Learning soft skills forces learners to question not only what they know, but how they act. Virtual reality provides a safe space for learners to practise demonstrating empathy without judgement. Learners are then given the opportunity to experience how they came across from another person’s perspective and receive personalised feedback on their responses.

Learners have autonomy over how they access our range of engaging VR training. Each of our virtual reality environments and experiences has been designed to help prepare your learners for the challenges of the modern world.

Library of modules

Public speaking & presentation

Essential skills

Find your voice! Learn how to manage your nerves, connect with your audience, communicate with clarity and present compelling, persuasive and inspirational speeches, whatever the situation.


Job Interview Simulator

Managing interview anxiety

An interview should be your time to shine, but nerves and anxiety can hold you back. This module looks at three simple methods to help you: build confidence, manage anxiety and banish harmful self-criticism.


Job Interview Simulator

Landing the perfect job, on your own terms!

This module looks at how to answer character-based interview questions. Discover a three-part strategy and learn how to turn your needs into strengths to show why you’re the best person for the job.


Job Interview Simulator

Three steps to answering (almost) any question

This module looks at how to answer behavioural interview questions. Learn why great storytelling is essential for making an impact during an interview and discover a simple, effective technique for crafting winning answers to almost any question.


Job Interview Simulator

Interview simulation

Fine-tune your interview technique and put your job interview skills to the test. Choose between six modes of play, practise answering common interview questions in your own words, then switch positions to playback your answers as seen through the interviewer’s eyes.


Employability Skills

Career Mindset Development

Learn how others see you and develop self-awareness, practise introducing yourself to new colleagues and discover 3 rules to making a positive impact at work.


DEI Essentials

Gender inclusion

Identify non-inclusive behaviours, experience what microaggressions feel like and practise strategies to challenge non-inclusive behaviour such as objective feedback, impact assessment and open-ended questioning.


Inclusive leadership

Understanding conflict

Observe how conflicts can develop within diverse teams, develop your ability to flag non-inclusive behaviour and practise relationship-building skills.


Inclusive leadership

Giving feedback

Observe how managers perpetuate non-inclusive behaviour, develop techniques to challenge and create self-reflection and practise giving effective feedback.


Inclusive leadership

Resolving conflict

Observe how a leader’s own behaviour can perpetuate inappropriate behaviour, develop skills to help others address the source of their conflicts and practise coaching others to lead by example.


Let's Talk About Race

Navigating microaggressions

Identify microinsults and microinvalidations, learn strategies for having constructive conversations about racism and practise challenging others safely and effectively.


Let's Talk About Race

Bias as a barrier

Explore your own bias, stereotypes in TV and films and learn a four-step strategy for identifying and challenging biased behaviour.


Let's Talk About Race

Recognising privilege

Discover what intersectionality means in practice, identify privilege, and reflect on how your own social identity shapes your privilege.


International Labour Organisation

Sexual Harassment

Developed in collaboration with the International Training Centre of the International Labour Organisation (ITCILO), this module helps learners to become active participants in saying no to sexual harassment.


Workplace Communications

Clear communication

Identify poor communication practices, experience what you sound like to other people and practise clear communication behaviours like emotional self-regulation, affirmative body language or summarising.


Workplace Communications

Active listening

Identify poor active listening habits, experience what lack of active listening feels like and practise active listening behaviours like clarifying, summarising or acknowledging emotions.


Health and Social Welfare Training

The Mental Health Practitioner

Susan is a patient under the care of the community mental health service. She was diagnosed with depression and anxiety some time ago and has attempted suicide on 2 occasions. Now she’s starting to think about ending her life again. Can you help her?


Customer experience

Improving customer service in difficult situations

Jeremy is looking forward to getting home after a weekend away. He’s tired and his partner is relying on him to look after the kids later, while they go to work. Unfortunately, there seems to be some kind of hold up on the line. Can you help?


Customer experience

Making a bad situation better

Jeremy is joining friends for a weekend away, but a delay is threatening to sabotage his plans and he’s starting to get angry. Do you have the customer service skills necessary to reassure him and help him find a solution?


Want to know more about how our VR soft skills training can benefit your organisation?


