Turn your web2 content into sovereign web3 data on Myriad’s social app, metaverse and messenger.

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Myriad is Yours

Starting with Myriad.Social, we are creating a platform where you can claim ownership of your web2 content (social media, multimedia) and turn it into verifiable, sovereign, monetizable web3 data.

Social app, metaverse and messenger seamlessly integrate, together and with further applications. As a user, a content creator or a builder, Myriad is designed to be yours.

Own your content

Things you post, things you create, things you trade: from your user profile to your metaverse avatar, from your posts to your multimedia content, Myriad lets you mint your data as NFT’s, and use them in any way you see fit.

Own your privacy

Myriad’s core code does not include personal data collection. You can remain pseudonymous, and manage your digital persona without worrying about your physical self. All of Myriad focuses on decentralization and encryption wherever possible.

Own your revenue

Tipping on Myriad makes it easy to get revenue from your content, safely backed by the blockchain.NFT minting from or for the platform ensures verifiable ownership and transactions based on smart contracts rather than obscure monetization policies.

Own the platform

Myriad is a social platform, for real: it belongs to its users. $MYRIA holders steer the future of the platform via its Decentralized Autonomous Organisation (DAO)


The Decentralized, Federated Social App

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Experiences are now available on the platform!

Myriad Social experiences are already available on our beta platform. Myriad Social experiences are comparable to personal pages in other social network sites, but with increased flexibility and customizability. You can tailor your personal Myriad experience to your liking, down to every core.

Don’t want those pesky side-ads beside your content? Easy, just move it somewhere else.

Want to make a more streamlined experience? Alright, display a chronological feed instead of an algorithmic one.

Let your imagination run wild with Myriad Social, best of all, your content doesn’t need to cater to anyone BUT your audience. You can focus on what matters most, and to that we say, go get em’!

Aggregated social content that makes you feel at home.

We understand that moving to a new platform can be daunting and you will need a while to get used to it. But no fret! The Myriad Social team has thought of this and we have put together an awesome new feature to make you feel at home. You no longer have to browse through your old social media accounts to enjoy content from your favorite content creators, you can enjoy it all from Myriad Social.

Importing content from contemporary social media should be a breeze in Myriad Social. Myriad Social already supports imports of content Twitter, Reddit, and Telegram. In the future, we are looking into importing content from Facebook as well.

Metasocial tipping with $MYRIA.

Tipping your content creators have been gaining traction recently, most importantly after sites like Patreon and Buy Me a Coffee going mainstream. Imagine you want to tip a content creator you like, but sadly they don’t have a Patreon account or anything of the kind, but with metasocial tipping this doesn't have to be an issue.

Metasocial tipping is the concept of tipping a content creator through a wallet generated from their unique social media account ID. But how does this occur? Myriad’s metasocial tipping is done through an escrow account, the escrow account will be the wallet generated by a unique social media account.

To claim the escrow account the claimer must verify themselves by posting a uniquely generated message given by the Myriad Social system on their profiles, confirming themselves as the legitimate owners. Supporting content creators is a growing trend that is unlikely to end and Myriad Social wants to streamline this process further!

Feel the experience!

Send tips in cryptocurrency to content native to Myriad.Social, or imported content from social media.Mint your content into NFTs and trade it in-app or on partner platforms.Host your own Myriad.Social federated server, with its own DAO governed community.

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Welcome to your world!

Myriad.Town stands at the crossroads of real life and digital interactions.

Visit, build, create, customize, meet-up, trade, chat, talk, and more!
Show off your content in the Metaverse, showcase your unique NFTs. Customize your avatars, assets, animations, and gameplay elements. Everything in Myriad.City can be turned into an NFT. Soon to be launched, our metaverse will be available both in 2d and 3d.

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Own your identity

Log into Myriad.Town with your public key and retrieve your Myriad identity. Claim your social media timeline by posting your public key on your social media, no API call and no SSO required.

Own your time

Log into Myriad.City with your public key and retrieve your Myriad identity. Claim your social media timeline by posting your public key on your social media, no API call and no SSO required.

Own your revenue stream

Tipping on Myriad.Town makes it easy to get revenue from your content, safely backed by the blockchain. NFTs showcases and land sales are of course available, but further than that, Myriad.Town will propose ad space and land traffic analytics to help content creators and businesses optimize their revenue generation.



Myriad.Chat is a decentralized chat app, that focuses on two of the most important aspects of instant messaging: privacy and quality of life. You are in control of what you show and see, down to individual messages.

Even though Myriad.Chat is a standalone app, it is still integrated with the Myriad blockchain, allowing you to send tips, mint NFTs, use your Myriad identity and keep track of your conversations from and Myriad.City.

Myriad.Chat is built using GunDB, the decentralized architecture of Myriad.Chat is built from the ground up.

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Control your availability

Current messaging apps assume that we are either available for everyone or not available at all, with very few options to manage when we want to be seen, and by whom. Myriad.Chat offers granular availability control and a brand new blockchain-based anti-spam feature. Be open, be stealthy, your choice!

Take back your privacy

Control what information you display, what can be shared about you and what you post, and how what you post stays up, be it in one on one chats, private chats, private or public groups. Set up profiles so managing your privacy becomes not only complete but quick and easy.

Own your chats

Your chats are often more than just an exchange of posts. Business talks, private talks, even intimate conversations all converge into a single app. Myriad.Chat offers features to help you organize and protect your conversations and notifications the way you want them.

Myriad is decentralized, but not anarchistic.

Power is moved from the traditional centralized corporate authority into the hands of individuals who host servers for the platform and manage user communities



Myriad is built to be interoperable. Our blockchain uses Substrate, a blockchain framework behind Polkadot made by Parity Technologies. Using Substrate allows Myriad to be more flexible, because it’s compatible with a multitude of other blockchains such as Octopus, Kusama, and Polkadot.

On top of that, Myriad uses a federated architecture that was built with modularity in mind, meaning that all of the components of Myriad are extensible and treated like a bunch of building blocks that can be assembled any way you’d like.

Myriad uses a dual architecture, both decentralized and federated.

Find out more Myriad.Social’s lite paper or on our Telegram Channel

Federated server owners can choose the modules they provide to their subscribers.

Read Myriad.Social’s Litepaper to learn more about server customization.

We replace content discovery algorithms with crowd-sourced content creation by users.

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Simplified Tech Stack - Myriad

Team and Advisors

Jean-Daniel Gauthier

Two decades of work in various fields of IT, solution engineer turned Ux advisor. Co-founder of several blockchain-based companies, keynote speaker, guest lecturer, wrote his first funded whitepaper in 2014.

Joshua Lyle Colter Powell

I have a background in the military, law enforcement and I.T. and would describe myself as a lifelong skeptic of everything. I always try to see the other side of every conversation.

Gilang Bhagaskara

Enterprise Blockchain technology expert. Creator of Blocksphere, and initiator of multiple first-in-industry blockchain projects in the banking, FSI, supply chain, agriculture, and trading sectors.

Matthew Schor

Senior executive with homeland security, commercial, and defense solution experience. Founded SkyBitz, a leading provider of transportation fleet management via satellite and GPS tracking systems.

Meet the Team