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Kolchak’s Back, Baby!

Kolchak: The Night Stalker 50th Anniversary Graphic Novel

Stories by Steve Niles, Kim Newman, Jonathan Maberry, Nancy Collins and others… Art by J.K. Woodward, Julius Ohta, Szymon Kudranski and others. Edited by James Aquilone.

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New Stories of Famous Creatures

Dracula. Frankenstein’s Monster. The Invisible Man. Dr. Moreau. The Phantom of the Opera. They’re all here in the Classic Monsters Unleashed anthology, which features new tales of horror by such legends as Joe R. Lansdale, F. Paul Wilson, Jonathan Maberry, Seanan McGuire, Ramsey Campbell, Lisa Morton, and Owl Goingback.

The anthology also features monster art by Colton Worley and Mister Sam Shearon…

…as well as an introduction by novelist and film critic Kim Newman.

Publish date: July 12 2022

Edited by James Aquilone. Published by Crystal Lake Publishing & Black Spot Books.

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Signed Paperback


Signed Paperback

We Are Monstrous

Welcome to Monstrous Books.

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Classic Monsters Unleashed, edited by James Aquilone, will be published on July 12, 2022 by Black Spot Books and Crystal Lake Publishing. The anthology is available for preorder.

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Monstrous Stories

Story Archive
Scream for Your Lives

The screaming brings the house lights up, stirring the audience in their seats; wide, startled eyes narrow to squint against the sudden onslaught of light and sound. A ripple of confusion passes through the theater. Three rows back from the screen, a young woman lurches up from her chair.

Read More → Ghost in the Machines

At 9:58 before the closing credits, Rolland Meadows killed the acre of flat-screen TV hanging on the wall opposite his bed and turned onto his right side. An hour and seventeen minutes later, the television switched itself on, bathing the second-floor room in electric blue light.

Read More → Theophany

Sixty-six thousand souls turned to ash.

That was what the man on the radio said. Sixty-six thousand didn’t survive the night. More than seventy-thousand reported injured, but that doesn’t count everyone suffering from radiation sickness. Or the bodies yet to be found beneath the rubble.

Read More → This Broken Body You Refuse to Leave

The infection spreads quickly to the head, the haze of red blanketing my vision as I blink dying eyes to the bleary skies of the blood-soaked world. Head back, fists curled, no longer feeling the beat of my heart as my body stops and starts its decay.

Read More → The Man in the Monster

The monster crossed the highway, dodging cars and trucks, and the crowd followed. One vehicle clipped his backside, caused him to pirouette mid-stride, but the monster quickly regained his footing and continued to flee. The car spun wildly across all three lanes and struck the center barrier.

Read More → Green With Hunger

She woke with a coppery taste in her mouth, her lips wet and sticky. A dark red liquid dotted her hands, her fingers—were they greener?

A small heap of a body lay next to her, bits of skin and shattered bone in place of where its head had once been.

It had happened again.

Read More → Paint Me a Picture

The blank canvases shone in the darkened room, like open doors to the hereafter.

Basil stood naked before them, paintbrush clutched tight in his fist, skin slick with sweat. He shook desperately for inspiration.

He took a long, deep breath and winced at the aroma of spoiled fruit and stale coffee that assuaged the very back of his throat.

Read More → Don’t Scream

“Stupid film.”

Rhoda pushed her way through the jabbering crowd in the lobby. Women fanned themselves in mock fright. Rhoda knew it was all part of the femme fatale act, and she hated it. Women made themselves victims acting like so. She wasn’t like that. As she passed out of the theater, the ticket boy smiled at her.

Read More → Destiny

It began with remembering.

He remembered everything about her. Every bit of her was indelibly ingrained upon his memories and senses. He recalled most vividly the color of her eyes, the sound of her voice, her odd mélange of scents, and the aristocratic construction of her features.

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SF Gate – 25 Days Ago

"It Looked Like Something Puked Up SeaWorld" - 553 Metric Tons of Dead Marine Life Washes Up on California Coast; Scientists Baffled

AP - 22 Days Ago

Third Maersk Freighter This Month Goes Missing in Pacific; US Navy Joins Search

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Our record-setting Kickstarter for Classic Monsters Unleashed has ended, but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out. We still have some rewards left, including Frank Frazetta and Sam Shearon prints. Plus, T-shirts, posters, and more.

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In March 2021 we launched the Kickstarter campaign for the Classic Monsters Unleashed anthology. We ended up raising more than $57,000 and gathered nearly 1000 backers, which made it the highest-funded and most-backed horror anthology in the platform’s history.

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