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Welcome to Trail Runner Nation

Devoted to sharing knowledge and advice with the trail running community.

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Episode 589 Podcasts

EP 589: TRAINING PRINCIPLES – Strength Training

Most runners don’t like strength training, including many of our experts in this episode. Our experts discuss why it is important...

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EP 588: Audio Magazine – Volume 11

Professional Headmaster and 2nd place finisher of the 2005 Western States 100, Andy Jones-Wilkins, join us to write the latest edition of...

Play episode Episode 587 Podcasts

EP 587: The Art of Pacing

Runner, Coach, and AuthorMatt Fitzgeraldhas a new book out,On Pace, Discover How to Run Every Race at Your Real Limit. If...

Play episode Episode 586 Podcasts

EP 586: Anatomy of An Aid Station

Aid Stations are so important at a race. They have evolved with trail running over time combining medical help, shelter, therapy, and...

Play episode Episode 585 Podcasts

EP 585: How to Use Biomarkers to Be a Better Runner

Sports Nutrition expert,Ashley Reaver, rejoins The Nation to discuss 5 additional biomarkers that endurance athletes should be aware...

Play episode Episode 584 Podcasts

EP 584: Knowing Our Community: A Look at Some Recent Surveys

We all are part of The Nation. What does that mean? How does The Nation look? What gear do we use? There have been a few surveys conducted...

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Endurance runners love to eat! However nutrition for endurance running can be a moving target. Experimentation is key and once...

Play episode Episode 582 Podcasts

EP 582: Chasing That Perfectly Imperfect Day

Elite runner,Tim Tollefson, had a great spring training and racing leading up to his A-race, theWestern States 100 Endurance...

Play episode Episode 581 Podcasts

EP 581: Running in the Heat: How to Prepare For it and Tricks to Help Stay Cool

Do you have a hot adventure or race you are preparing for? Corrine Malcolmhelps The Nation understand what we can do to improve...

Play episode Episode 580 Podcasts

EP 580: Altitude Training – Best Practices for Adaptation

Do you have an adventure or race at high altitude this summer? You will want to listen to CoachIan Sharmanteach us about...

Play episode Episode 579 Podcasts

EP 579: Keep Your Gut and Brain Happy

What are the biggest misconceptions that endurance athletes have about nutrition?  Dr. Patrick Davitt, Assistant Professor of Kinesiology...

Play episode Episode 578 Podcasts

EP 578: Sleep is Training

One of our favorite topics at TRN is sleep. Sleep is the time our bodies adapt to the training stimulus. Alexey Guzey, a researcher...

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One of trail running’s oldest and most downloaded podcasts, devoted to sharing knowledge and advice with the trail running community - from beginners to the pros!


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EP 589: TRAINING PRINCIPLES – Strength TrainingEP 588: Audio Magazine – Volume 11EP 587: The Art of Pacing Home Listen on:SpotifyAppleGoogleStitcherAmazon
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