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Sunday Breaking Open word

Sundays tune into:
KWAK-LP 102.5 -8AM
and 6AM on:
Sells KOHN 91,9
San Lucy KOHH 90.7
Florence KOHF-LP 101.1

Visiting details

Church Mausoleum, Gift Shop, Restrooms.
Click here for details and hours
Masks Required IN DOORS.

Virtual Tour

Click this link to take a virtual tour of the interior of the San Xavier Mission  Church.    Blessings.

Are you a regular SXM sunday mass attendee?

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Office open

Office open 9AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.
For emergencies please call (520) 294-2624
Masks Required IN DOORS.


Diocese of tucson Press release regarding sxms- 8/15/2022

Due to a significant decrease in enrollment, as well as lack of critical staffing to include a kindergarten teacher and principal, San Xavier Mission School was left with no other option but to suspend operations effective August 12. We are working with parents and guardians to help place the 45 children in another school, especially if they wish to transfer to a Catholic school.  

San Xavier parish has a fiduciary responsibility to be a good steward of parish and school finances. The fiscal forecast supports a temporary suspension of operations with the goal of renovating, reorganizing, and reopening in the future. The planning process to lay the foundation for long-term success has begun. 

Sheri Dahl
Superintendent of Schools
Roman Catholic Diocese of Tucson


San Xavier Mission School Suspends Operations- 8/12/2022

Volunteering at SXM. New requirements.

March 25, 2022
To: All San Xavier Mission Parishioners From: Rev. Bill Minkel, OFM &                      Sister Carla, Compliance Officer

As of July 1st, 2022 all volunteers in the Diocese have to be High- level risk and have Criminal Background checks. This affects our Liturgical Ministers, whom we had designated as Low- level risk volunteers.

If you desire to serve as a Lector, Eucharistic Minister, Usher, Musician, or Choir Member you must go to the website below and fill out an application to volunteer at San Xavier Mission Parish.

P.S. If you are also an employee or volunteer in the Religious Education Program, you are already High-level and do not have to do this.

Esebio Francisco Kino

Prayer for Venerable Kino's Canonization Almighty God, Lord of the Nations, You inspired your servant, Eusebio Francisco Kino, with a love for the Peoples of the Americas, and filled him with selfless zeal for the proclamation of the Gospel by his words and actions.

In his desire to share the blessings of the Gospel of peace, You made him a true ‘bridge-builder’ between peoples and cultures, and a model for true evangelization. In his love for the Native Peoples, you made him a champion of justice, in protecting their lives and their dignity as Your sons and daughters.

We thank you, Father, for the heavenly favors You bestowed upon him in his lifetime of service, and which continue among us, the inheritors of his legacy of loving service to all. With confidence, we beg You, through his intercession, to grant the petitions we bring before You . . .  We ask, too, that if be in accordance with Your will, that the holiness of his life may be acknowledged by the Church, for the greater glory of Your Name, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

More News and Articles about Padre Kino. Click the link below.
Click this link

Annual Catholic Appeal 2022

Thank you for watching this year's Annual Catholic Appeal video!   Please prayerfully consider joining fellow Catholics from around our Diocese in making a gift to the Annual Catholic Appeal.  This year's Appeal goal is $4,000,000 and will support: Seminarian and Clergy Education and Support Outreach to Poor Parishes, Missions, Community Schools, Education & Evangelization Diocesan Ministries/New Parish Development Parish Support Service The Annual Catholic Appeal is the largest point of funding for the work of our Diocese. Covering 51% of the projected Diocesan budget,   the ACA provides the financial ability for over 26 ministries and charities to serve individuals and families within the communities of Southern Arizona.   If you are making a gift, please do so by May 31, 2022, to help your parish reach their goal.
Click Here to Donate to the 2022 Annual Catholic Appeal

Thank you on behalf of all the parishes, Catholic schools, diocesan ministries, and social service agencies throughout our Diocese that benefit from the Annual Catholic Appeal!   You can learn more about the Annual Catholic Appeal by visiting
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Diocese of Tucson News: Do you miss our diocese's former print newspaper “The Outlook”? Did you know that we now have an online version called: “The New Outlook”? Sign up for it today and it will automatically go to your email every week. It is entirely free, and it informs our readers about inspiring and important local, national, and international Catholic issues and events.

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May God bless you abundantly!
Bishop Edward J. Weisenburger

Synod 2021-23: Bishop weisenburger's Homily

Written Form:

"Brothers and sisters,
(This is Bishop Weisenburger) and I would like to speak to you today about the upcoming 2023 Synod of Bishops “For a Synodal Church: Communion, Participation, and Mission.” This means that the topic is, paradoxically, synodality itself.

