Why WordPress Beginners Need GoDaddy Promo Codes and Free WordPress Plugins

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There’s never been a better time to start up a new website for your business. Why? Because there are so many useful tools to help you create a high quality site easily and with no technical knowledge required. And the costs of starting a website have fallen thanks to a competitive industry.

GoDaddy + Photobox Coupons:

While the regular price of domains and hosting don’t look that enticing, there are ridiculously good promo codes out there if you look for them. We also found a Photobox discount code that saves you 50% off site-wide. Thanks to CouponFeed.org for giving us the head’s up.

And here’s 6 absolutely free WordPress plugins that are beginner friendly and will help your website look professional and rank better in Google.

6 Best Free Plugin Essentials for WordPress Beginners

Owning a self-hosted WordPress blog gives you more freedom to customize, manage, and even monetize your content. With the help of plugins, which are tools you can use to improve the features and functionality of your blog, you can customize it …

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Best Themes and Hosting Coupons for eCommerce

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Hosting Coupons For eCommerce Stores:

If you need hosting for your online store, we’d highly recommend getting a VPS from GoDaddy. You can find some featured coupon codes at CouponJournal.org.

There are a few eCommerce plugins out there for WordPress, by far the most popular two areWooCommercewith a score of 4.1/5 stars, andWP e-Commerce with a score of 2.8/5 stars. Both are free to use for the basic model with extra extensions for things like table rate shipping, subscriptions, and various payment gateways ranging in price from about $49 and up. When you combine WordPress with something like WooCommerce and a great theme designed specifically for eCommerce you can have a great lookingonlinestore up and running in no time!

1. Crazy Diamond

Price: $55. This is the number one rated theme on ThemeForest for eCommerce, it’s specifically designed to work with WooCommerce but I believe it will work with other plugins as well. It’s not hard to see why it’s rated so highly: it has a drag and drop style page builder which …

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Best Themes for Portfolios

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If you’re looking for a host that will play nicely with any WordPress theme, we recommend GoDaddy. But make sure you use a godaddy hosting renewal coupon first. For any type of creative professional, or anybody really, one of the most important things you can have is an online portfolio. Any potential client is going to want to see examples of your work, a quick and easy way for them to check it out is to have a look at your website. If you are a photographer, artist, graphic designer, model, or any other type of creative you need need a website that looks as great as your work. Here are some of our favourite picks for portfolio style websites for showcasing your work:

1. Grille

$45. The top rated portfolio theme on ThemeForest comes in at a solid 5 stars. It has a minimalist design that allows your work to speak for itself, it’s very clean and easy to read with an emphasis on large pictures. I’m not crazy about the Courier font that …

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Best Themes For Travel Websites

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Themes That Capture the Spirit of Adventure:

Travel websites have been exploding in popularity since…well…there hasn’t really been a time when travel websites haven’t been popular. But since the inception of the smartphone era, people have wanted to read and blog about places they have been to.

People have either travelled somewhere new thanks to an Expedia sale, and want to know about great experiences they can have there, or they are researching where to go in the future. Either way, travel websites encompass a vast category of website. Will you blog about great restaurants to try in a certain place? The best beaches? The best trail rides for cyclists?

As vast a niche as ‘travel’ is, there are a few absolute musts when considering what your website will look like:

The 3 Musts of Travel Websites:

Your site must be responsive– choosing a website that is responsive to smartphone and tablet screens is an absolute must for travel blogs. Of all the category niches, a travel website is likely the category with the …

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Best Themes for Wedding Sites

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A lot of work goes into planning and preparing for a wedding, and these days your plan should include a website for your wedding. You can have people RSVP, list your gift registry, and have all the details for when and where your guests should arrive.

It’s also more environmentally friendly than sending out traditional RSVP cards for people mail back to you, and you’ll save money on printing! You can even use a web hosting coupon to keep your wedding budget on-track. You can collect guests email addresses in a mailing list and keep them up to date on any changes in terms of venue, hotels, or what do in case of rain. One of the best things to do is put a Google map up with the location and address of the venue, then you won’t have to deal with a million phone calls looking for directions or confirming the location of the wedding.

Below are our top picks for Wedding themes for WordPress:

1. Eternity

Price: $40

This is a relatively new …

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How Colors Can Affect Your Perception of a Website

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Sometimes it’s not just about choosing the most reliable hosting company for your website, or what domain name you end up using for your website. Sometimes what really makes or breaks a website is its color scheme.

Within the world of web design, there is something known as color theory and it is useful to explore it in some detail because of the role that color plays in the way that a website is then perceived. You see, there is more to putting a website together than just thinking that certain colors work together because there is an entire psychology that lies behind how various colors are viewed by the public.

In other words, the wrong colors can actually give people the wrong impression of your site and that has to be a real nightmare for any designer.

What the Research Says.

To better explain the role of colors, we need to look at what the research itself has indicated as this allows you to then get to grips with how you will then go …

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