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There are Plenty of Alternatives. TransforMap makes them visible.

TransforMap works towards an online platform to visualize the myriad of alternatives to the dominant economic thinking on a single mapping system. It will give everyone the opportunity to map the initiatives, communities, projects, worker-owned, self-managed, democratically organised companies and other institutions dedicated to meeting people's needs, serving the common good and/ or contributing to a sustainable way of life.

The Mother of Many Maps

Maps generated out of the TransforMap dataset include visualisations of needs-based initiatives, green projects, and more.

Green Map

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Political map

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Regional Map

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Organic Map

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Who we are

Today there is no single resource to easily identify and directly benefit from transformative social innovations, either in your neighborhood or globally. While a new economy based on horizontal collaboration for the common good is emerging with the mushrooming of practices like sharing, repairing, bartering, co-producing, co-using, commoning, and Transition initiatives, it is extremely hard to get an overview of this global transformation.

TransforMap is a collaborative answer to this challenge and its complexities. It aims to co-develop with users - common citizens as well as representatives of the different movements - the necessary tools and standards for free and open crowd mapping and aggregating all such initiatives in one mapping tool that can be navigated by neophytes. TransforMap is being developed by, and offers the opportunity to display, all initiatives that belong to communities of practice approved by the wider TransforMap community.

A longer introduction to organization's history and collaboration can be read on the TransforMap Discourse forum.

Get Involved

Do you like the idea of TransforMap? And want to get involved? Here are a few ways you can choose to contribute:

You have a database of initiatives: open your data and get in touch. Let's discuss what kind of license will enable both maximum collaboration and the preservation of your interests.

You have programming skills or are an organization with such skills at hand: pool your technical resources with the TransforMap community. Visit our Trello board to know what needs to be done on the software side.

You are well connected to the local alternatives of your region: why not try running a local test mapping using TransforMap’s Taxonomy? Check out the tools available here!

Support with any other means, including in-kind donation, and get in touch via our global mailing list

For more ways to get involved, check out the wiki on Discourse.

TransforMap Updates

Community Report #6: 15th Of July 2016

Update on call for proposal

The call for proposal received until now 6 proposals! Still only two persons have shown interest in being part of the decision process in allocating funds. To make it really a community process, please take part in it by writing to me or writing on the thread on the forum.To allow for enough time, the call is extended until Sunday 17th midnight, don't feel shy and take part in the process of deciding how the money is allocated!

Community Report #5: 30th of June 2016

Call for community proposals to be funded

We have set 2000€ aside for the wider community to propose small activities to be funded. We are aiming at funding 4/5 buckets between 400-500€ each. Smaller or bigger proposals are also welcome. We are inviting anyone wishing to fund activities that will contribute to the Transformap vision to write start a thread on our forum... Read more

Community Report #4: 19th of May 2016

The global Map Jam goes on!With over 300 participants, the third Map Jam organized by Shareable was successful and will be reconducted in June and October. Check out the Map Jam mapping guide (which we helped shape). Another round is planned during #SharingWeek betwen 5-11 June... Read more

Listing map atlases of alternative economies

Let's increase the visibility of the maps atlas we have documented in Transformap's own atlas. This page will also serve to collect new entries for those who don't want/can't add it directly to the wiki.Here is a metamap to get the overview:

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