Now, the word “synod” derives from the Greek word synodos, which means “to journey together.”  Pope Francis has made clear in the Synod’s foundational document that he … “yearns for our Church to engage in this synodal process so that we might discern together how the Church is called to respond to the Holy Spirit today, and to carry the Gospel to the world. Moreover, to prepare for the synod, the Holy Father has asked that the Church everywhere hold important “listening and dialog sessions,” beginning very soon.  He is especially hopeful that the voices of those typically not heard will be given an opportunity to speak of their hopes and dreams for the Church’s future.  But there is actually a rich history and background to synods.  So please allow me to explain a little of the context of what is unfolding before us.

The Catholic Church has been holding bishops’ synods regularly since the Second Vatican Council in the 1960s.  At that critically important event, all the bishops of the world (over 2000!) gathered in Rome for multiple sessions, with each session lasting several months.  It was a massive and complicated undertaking, and the bishops realized that it was much too complicated and cumbersome to repeat often. What was needed was a more streamlined way of gathering together groups of bishops from around the world, to share ideas with one another as well as to provide feedback to the Holy Father. The idea of small delegations from each country resulted in periodic, but much smaller gatherings of bishops representing the universal church.  While this process has known some success, it also has been criticized as heavily pre-determined by the Vatican’s offices and leaving little room for that deep and meaningful sharing of ideas, hopes, and dreams that the Second Vatican Council envisioned.
This is the background to bishops’ synods in modern times.  It’s also the backdrop in which our beloved Pope Francis was called, first, to priesthood as a member of the Society of Jesus, but then, to serve as a bishop, an archbishop, a cardinal, and eventually, our Pope.  But he is also a man of his own personal experience.  And in those decades of ministry at home in his native Argentina, Pope Francis was well known for his wonderful ability to listen, and to listen deeply. 

In one of many references to this, the writer Austen Ivereigh, in his wonderful book about Pope Francis first published in 2019 titled “Wounded Shepherd,” writes:

Francis likes to point out that Jesus always took time to stop and listen to the people.  At the 2018 synod [Pope Francis] called it “the apostolate of the ear: listening before speaking.” 

And so, reaching into the Church’s ancient storeroom of treasures, our Holy Father has drawn our attention to this ancient process of synod, or journeying together—an event which is built upon the foundation of the deepest kind of communication.  All of this starts with: listening.
Now, admittedly, some may be uncomfortable or nervous about reviving this ancient approach.  Some might be concerned that there are those who will want to dismiss the essential doctrines, truths, or teachings of our Church, and want to create a new understanding of Christianity—severed from its roots. 

Permit me to say that I do not believe that such a fear is founded.  While the Holy Father calls us to listen to all, such listening is done under the powerful invocation of the Holy Spirit as well as the lasting influences of God’s living Word found in Sacred Scripture and the stable teachings found in the Church’s Tradition.  But there is yet another source of truth and wisdom found in Scripture and Church Tradition and history.  Here, we discover the meaning of the sensus fidelium—that “sense of the faithful”—celebrated by the Second Vatican Council in which the Holy Spirit wells up powerfully within the baptized faithful themselves.  The Holy Spirit can (and does!) speaks in and through the baptized faithful, bringing forward the voice of God in our time.

Others might be concerned that these listening sessions could end up being sources of angry debate or marked more by criticism and negativity than the spirit-filled hopes and dreams of a new future.  My response to this concern is that the Holy Father calls us to speak with parrhesia!  While we have to remember that this a new word for many of us, it’s actually found often in the New Testament.  What this Greek word [parrhesia] refers to is the ability to speak clearly and plainly, and with courage and conviction.  While the Holy Father admits that this can sometimes lead to disagreement, for those under the influence of the Holy Spirit, even disagreement is marked by great charity.  Moreover, to speak with parrhesia is intimately coupled with the ability to listen to those with whom we do not agree … and to listen with exceptional charity and openness. I am mindful that one of the great gifts of Pentecost was not only the gift of the Holy Spirit, but we also see that the gift of listening was granted to those who heard the Gospel proclaimed in their own language.  This same gift is offered to the Church in our own time!

And so, I encourage you to check your parish and Diocese of Tucson news site in the weeks and months to come.  Opportunities will be offered in our parish communities during the months of November and December, so that a host of voices can be heard.  I’m exceptionally grateful to Sr. Lois Paha, our Diocesan Director of Liturgy, and Bro. Silas Henderson, of the Jordan Ministry Team, who are guiding this process for our Diocese.  They are joined by a steering committee comprised of catechists, educators, parish and lay ecclesial ministers, and deacons in facilitating a process that will be accessible and enriching.

Beyond the dynamics of parish listening sessions, we will welcome responses to an online survey that is available for those who feel isolated or cut-off from the life of Church, and for those who, understandably, continue to be concerned by the realities of the coronavirus pandemic and other considerations.  As Pope Francis has observed,

“Without real participation by the people of God, talk about communion risks remaining a devout wish.”

