The Last of His Tribe

by Tom Clavin

August 29th is the anniversary of the discovery of Ishi. No, this is not an island or one of Jupiter’s moons. At the time when Ishi was found, on August 29, 1911, he was touted as the … Read the article

Life and Death in Berlin: Discovering the City Through the Zeitzeugenbörse

by Sinclair McKay

These were children who had known only a world of violence. Yet amid the bloodied ruins of Berlin in 1945, apartment blocks and entire streets transformed into canyons of jagged rubble, older women and men moving around … Read the article

The Shootist

by Tom Clavin

Annie Oakley is one of those Wild West figures whose name is familiar to many people but they don’t know much about her. In honor of the anniversary of her birthday on August 13, let’s find out … Read the article

Watergate: “The CIA had no involvement in the break-in”

by Jefferson Morley

Scorpions’ Dance by Jefferson Morley is the untold story of President Richard Nixon, CIA Director Richard Helms, and their volatile shared secrets that ended a presidency. In the following excerpt from the book, Morley covers Helms’ not … Read the article

Wild Bill: Baseball and Deadwood

by Tom Clavin

There are two reasons to write about James Butler Hickok right now. One is baseball. We are in what the sport’s scribes call the “dog days” of the season when the pennant races become as hot as … Read the article

The Man Who Led Peary to the Pole

by Buddy Levy

Robert Peary gets all the accolades (and plenty of warranted skepticism) for being the first to the North Pole, but he would never have made it there (if he did) without the intrepid master mariner and ice … Read the article

Jackie Robinson: Shaking the Foundation

by Kostya Kennedy

True: The Four Seasons of Jackie Robinson by Kostya Kennedy is a probing, richly-detailed, unique biography of Jackie Robinson, one of baseball’s—and America’s—most significant figures. Read an excerpt below.… Read the article

The Hedgehog in WWII

by P. T. Deutermann

My latest novel, The Last Paladin, out this month, is based on a true story of WWII. In this book, the USS Holland (DE-24), a World War II Atlantic Fleet destroyer escort, spends years in an … Read the article

Learning the Ropes: The Early Years of a Texas Ranger “Great Captain”

by Joe Pappalardo

On July 26, 1887, Sgt. James Brooks listens to the jury foreman declare a guilty verdict with a sinking feeling in his stomach. Today the Texas Ranger, standing in a courtroom in Fort Smith, Arkansas, is one … Read the article

Three Early Transplant Pioneers

by Paul Craddock

Thanks to dazzling advances in xenotransplantation and stem cell research, transplant surgery appears to be going through a new Renaissance. But where did transplants come from? We tend to put them into the same category as the … Read the article

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