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iOS development

The cutting-edge expertise your project needs

Meet Drew

Blog read by half a million developers

International conference speaker
Developed for iOS since 2007
Filed 200+ bugs in Apple developer tools
Developed over 50 apps
Hasn’t worn a jacket since photo was taken

What people are saying

If you find out you can’t program it, you’ll hire somebody like Drew — which is how it sort of works because you don’t have programmers who know how to program natively. It isn’t like you can just pick this up in a few minutes.Dan Bricklin, inventor of the spreadsheet
I don’t often link to other articles, but this one is worth reading.Herb Sutter, C++ expert, on Drew's analysis
Remarkably detailed analysis. Must-read piece.Daring Fireball, on Drew's analysis
Hugely experienced developer, writer and consultant.Mobile Central Europe
I have no idea who you are but I somehow follow you on Twitter.Elliott Noel, some guy on Twitter

Not just another developer

When you work with us, you get more than just a warm body to write your application.

Swift 2

One of the top Swift experts in the world.  We’ve been working in Swift pretty much full time since it was released.

Unit testing

Automated testing helps ensure your app works and stays working.  Drew’s an internationally-recognized expert in automated testing strategies.

Continuous Integration

Our custom, third-generation CI server constantly builds, distributes, and monitors your app.


Now in its seventh generation, our “kitchen sink” library fills in gaps in the official SDK so you can focus what makes your app unique.


Our private-beta, next-generation tools platform to build the applications of tomorrow


Do you speak engineer? Know someone who does? Click on this link and see what Drew’s been up to lately.


Our experience spans many verticals, including

ConsumerSocialMessagingAnalyticsRetailVideoEducationEnterpriseGeological engineeringCartographyDeveloper SDKsSee some apps

About Our Process

New applications

Most apps cost between to develop.


We’ll work with you to develop a detailed technical specification of your application.  This generally involves storyboarding, mockups, and sometimes full prototypes, to identify any project risks. Or we can just jump in, if you’re ready to go now.


We’ll develop your application, using the latest technology and industry best practices to deliver a maintainable codebase that meets your objectives.


We continually deliver internal builds so you can easily follow application progress. When the project nears completion, we can help run a public beta and collect bug reports from your users.


When your application is launched, we’ll help you transition to your internal team, or you can retain us to stay current with new developments in iOS.  Most apps need a few updates a year.

Existing applications

We charge between per hour.


We’ll diagnose your existing codebase and tell you about its overall health, maintainability, testability, and future-preparedness.


We can jump in alongside other developers or work on our own to develop high-priority features and fixes that your application needs.


Our custom monitoring and reporting tools can help reproduce issues that you can’t seem to pin down on your own.


Writing test coverage for bugs means that those fixes stay fixed. That means you can stop putting out fires and start adding new features.


We've consulted on overprojects.


One size doesn’t fit all. Have a bug that you can’t solve?  Have a feature that want to parcel out?  Have a software design that you’re not sure about?


We solve the hard problems; the ones that others can’t. We have extensive experience reverse-engineering Apple’s code, designing novel algorithms, optimizing performance, and streamlining organizations to write better software.


Hiring another developer and want a second opinion? We’ll interview them and give you our unbiased assessment.


Need a speaker for your private event, or customized 1-on-1 training? Drew can get your team or audience up-to-speed on what’s happening in the great big world of iOS.

Core competencies


Our code used by

Press mentions

Get in touch

Fair warning, we keep pretty busy, but we’d love to hear from you.

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