The IT outsourcing team that works with you as if it were your own

Web Name: The IT outsourcing team that works with you as if it were your own






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The IT outsourcing team that works with you as if it were your own

Committed. Involved. Proficient.

Meet our team

Réka Borbély-Bándy
Director of Marketing
Dan Antal
Senior Software Developer
Vasilică Axinte
Senior Software Developer
Lucian Bacea
Telecommunications Quality Assurance Engineer
Călin Baciu
Software Developer
Mihai Corovei
Senior Embedded Developer
Alexandra Borbely
HR Specialist
Codruța Borgovan
Senior Software Developer
Claudia Andreea Salcudean-Anghel
HR Assistant
Ana-Maria Boroș
Talent Acquisition Specialist
Vlad Buda
Junior Software Developer
Ioana Câmpean
Office Manager
Călin Cristea
Financial Manager
Andreea Cazacu
Scrum Master & Product Owner
Adrian Cigher
Software Developer
Iuliana Coste
Software Developer & Scrum Master
Lucian Coste
Software Tester
Răzvan Coste
Senior Software Developer & Scrum Master
Cătălin Covrig
Senior Software Developer
Rareș Cristureanu
Software Architect
Dan Dobocan
Senior Software Developer & Scrum Master
Georgiana Dragnea
HR Specialist
Alexandra Filip
Senior Software Tester & Scrum Master
Ana Florea
Senior Software Developer
Ioana Gălan
Senior Software Tester
Andrei Giurgiu
Senior Equipment Tester
Dragoș Grigore
Senior Software Developer
Adelina Haș
Administrative Assistant
Tamás Hatházi
Network and Telecommunication Specialist
Attila Kurucz
Software Architect
Mihai Lupșan
Senior Equipment Tester
Mirabela Moigrădan
Senior Software Developer
Claudiu Naghi
Senior Network and Telecommunication Specialist
Cătălina Olah
Junior Software Developer
Iulia Boțoman
Junior Software Developer
Denisa Vamvu
Junior Software Developer
Tudor Crăciunaș
Junior Software Developer
Kovács Tamás
Network and Telecommunication Specialist
Iuliana Barlea
Junior Software Developer
Cristian Olariu
Senior Software Tester & Scrum Master
Cosmina Pascaru
Software Developer
Flaviu Podariu
Software Tester
Sebastian Pop Vlaic
Senior Software Tester
Ovidiu Pop
Senior Software Developer
Daniela Rațiu
Junior Network and Telecommunication Specialist
Cristina Sabău
Software Developer
Alina Șandor
Senior Equipment Tester
Botond Sántha
Senior Software Tester
Rareș Sebeni
Senior Software Tester
Bogdan Stupariu
Software Developer
Adina Suciu
Software Tester
Adriana Tamási
Senior Software Developer
Eduard Todor
Software Developer
Raluca Ana Ursu
Junior Network and Telecommunication Specialist
Tiberiu Munteanu
Software Tester
Stig Birch
Executive Sales Manager
Michael Aaen
Chief Executive Officer
Emmett King
Chief Operating Officer
Kent Mousten Sørensen
Chairman of the Board
Sorin Luca
Director of Electronic Equipment Services
Irina Sharaiyri
HR Team Lead
Jens Uggerhøj
Board Member
Daniel Mihail Ţigănaș
IT Manager
Mihaela Homone
Software Tester
Ionut Pop
Senior Software Developer & Scrum Master
Mara Chitimus
Junior Software Developer
Marius Teodorescu
Junior Software Developer
Isabela Mincu
Software Tester
Octavian Cservid
Software Developer
Robert Orzei
Junior Network and Telecommunication Specialist
Paul Radu
Software Developer
Corina Busuioc
Content Marketer
Razvan Muresan
Junior Network and Telecommunication Specialist
Denis Betivu
Junior Network and Telecommunication Specialist
Cosmin Gavrilut
Equipment Tester
Roman Rusu
Equipment Tester
Horatiu Oancea
Cyber Security Engineer
Gabriela Tonea
Equipment Tester
Adina Balea
Director of Software Engineering Services
Ema Marcu
Director of HR & Administration
Aurora Nicoleta Peșteșan
Chief Financial Officer
Adrian Sucala
Equipment Tester
Alexandra Sopt
Accounting and Reporting Officer
Andrei Cerga
Software Developer
Cora Sasaran
Junior Software Developer
Cosmin Garbau
Network and Telecommunication Specialist
Gabriel Ilie
Software Developer
Haya Alhamad
Equipment Tester
Ovidiu Muntean
Network and Telecommunication Specialist
Sonia Tea Voila
Equipment Tester
Marton Lakatos
Intermediate Software Quality Assurance Engineer
Călin Peterea
Senior Software Developer

These are some of our colleagues who put their hearts and minds into making the lives of others around them better. Be it clients, the team, or the community.

