Hi, it is great to have you here.

We are Banimmo and our name gives away what we do: we develop real estate. What our name doesn’t say is why we love our job. Which is kind of unfortunate because to us that’s much more important. Luckily you can discover our 'why' here.

“Stretching your mind will take you places you have never seen before.”

We believe that tomorrow’s challenge is not about change. There is nothing as stable as change. There, we said it.

The real challenge is our attitude towards change and the speed it is taking.

That is why flexibility in our thinking and doing is so important. It helps us to shape offices and homes that respond to rapid changes in your needs. It helps us to develop the future of work and shape a better world.


“The future is flexible.” And so are we.

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Talking about the future …

We believe that people, nature and technology can complement each other. It is when they work together that the magic happens. That’s why we are on a mission to create a balance between nature, people and technology.


Sounds great, doesn’t it?
But how do we do it?

It’s not about
bricks. It’s
about people.

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Everything we create is made for you. The first and most important thing we do is listen to you, connecting with your needs.

Flex your mind
and shape
new spaces.

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We love to feed the creative part of our brain because new and inspiring plans are built with an open mind.

Saving the world
with our feet
on the ground

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We believe that we can only create a wonderful world with a down-to-earth attitude. That is why we keep our feet on the ground. And sometimes on a step.

The power
of honesty.

With honesty comes trust. We are not afraid of open discussions because they make us better. We hate politics and love integrity.

Images say more than words.

That is why we have made our own manifesto movie. Enjoy!

(sooo much better with sound!)


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Now you know our full story.
And we would love to discover what you think. Tell us.

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Envious? Good! Use this feeling to become better than us. Inspire us. Make us envious. Pretty please?