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Covid-19 lockdown in the UKThe global pandemic has affected every aspect of our lives, from healthcare to haircuts. Rachael and I had to be especially careful, as we take care of her 89-year old mum. Here is a series of intimate portraits from our everyday lives.Lille, FranceHistoric Lille is a beautiful French city close to the border with Belgium. It has many examples of ancient Flemish architecture, and an abundance of restaurants and cafés. The perfect city break.

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On the cover of Nature magazine

Nature’s art director,Kelly Krause, explains why they chose one of my photos to lead a story on the emerging threat of honeybee diseases to wild pollinators.

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On the cover of National Geographic magazineIt has to be the highlight of every travel photographer’s career: A National Geographic cover photo! Here’s how I did it…Surviving lockdown as a photographerThis year has seen the world turned upside down by a global pandemic, making travel photography tough, perhaps even unethical. And so we decided that all photography trips were off the agenda this summer.

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How to use flags, stars and labels together in LightroomLightroom has many powerful tools to help organise and review photos. In fact the choice of options for setting up a workflow is almost overwhelming. In this article I’ll explain how you can use these tools together to quickly shortlist and edit photos.Food photography tips: 7 things I learnt from a watermelon“Is this any good for a stock photo?” said Rachael, as she produced a large watermelon out of a shopping bag. On this latest shoot, prompted by Rachael’s fruity purchase, I set about trying to make slices of watermelon look interesting. It proved to be quite a challenge and I learnt a few things about food photography along the way.