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Bruges Pancakes

The original artisan recipe recipe that created the succes of Yummy Bakery. The Bruges Pancake has a diameter of 18 cm and is much appreciated by many gourmets.

Dessert Pancakes

This delicious sweet pancake has a diameter of 10 to 11 cm. Ideal for desserts with ice cream, fruit or other appetizing preparations from a (hobby)chef.

Organic Pancakes

This tastefull product is made only with organic ingredients.Created for the demanding consumer who prefers a healthy snack.

Savoury Pancakes

The savoury or salty pancake is the perfect basis for a full meal. You can prepare them with your own selection of ingredients such as cheese, bacon, chicken, salmon, mushrooms, tuna or minced meat: with the hearty pancake you will create your own real delicacy!

Crêpes d'amour (Love Pancakes)

Love is for always, and also this heart-chaped sweet pancake has his loyal followers.Ideal for creative desserts and a delicious in between snack. more products


In 1984 Annie Alderweireldt created the recipe for the Bruges pancake. With this traditional recipe, tasteful artisan pancakes were baked for local dealers. As a result of the growing success, there became a need to build an industrial bakery, in accordance with all regulations within the food industry. Thereby, a larger production capacity and diversification of what they could offer became possible.

Today, Annie Alderweireldt still runs the Yummy Bakery company in cooperation with her children Tom and Sara Geldhof. Together they are a young and dynamic team that keep their focus on further expansion and exportation of the delicious Yummy bakery products. Wishing to bring to as many people as possible the delicious taste of traditional pancakes.

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