Our soft skills VR training solutions

Soft skills – such as being able to communicate effectively, work well as part of a team, and solve problems creatively – are essential skills for success.

Bodyswaps leverages immersive simulations and AI to empower learners to practise and develop skills like these in total autonomy.

Designed for corporates, public sector and educational organisations, Bodyswaps combines a distribution platform with an off-the-shelf library of soft skills training courses.

Built for Learners

Practice: Practise your skills, in your own words, using your voice and body language.

Bodyswaps: Swap bodies and watch yourself back from another perspective, learning from your mistakes and honing your soft skills.

Get Feedback: Access behavioural analysis and get personalised tips to improve on how you interact with others.FULL LIST OF MODULES

Trusted by

Soft skills training optimised for scale

Our products can help you train large groups of employees or students quickly and effectively, helping your business or educational organisation save time and money by delivering impactful training at scale

With our behavioural analysis tools, you can track individual learners’ progress and identify any areas where further development is needed.

Deploy Easily

With Bodyswaps Go, our admin platform for educators, you can configure your account and manage your content and learners, create classes and monitor performance from a single place.

Our platform is suitable for learners of all abilities, making it ideal for use in schools, universities and workplaces.

Optimise Learning with AI

We use cutting-edge technology to provide your learners with personalised feedback and guidance. Our algorithms analyse your learners’ behaviour in VR and provide them with insights that will help the way they interact with others.

You can also control your learners’ experiences by creating classes, inviting learners and monitoring their progress.

Measure success

Our range of tools will help you measure the success of your VR training programmes by allowing you to monitor usage and discover performance data in real-time.

Using Bodyswaps Go, you’ll be able to track your learners’ progress and assess the impact the training is having on your organisation.

Curious to find out more about what our training for soft skills development can do for your learners?


What makes Bodyswaps unique?

Transform behaviour

Deliver effective behavioural change by developing skills and confidence through engaging, safe and repeatable contextual learning.

Measure Success

Measure competency with unprecedented accuracy, automate feedback and predict performance with our AI-powered behavioural analytics engine.


Using our ready-to-go modules in VR, on mobile or on PC, blend in autonomous practice into your learners’ journey at scale and cost-efficiently.

Proven Results

The Bodyswaps format has been designed to enhance learner engagement, accelerate learning and accommodate multiple deployment modalities.


of learners report a significant improvement in their self-awareness and knowledge of how to improve their skills.


of learners report a significant improvement in their confidence to apply the simulated soft skills in real situations.


of learners report being likely to recommend Bodyswaps to their colleagues over traditional forms of training.

Case Studies

Let’s Talk About Race series


How George Brown College deployed immersive anti-racism training for over 2,000 students and transformed behaviors.


George Brown College dives into VR interview training with Bodyswaps

Employability Training

Discover how this renowned college with over 107,000 students globally, successfully leverages virtual reality training to prepare its students for interviews.


How Sandwell College integrated VR to improve student employability

Employability Training

Find out how VR has transformed interview skills training at this high-tech college.


Project (VR)² = Vocational Rehabilitation x Virtual Reality

Employability Training

How virtual reality prepares individuals with disabilities and other disadvantages for the world of work.


FE Innovation Partners

Employability Training

Are you ready to succeed from your first day at work?


Humanitarian Leadership Academy

Safeguarding Training

Are you ready to respond to someone who shares details of a safeguarding incident?



“I have been waiting for VR to transform the way we educate people for the last 15 years – finally Bodyswaps has produced what I have been waiting for. I can’t wait to see what the next 15 years will bring!”

Anne Scrimshaw, Fab Lab Manager, Sandwell College

"Bodyswaps is a great way to look at the impact of immersive learning within the employability space. Through the world of virtual reality, students have been able to enhance their confidence and try a unique tech-enhanced approach to employability."

Emma Clarke, Communications & Engagement Manager, University of Liverpool

"Bodyswaps opened our eyes to what VR can bring to interview training. This is a game-changer.”

