Hello! My name is Hayden Clarkin, a Transportation Engineer & Planner. You may know me as “The Transit Guy”

My Resume ⟶

“My happiest childhood moments were spent hanging out with my grandfather. A bus driver in Rhode Island, Papa would let me sit on his bus and I’d watch him work. On the weekends, he’d take me to the train station, and sit on the platform with me watching the Amtrak trains board and depart. I still feel that wonder in my work. There’s always a part of me that feels like that little kid on the platform with his grandfather.”

My first train ride in 1998 with my parents below!

What Am I Good At?

I am a transportation engineer-in-training with more than three years of professional experience in all things transit. I have worked on all aspects of transit: heavy rail projects, transit station design, systems engineering, ADA/accessibility design, BRT planning and design, bike/pedestrian facilities, access and network planning, transit-oriented development (TOD), ferry planning, and campus master planning to name a few. I am passionate about all transit, and am well poised to give a unique perspective as an engineer on any or all alternative transportation projects. I am also the founder of TransitCon, a free transit conference organization that held its first event on January 31, 2021 with 54 speakers and over a thousand registrants.

I am also on track to get my Professional Engineer license (PE).



English (Native)

German (Conversational)

American Sign Language (ASL) (Proficient)

Spanish (Basic)


AutoCAD Civil3D, Microstation, ArcGIS, Adobe Suite, Blubeam Revu, FIGMA, Infraworks, Microsoft Suite, Synchro, VISSIM, SQL, Python, Javascript

URSTA: Keynote

On May 12, 2021 I presented the keynote talk titled "The Power of Transit", an optimistic presentation regarding the physical and intangible benefits that transit has on our day to day lives at the Utah Urban Rural Specialized Transit Association. I created the five "powers of transit" and outlined each in his own keynote.

1) The Power to Make us More Equal

2) The Power to Create Prosperity

3) The Power to Sustain our Future

4) The Power to Respect Us

5) The Power to Connect us

"Power of Transit" PDF

<iframe src="//www.youtube.com/embed/UbxUSsFXYo4?wmode=opaque" height="480" width="640" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Video recording of talk will be posted here when uploaded next month by URSTA. Meanwhile, enjoy 9-5 by Dolly Parton as a placeholder.

Madison BRT Design Competition

Hayden formed and led an interdisciplinary team of three to create a replicable transit station in response to bus rapid transit (BRT) design competition for the city of Madison, WI.

Both the natural geography of Madison and the man-made street grid of Capitol Square are the principal inspirations for this design proposal. The design team leverages these iconic design elements as motifs in a shelter concept that is focused on passenger comfort, celebrates the arrival of frequent fixed route transit service, and embraces the varying context of the neighborhoods the route will flow through.

Hayden’s team is in the top 20 of proposals, but is still waiting for final results. For more, refer to his portfolio.


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