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Mark Edward

Mentalism • Skepticism • Activism

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The Sting that Keeps on Stinging

May 22, 2019CategoryMedia Appearances

The ripples keep on spreading the word on our successful sting operation covered by The New York Times Magazine in February. According to Ben Radford in the May - June issue ofSkeptical Inquirer magazine, "These were among the highest-profile successes in years, perhaps going back to James Randi's expeosures on the "Tonight Show." Along with the subject of my lectures given in the UK in April; "When Does Psychic Entertainment Stop Being Entertainment?",we are now actively searching for another big name media group to work with us in preparing a new sting planned to be the biggest and baddest yet. No spoilers! Just stay tuned and expect something never attemped before.

Tired of Lies? We Nailed This Guy!

Mar 03, 2019CategoryMedia Appearances

The New York Times Sunday Magazine: Inside the Secret Sting Operations to Expose Celebrity Psychics

We are so proud our best efforts to strengthen the skeptical outlook have been rewarded with a knock out article by New York Times reporter Jack Hitt on how psychics use Facebook and other social media to scam the public. This method has never been revealed in print and is backed up with conclusive evidence. Congrats to all the crew who helped make this possible!

How are Psychics so Accurate? It's All Here:

Mar 03, 2019CategoryVideos

Here's a fantastic video by Thomas Westbrook at Holycoolaid. This is how it's done folks! Read the New York Times for a detialed story.

The Truth

Jun 11, 2018CategoryVideos

Your Free Tarot Reading

Jun 11, 2018CategoryVideos

All in the spirit of good fun. Have you ever had a tarot reading? I bet it never went quite like this. A tarot reading in the tradition of Apollonius of Tyana, who was said to be cursed with only being able to tell the truth.

Edward Vs. Edward

Jun 11, 2018CategoryMedia Appearances

Brain Games: Paranormal?

Jun 10, 2018CategoryVideos

The true secrets of the ouija board revealed!

Adam Ruins Everything : Halloween Special 2017

Jun 10, 2018CategoryVideos

Taking a close-up view of psychics, mediums and their methods.

Sylvia Browne Las Vegas Protest

Jul 15, 2012CategoryVideos

Here is Sylvia Browne getting a welcome from skeptics who were also in Las Vegas forThe Amazing Meeting 2012.Her manager needs to do more research in the future.

This took place July 13, 2012 in Las Vegas

Ross and Carrie Meet Mark!

Jan 15, 2012CategoryPodcasts
Ross and Carrie visit Mark Edward

You know those days when you go to interview someone at their house, and you feel like you stepped into the Haunted Mansion at Disneyland? That is just the kind of day Ross and Carrie had when they met up with famous mentalist Mark Edward in his southern California home. Hear all about how Mark made a living as a "psychic"... all while not believing a word he said. Hot drinks included!

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