With this in mind, we remain committed to the patrimony of the Church while we embrace the necessity of a Church that is both attentive to the demands of Tradition and can meaningfully respond to the needs of the world today.  This means listening to and hearing! the needs of those who feel alienated from the Church and those whose voices are too often dismissed or undervalued!

Together we will invoke the Holy Spirit in our midst, give voice to our hopes and dreams for the future, and listen deeply and lovingly to one another.  I also ask that you pray for our Holy Father, for those bishops around the world who will be called to the Synod, and for the baptized faithful everywhere whose wisdom and love for the Church will help fashion the Church of tomorrow."

Bishop Edward J Weisenburger

update - 04.18.2022



Hours 9am - 4:30pm. Monday through Friday.
For emergencies call the Church office at 520 294-2624.

Procedures for Closures & Reopening

Closures & Reopenings will be a step-by-step phased processes.
Check back to this website often for updates and changes.

SXM Grounds are on Tribal Land
and follow Tribal Regulations

(Pursuant to Tribal regulations)
Face Mask Required IN DOORS ONLY.
Observe Social Distancing

Due to current Health Regulations, please be patient and respectful.

Visitors note

With the Summer heat upon us, please bring plenty of your own water, even an umbrella (parasol - sunshade) because shaded areas are very limited on the Mission grounds.
With the Winter cold please bring plenty of warm clothes and your own water. The landscape is open and susceptible to stronger winds.


Hours 9am - 4pm Daily
After 2 years of limited access due to COVID, we are happy to allow visitors entry to the Nave and Transept. (this is the main body of the Church, accessible during normal services- where the pews are!)
The Church does not have air conditioning nor heating.



Can be purchased at the Mission when the church is open.


Hours 8am - 5pm Daily
Face Mask Required IN DOORS.
    - Observe Social Distancing (Pursuant to Tribal regulations)
Due to COVID-19 precautions, a limited number of visitors are permitted inside the gift shop at any one time. Please be patient and considerate. Thank you.



RESTROOMS - open 9AM to 4PM


MUSEUM - Closed


TOURS - No tours at this time


MASSES - Sunday Mass is now being held in the Chruch.

Saturday Mass at 5PM.

Sunday Masses at 10AM & 12PM (noon) - Priority is given to those parishoners who have regularly been attending mass at the Mission, have a reservation and arrive early. All remaining seating is on a first-come first-served basis and is avaible approximately 10 minutes or less befor the start of mass.
Masks are still required in the Church.


Statement on Mission usage

The Mission was created to serve the needs of the local community, the village of Wa:k (San Xavier District) on the Tohono O'odham reservation, as it still does today. We have people from all over the country, and the world, wanting to have their special event here at the Mission, and sometimes that can be accommodated, but the policy of the Mission is to only do Marriages, Baptisms, and so forth for the local community.  Everyone is welcome to attend Masses, special celebrations (like feast days), etc, but it is our belief that one's sacramental life should be shared within a person's local parish community. The church fills up rapidly and there may only be standing room only.

The Mission property / grounds
The church is not available to rent.

• The Mission is not to be used for advertising of commercial businesses, used as a set for movies, or commercial photo-shoots.

• Drones are prohibited.

Contact the pastor if you have questions. Parish SXM

Everyday the Mission has pilgrams. Tourists and locals pray to Saint Francis, for intercessory prayer to God.

There are countless people who say that their prayers have been answered through the intercession of Saint Francis.

This tradition goes back to Father Ignacio Joseph Ramirez y Arellano who is believed to have had a miraculous state in death that was witnessed by people from all over the Tucson area.

Those who believe come with needs, requests and thanksgiving for answered prayers.

Virtual Tour
A virtual tour of San Xavier Mission Church interior can be found at this link.
Enjoy, blessings.

Where to find us

Support us / Donations

Support San Xavier Mission Church & Catholic Schools of the Diocese of Tucson using PayPal.
The safer, easier way to donate online!


Use the Arizona Tuition Tax Credit to support San Xavier Mission School
Call 520.838.2558 or go to


Mass times -Saturdays at 5pmsundays at 10 AM & 12:00 Pm

Sunday Mass is now being held in the Church.

Saturday Mass at 5PM.

Sunday Masses at 10AM & 12PM (noon) - Priority is given to those parishoners who have regularly been attending mass at the Mission, have a reservation and arrive early. All remaining seating is on a first-come first-served basis and is avaible approximately 10 minutes or less before the start of mass. Masks are still required in the Church.

confession times

4:00 PM to 4:45 at the Juan Diego  Chapel located 50ft to the right of the Church entrance.

Mission property / grounds

The church is not available to rent.

• The Mission is not to be used for advertising of commercial businesses, used as a set for movies, or commercial photo-shoots.

Contact the pastor if you have questions. Parish SXM

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