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The Most Interactive, Immersive And Insightful Education Metaverse, EVER!

Trade Flow


Educator | Buy & Rent

Customised NFTs | Assessment Modules | Learning Journerys | Practice Modules

Build to Earn | Elevate to Earn

Creator | Buy & Rent

Ed-NFTs | On-demand Journeys | Mini Games | Become a certified creator

Learner | Buy & Rent

NFTs | Notes | Learning Journeys | Admission in Institutions

Learn to Earn | Wear to Earn

Promoter | Buy & Rent

Academic Institutions | Supportive Institutions | Co-learning Spaces | Digital Advertisements


The Edverse token that will be traded between various stakeholders


Edverse will be built on a safe, secure, fast and a carbon negative blockchain


NFTs or Ed-NFTs will be the keydrivers amongst stakeholders and the overall community

Token Details

Edverse Tokenomics

Ecosystem Pool 24.0 % Staking Pool rewards 8.0 % Treasury & Reserves 23.5 % Marketing and Advisors 12.5 % Liquidity/ Exchange listing 2.2 %

Token Allocation

6.8 % Seed and KOLs 13.0 % Private Round 1.0 %Public Sale 9.0 % Team

Company Roadmap

2022 Q2

Product Demo and Private Sale.

2022 Q3

Alpha launch, Public Sale, Token generation and distribution.

2022 Q4

Beta launch, Expand tokenomics, content creation for pre-primary to Grade 8.

2023 Q2

Complete platform with all envisioned features integrated, content creation for Grade 9-Grade 12.

2023 Q4

Commence content development for Higher-Ed.

Our experts

Team Members








Head – Product & Innovation

What is Education Metaverse?

Metaverse is an avant-garde phenomenon. It is easy to consider it a fad with all the frenzy. However, this technological boom is showing great promise when it comes to a wide variety of cohorts including, but not limited to Education. Education metaverses are sculpting a consequence-free, immersive reality to level up the way students learn.

Now that the possibility for benefits is established, let us look at what it actually entails. To answer this, let us ask ourselves a question.

Why are kids glued to games?

Because in games, they are asked to solve a problem only after they bump into it. The problem is not there just for the sake of it, it is provided within a context. Contexts boost motivation. And self- motivation is the key to limitless learning.

This is exactly what metaverse schools will be capable of. For students, metaverse in education is decorated with:

A consequence-free reality where students can experience the academics while being encouraged to make mistakes and learn from them. Bridging the gap between academics and applications through to-scale, exact replicas of social situations and contexts where the student can apply the garnered knowledge. Transcending geographic barriers and traditional limitations. With a metaverse-enabled education approach, students from any part of the world can attend the school of their choice without the hassle of expensive travel.

Now, students are not the only beneficiaries here. Schools can enhance their provisions too.

Better safety through by sculpting the apt environments. Cost-cutting especially when it comes to periodically updated infrastructure. Ability to personalize education for each student by modifying their virtual environments.

Metaverse schools are not a thing of the future anymore. It is here. It is working. And it is showing all the signs of sustaining well into the future.

Edverse – The Most Purposeful Metaverse in Education

Edverse is the world’s largest immersive, interactive, and insightful education metaverse ever. The macro-goal of decentralized and democratized education is right around the corner.

Edverse extends excellence to four specific stakeholders – Learners, Educators. Promoters. Creators.

Let us take a closer look.

The Learners are the new-age students eager to enhance their education through immersive tech. The students can hyper-personalize their learning journey. For instance, if the student wants to pursue Mathematics from the world’s leading Mathematics teacher, and similarly for Science, but the teachers happen to be faculty members of 2 different institutions, the student can easily enrol individually for each class, annihilating the conventional barrier of institution-bound education delivery.

The Educators, on the other hand can easily sculpt classes and application scenarios within metaverse schools intended solely for upskilling the students in relevant social situations.

The Creators are encouraged to produce digital entities and decentralized assets that can be owned, sold, and rented by Educators and Learners.

The Promoters can build, rent, and sell learning spaces and education institutions to dot the digital expanse of Edverse in meaningful manners enhancing the possibilities of metaverse in education.

And as such, the digital cosmos of interconnected and tech-actuated learning awaits.

With Edverse, let’s expect extraordinary!



What is Education Metaverse? Education metaverses are knowledge ecosystems made specifically for immersive and interactive experiences that promotes collaboration, communication, and content mastery in a safe environment. What is Decentralized Education? The current model of centralized education delivery hinders continuous, timely updates and a uniform pedestal when it comes to learning. With a decentralized model, we can eliminate entry and other barriers through a block chain approach. What are the major benefits of Metaverse Schools? Metaverse schools democratizes education. Students can enjoy hyper-personalized education in a consequence-free reality where they are encouraged to learn from mistakes. Why Should I join Edverse? Edverse is the world's most immersive, interactive, and insightful metaverse ever! And it is the world's biggest one too. Learners, Promoters, Educators, and Creators collaborate on this digital expanse to leverage a tokenomics-driven learning context that seeks to decentralize and democratize education. Who can be Promoters on Edverse? Promoters are owners of digital land on Edverse. They can sell, buy, or rent land to create learning spaces and institutions that can dot this digital landscape with education provisions of the highest order. What are Learners on Edverse? Learners on Edverse are the students in need for interconnected, immersive, and insightful education and leverage the new-age "Learn2Earn" approach to save up while you scale up. What is the role of Educators in Edverse? Educators, on Edverse, are in charge of setting up functional learning spaces to promote hyper-personalized education for the Learners. What do Creators do on Edverse? Creators can create and sell on-demand learner journeys, NFTs, and other decentralized entities to both Educators and Learners on Edverse.

Decentralizing and democratizing education to build the most interactive, immersive and insightful education metaverse, ever!




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