Core services

We team up with companies like yours and help them create great software solutions and electronic equipment products.

Software Engineering Services

Helping you engineer software solutions end-to-end. From idea conceptualization to going live and maintenance, matching the needs of your business and market.

Find out more

Electronic Equipment Services

Complete services on your existing equipment from embedded and integration software development to QA and conformance of the final product.

Find out more

Benefits of working with us

You get to work with people who truly care about your business and making your software product a success. Not only do you get top-notch technical solutions, but also a team that is committed, involved and proficient.

Committed team

Our team will literally plug into your business so they can grasp your goals and your needs. We deliver solutions specially designed for you and go the extra mile whenever needed. You get more than just great minds, you get people with their hearts in the right place.

Real solutions

We act as a partner, not just a vendor: we ask lots of questions and challenge ideas to find the best way forward. The knowledge, work ethic, and realistic approach of our team mean you'll receive genuine advice to help accelerate your success and fulfill your vision.

Familiarity & reliability

Developing great relationships and culture fit is just as important as tech competences. When you're a client, you get good communication, transparency, and a loyal, long-term team that you can trust to always deliver. We are your colleagues from Cluj and Bucharest.


What we’ve accomplished together


years of experience in the IT industry


credit rating awarded

6+ years

average client partnership duration, and increasing day-by-day


average annual revenue growth during the past 10 years


we listed on Nasdaq First North and adopted the Agile principles for software development


increase in share price from 2017 - 2021

They trust us


Our colleagues in Wirtek feel like friends, not just coworkers. Working integrated into our setup and eliminating the artificial distance between our people made us a better team. I appreciate their commitment and the proactiveness, everyone delivers what they are expected to and more. We can rely on our colleagues in Wirtek to come up with ideas, technical solutions and implement them. The quality of the work delivered, the strong connections and their flexibility in finding the best possible solution are what keeps us going.
Kræn Munck Christensen

Partner, Development Manager, INNOMATE A/S

Wirtek has been our partner in product conformance testing for the past 13 years and the length of the collaboration says a lot about our relationship. The core team has been stable throughout the years and is very competent. We trust them fully, they are very self-driven requiring little management and the processes are transparent. In daily work, the team is embraced as part of the RTX family and collaboration is just as natural as with any other RTX site around the world.
Christopher Meisner

Software Manager, RTX A/S

What I appreciate the most is the honesty of the team, the fact that they dare to raise questions and offer feedback. The involvement and dedication of people in Romania are very high. Here I can have more eyes to develop a solution.
Christian Veseli Iversen

Product and Project Manager, ClearView Trade

Wirtek is a good outsourcing company with a local representative that works on providing the right people for our team. Our cooperation is good, the team is delivering at a consistent pace. We chose Wirtek, because they were a good fit technically, within some of our key areas like Web development, Mobile development and testing. The biggest benefits for our company are access to talented people, quick turnarounds on communication, good, dedicated team and easy communication with management.
Morten Janum

CIO and Partner, Mark Information

We have cooperated with Wirtek since 2012 and see them as a reliable, serious and flexible business partner. We met some very professional,dedicated and innovative developers and testers in our team. They are working on different platforms with high demanding features on performance and usability, with great results. We collaborate nicely with the team in everyday life and it feels like we are all part of the same team and company. We give the very best recommendation for Wirtek.
Jens Ole Mortensen

IT Manager, Twinca

Throughout our collaboration, Wirtek has always been able to ramp up fast, maintain and grow the teams working for Spectralink with highly specialized engineers. We appreciate the people in Wirtek for being involved and collaborative. People’s commitment and the stability of operations have been giving Spectralink peace of mind since the beginning. We know work is done with quality and delivered in time with little headache from our side.
Charles Doyle

Software QA Manager, Spectralink Corporation

The team in Wirtek proved to be a good addition to our DECT development team. We get to work with highly skilled and adaptable developers, who are also self-driven. For us, Wirtek is a proactive and flexible partner, keen on finding and implementing solutions for mutual growth. The level of trust, involvement and responsiveness is high.
Thomas Schuler

Engineering Director, DECT at Spectralink Corporation

Wirtek helped us build our Dossplorer regulatory dossier viewer which is a robust and complex application, with high-security standards. I think they are an eager and committed team of developers, oriented to problem-solving. Our communication has been very pleasant and open from the beginning. The Wirtek team makes sure our expectations are aligned and let us know in time when there is a roadblock - and come up with flexible solutions which always make things easier to solve. We appreciate that they act as a consultant, advising us on different areas from product architecture, Scrum methodology to technology and tools choice.
Hans van Bruggen

Owner and Senior Regulatory Affairs Scientist, Qdossier


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Do you want to keep up with the latest client stories, outsourcing insights and Wirtek news?Sign up for our newsletter.

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