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Top Stories from The News Owl [ September 7, 2022 ] New study finds racial and ethnic differences in perception and use of 'red flag' lawsLifestyle [ September 7, 2022 ] From the soil to the sky: Researchers quantify the amount of energy that plants use to lift water on a global scaleEarth Sciences [ September 7, 2022 ] Study: Neighborhoods aren't made for childfree people or single parentsLifestyle [ September 7, 2022 ] Bee it known: Biodiversity is critical to ecosystemsNature [ September 7, 2022 ] Fall is the best time to clean nest boxes for barn owlsNature
September 8, 2022

Family meals are good for the grown-ups, too, not just the kids

If I could go anywhere: Greek cake shops, the Athenian countryside and the sanctuary of Artemis at Brauron

Baby bees love carbs, experiments show – here’s why that matters

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Best Treks In Nepal

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5 US Family Beach Destinations For Summer 2022

A family trip to the beach is an elegant way to spend a vacation. When traveling with children, though, you’ll need more than just sand and waves to make your time at the beach enjoyable [...]Highlights

New York Highly Rated Tours, New York City Sightseeing Like A local!

Introduction Looking to explore New York City without all the hassle? Check out, New York Highly Rated Tours ( You will see the best of the city without having to worry about getting lost! [...]Highlights

If I could go anywhere: India’s Varanasi — a sacred site on a river of rituals and altered states

Inthis serieswe pay tribute to the art we wish could visit — and hope to see once travel restrictions are lifted. Varanasi, or Banaras as the locals call it, is one of India’s most sacred [...]Education

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Energy Home Service – Air Duct Cleaning

Energy Home Service – Air Duct Cleaning Your Local Duct Cleaning Richmond Hill Experts The air ducts of your home are something that should never be neglected. These important conduits are used to heat your […]

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Your bed probably isn’t as clean as you think – a microbiologist explains

There’s nothing quite like crawling into bed, wrapping up in your blankets, and nestling your head into your pillow. But before you get too comfortable, you might want to know that your bed isn’t all […]

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Gas cooking is associated with worsening asthma in kids. But proper ventilation helps

“You’re cooking with gas” is a familiar term associated with doing the right thing and doing it well. But is cooking with gas doing the wrong thing for our health? Increasing evidence suggests cooking with […]


Review of evaluations of Project Safe Neighborhoods programs identifies gaps in literature, generally favorable outcomes

Sacked, demoted, bullied: Pregnancy discrimination exposed

Digital nomads want to replace the nation state—is there a darker side to this quest for global freedom?

New book explores crisis of early childhood expulsion, suspension practices

Black children with complex communication needs face instructional deficits

How to spend time wisely: What young people can learn from retirees

Prison turns life upside down. Giving low-risk prisoners longer to prepare for their sentences would benefit everyone

How caregivers can help build children's emerging language skills


Bee it known: Biodiversity is critical to ecosystems

Rutgers University has conducted the first study showing how many more species of bees are needed to maintain crop yields [...]

Fall is the best time to clean nest boxes for barn owls

When it comes to American barn owls, forget spring cleaning.This post was originally published on this site

New insight into selecting appropriate primers and databases when sequencing soil nematode DNA

Soil nematodes represent a major component of soil communities in terrestrial ecosystems, and play an important role in regulating nutrient [...]



Why women need male allies in the workplace – and why fighting everyday sexism enriches men too

Women and groups advocating for gender equality are increasingly urging men to become allies in the fight. Research has shown that in the absence of male support, women have to shoulder the burden of battling routine workplace sexism such as misogynist […]


Factories of the future: we’re spending heavily to give workers skills they won’t need by 2030

“This government is obsessed with skilling up our population,” said Boris Johnson in his recent speech on “levelling up”. There is still a fair amount of uncertainty about exactly what the UK prime minister’s plan to level up the […]


6 ways recent college graduates can enhance their online job search

When recent or soon-to-be college graduates begin to seek employment, many inevitably turn to job-search and networking platforms on the internet. The platforms include some that are college-based – such as Handshake, Symplicity GradLeaders and 12twenty – as well as networking […]


Understanding the full picture of child poverty

Risk of rejecting conspiracy theories could play key role in their propagation in Western society

Local food boon spurred by pandemic may be short-lived, new research reports

Fervent fans keep faith with heroes even after 'immoral acts', study finds

New research shows how COVID-19 altered Americans' intentions to move

How our understanding of employee innovation is outdated

'Full-time work doesn't pay': Why are so many working American families living day to day?

Is it selfish for Norwegians to complain about electricity prices?


What is the best way to group students?
How does light impact kids in school?
Why the way you talk to your child about math matters
Which 'levers' should universities pull to achieve gender equity?
New report on impact of pandemic on learning experiences of young people with disabilities


New study finds racial and ethnic differences in perception and use of 'red flag' laws

Study: Neighborhoods aren't made for childfree people or single parents

Study of fraternity hazing reveals little connection to group solidarity

Morality plays a role in COVID-19 conspiracy theories and prevention behaviors

Misdemeanor bail reforms in Harris County, Texas had a positive impact on public safety

Review of evaluations of Project Safe Neighborhoods programs identifies gaps in literature, generally favorable outcomes


Carbon taxation is ecologically more effective and socially equitable than trading of emission allowances
Creative industries may hold the key to economic prosperity in coastal and rural communities
Why Australia's '1 million empty homes' are vacant
The power to change is a key driver for sustainable pension saving
Dealing with angry customers on social media? De-escalate with active listening and empathy


Do masculine leadership titles undermine women's leadership?

Taxes out, subsidies in: Australia and the US are passing major climate bills, without taxing carbon

Good loser messages support democracy

'Radical decentralisation' needed in Iran to allow Kurdish communities to benefit from natural resources, study argues

Conflictive home-host country relations have a strong, negative effect on policy risk


Once-in-a-century flowering and seeding of dwarf bamboo boosts mice populations
Microalgae purify water and produce valuable compounds
Examining how urbanization induces changes in invasive toad populations
New liana species reported from Tibet
Mirror image molecules reveal drought stress in forests


My ABC Reading Makes Comprehension and Reading Fun and Easy For Children

The science of gift wrapping explains why sloppy is better

Authentic Apulian fried Panzerotti recipe by PizzaCappuccino

Best parks and nature spots that you should visit in Mississauga


More kids are repeating a grade. Is it good for them?

Black girls are 4.19 times more likely to suspended than white girls—addressing the problem

Reading, math scores fell sharply during pandemic, data show

Disadvantaged students starting courses in 2022 are worse off as a result of COVID, and universities must support them

Will pre-pandemic office life ever make a comeback?
Paper finds employers increasingly willing to hire workers with criminal records
Assessing firms' environmental performances
Slowdown in inflation buoys consumer sentiment
EU guidelines for procurement during the COVID-19 crisis may lead to increased corruption
Republican-donating CEOs more likely to lay off staff when pandemic hit, research says
How will the Inflation Reduction Act affect US environmental policy?
Would helping only the least advantaged benefit society as a whole?
Study delves into how Catholic school teachers balance monetizing of education, meeting vocational call
What is an HBCU? Everything you need to know about historically Black colleges or universities




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