Christel Babinet, Career Coach, HEC Paris

"A perfect example of how you can create technology-enhanced learning experiences that add pedagogical value. This would be very difficult to simulate with traditional educational methods. ”

Tom Wambeke, Chief Learning Innovation, ICTILO, International Labour Organisation

“Bodyswaps has been helping SAGE to think through the possibilities of VR for the university market and to push us to think creatively about how to harness the emotional and experiential potential of VR”

Katie Metzler, Head of Methods Innovation, SAGE Publishing

"Bodyswaps is an application that allows learners to practice skills that are difficult to replicate in a traditional learning environment. The immersive experience is risk-free, accessible, engaging, and encourages learners to reflect on their own understanding of themselves. It has great potential as an essential learning tool now and in the future."

Michael Avis, Faculty Facilitator & Teaching Technology Coach, George Brown College

"Bodyswaps' highly immersive experience is exactly what we need for positive behavioural change at scale by providing a safe space for practicing difficult conversations."

Atish Gonsalves, Global Innovation Director, Humanitarian Leadership Academy

"Bodyswaps will help give the folks we work with a chance to have an emotional connection with the skills being taught. This connection will ultimately instill the behaviours and habits necessary to be successful in the workplace."

Kristin Rotas, Program Manager, Viability

"Bodyswaps has a unique way of creating self-awareness amongst learners and letting them truly practise their skills in a realistic context. This perfectly fits with SNCF's vision of pioneering the use of immersive learning to bring positive change at a very large scale."

Frank Doute, Manager FAB AR VR, SNCF

"A fun, motivating, and useful experience. It provided significant added value whilst challenging our learners to better prepare for their job interviews."

Techfugees, Global organisation supporting the inclusion of displaced people

"Preparing for interviews can be challenging but VR provides an ideal 'safe space' to hone and perfect these essential skills. We’ll soon wonder how we trained for interviews before Bodyswaps."

Trudy Sore, Learning & Development Director, Blue Novation

Bodyswaps is helping learners develop the C.O.R.E social skills of Compassion, Originality, Responsibility, and Empathy that we value so much at Basingstoke College of Technology. Bodyswaps is a tool that aligns with our own strategic focus on using technology with the intention to improve teaching, learning, assessment and wellbeing of all learners.

Scott Hayden, Head of Digital Learning, Basingstoke College of Technology

“When using this with my class, my students found it really thought provoking. It was a great tool to have them open up and interrogate the race-based assumptions they participate in and how to become an ally in a non judgemental, safe environment.”

Charlene Dustan, Co-chair of George Brown College's Anti-Racism Equity Advisory Board

"Bodyswaps Rocks!"

Rory Meredith, Coleg y Cymoedd

Bodyswaps for Education

Bodyswaps’ award-winning soft skills training platform gives students an opportunity to practise and develop their communication, teamwork and leadership skills.

Our library of off-the-shelf simulations allows students to learn in safe environments and boost their confidence before they enter the professional world. All simulations are available for VR, PC and mobile.

Leveraging virtual reality and AI to allow for self-reflective contextual practice, Bodyswaps’ unique learning format gives students at colleges or universities the tools and confidence to apply newly acquired skills in key interactions like job interviews, feedback sessions, or teamwork.

Bodyswaps for Corporates

Bodyswaps is the most engaging, safe, and effective way to provide soft skills training for employees and bridge the gap between learning and workplace performance.

Our library of off-the-shelf workplace simulations allow employees to practise key skills including communication and leadership in safe and realistic environments. All simulations are available for VR, PC and mobile.

Our simulations can be embedded as part of your facilitated training activities or used as a resource for autonomous practice.


Our AI-powered behavioural analytics engine provides learners with personalised assessments and feeds back into your Learning Management System (LMS) for real-time soft skills competency tracking.

Virtual Coach

Bodyswaps captures and interprets an unprecedented amount of behavioural data to provide hyper-personalised feedback to the learner.

This includes semantic data, speech speed & elocution, body language and decision-making data.

Performance Dashboard

Leveraging the same data, Bodyswaps provides organisations with a comprehensive real-time overview of performance.

This includes a breakdown of usage data, learner's feedback on understanding, self-awareness and confidence as well as a breakdown of behavioural data.

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