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BDS Bowling Ball Care Products

PO Box 835486
Miami, FL 33283-5486

ph: 305 271-9683


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 PO BOX 835486, Miami, FL 33283-5486

Telephone(305) 271-9683

Email: dan@bdsbowlingballcareproducts

 or misterbds@aol.com or dan.miller@pba.com





My partner and I would like to introduce ourselves and our products to you. My partner is a Chemical Engineer and I have a technical background. We are both Dade County, FL  USBC bowlers and Senior PBA members. We have our products in Pro Shops in Florida and in most of the other states. We also supply Frankie May’s (5 time PBA Champion) Store at the USBC Nationals for the last 9 years.


 We sell only to Pro Shops. Email us and we will tell you where you can purchase our Products




Bowling Ball Cleaner

Bowling Ball Cleaner/Polishes

Bowling Ball Polishes

Terrycloth and MicroFiber polishing pads

4 inch  concave Holding Blocks for the sandpaper and polishing pads

Listed below are our cleaners, cleaner/polishes and Polishes.

Thank you for your time and interest in our products we know your time is valuable. We look forward to supplying your bowling ball care needs. Please contact us for

price information.


Best regards,


Dan Miller





YOU WILL FIND THE WHAT/WHERE/WHY AND HOW YOU NEED AT:  www.thetournamentsource.com 


 PO BOX 835486, Miami, FL 33283-5486
Telephone: (305) 271-9683
Email: dan@bdsbowlingballcarenproducts.com
or misterbds@aol.com or dan.miller@pba.com


 This is a general information sheet, any number of combinations of  BDS products or sanding veriances can be used to accommodate specific conditions.  All of our products, including DON CARTERS BOWLING BALL CARE PRODUCTS are made by BDS and are duplicates of each
other. We can place your Pro Shop Name, Nick -name or whatever on our Master Label.



 This product was developed to give the bowler maximum cleaning with the minimum of effort, when cleaning by hand. CLEANER/ REJUVENATE is made to clean dull Proactive/ Reactive/urethane and plastic bowling balls but it cleans polished balls just as well. How to use: Shake well,  apply small amount on clean course cloth. Then do 1/4 of the ball at a time until finished. This product will remove any thing common to a bowling lane and is CERTIFIED FOR USE DURING USBC SANCTIONED COMPETITION. Use by hand or spinner. Available in 8-ounce and one gallon refiller bottles. Pro Shop use bottles (32 ounce) are available.



                    Oil Extraction Gel
 This product does exactly what its name implies. Works best after resurfacing, but it will work on any bowling ball that has been surfaced cleaned and resurfaced as the manufacture recommends (every 60 to 80 games). It will bring the bowling ball back to near out of the box condition if the ball has the same texture (grit or polish as done in factory) and you know the lane conditions are comparable to the first use. To use this product all you need is our Bowling Ball Cleaner, a clean Terrycloth towel (to apply  & remove) and a ball holder. Clean ball with our  CLEANER/REJUVENATE; place a quarter-sized dab of OIL EXTRACTION GEL on 1/2 of the ball. Spread GEL over that half of the ball as evenly as possible. Allow to dry, then turn over and repeat process. Remove residue with CLEANER/REJUVENATE, from ball when GEL is completely dry. Do not Get the GEL on your hand (wash off ASAP if you do) because in will remove the skin oil, If you have sensitive skin if could cause an irritation.  A ball that has over 50 games will probably need to be done twice. Available in 8 & 32 ounce bottles.

 This product was developed to minimize the time it takes to resurface a bowling ball. Wet sand the bowling ball to 320 or 400 grit. Shake product vigorously. Apply FAST WORK to a clean  course cloth then on to the bowling ball. Apply pressure until sanding marks are not visible, then buff. You can leave it at this level of polish (+/_ course 800 grit polish) or use  COARSE/MEDIUM/FINE/LOW ABRASIVE Polish or *GO LONG*  as conditions require. Great for texture changes and deep cleaning. Use by hand or with spinner . Available in 8 ounce and 32 ounce bottles.


                   'GO LONG' - NONABRASIVE POLISH
 This product was developed to be applied by hand. It will not only clean the ball but will give the surface a factory like tackiness instantly. Will increase the amount of control and allow 5 to 8 feet more skid to get you through the heads and down the lanes to the break point. To use just rub it on, let it dry and you are ready to score. Use by hand or with a spinner. Available in 8 ounce and 32 ounce bottles.


                             #1 LOW ABRASIVE - Cleaner/Polish
 Apply to clean cloth, then on ball until clean. Or apply to ball after using COARSE/MEDIUM/FINE for increased length or tweaking the balls surface and for scuff touch up. This product will add +/- 1000 grit up on any polish, or about +/- 2 feet more in length. Use by hand or with a spinner. Available in 8 ounce and 32 ounce bottles. 



             #2 (800) COARSE POLISH (NO SKID AGENT) 
                  For Earlier Roll on Oily Lane Conditions

                  ******THIS ITEM HAS BEEN DISCOTINUED
 Sand ball to 500 or (320 grit using FAST WORK.) Apply #2 COARSE with clean cloth until sanding marks are not visible. Buff with clean cloth. Add water while buffing if higher shine (800 to 1200 grit ) is desired. #2 COARSE will equate to 600 grit polish if water is not added while buffing. Use by hand or with a spinner . Available in 8 ounce and 32 ounce bottles.


                         #3 MEDIUM (1500) POLISH 
        For Medium Length on Medium Oil Lane Conditions
 Sand ball to 600 or use  FAST WORK. Apply  #2 COARSE. Then apply #3 .(+/-1500 grit polish) with clean cloth and then buff.  Add water while buffing if higher shine (2000 to 2500) is desired. Use by hand or a with spinner. Available in 8 ounce and 32 ounce bottles.


                          #4 FINE (3000) POLISH
               For Later roll on Dry Lane Conditions
 Sand ball to 600 or use   FAST WORK. - Apply  #2 COARSE when sanding marks are not visible. Apply  #3 MEDIUM with clean cloth. Then apply  #4 FINE (+/- 3000) with clean cloth. Buff with clean cloth. Add water while buffing if higher shine is desired. Use by hand or a with spinner. Available in 8 ounce and 32 ounce bottles.

 The  HOLDING BOCK Is a circular tool that fits in the palm of your hand. This tool is used for cleaning, polishing and buffing. The back of this tool will have your name and how to use on it. The working side has VELCRO (male) that receives VELCRO (female) backed terrycloth, MicroFiber pads. The 'CLEANING MACHINE' comes with two (2) terrycloth and two (2) Microfiber pads. These pads can be used wet or dry and are washable. DO NOT use fabric softener on any of the pads.  Replacement pads are available. Scuff pads for 4 *CLEANING MACHINES* are Available.


Copyright Your Business, Inc. All rights reserved.

PO Box 835486
Miami, FL 33283-5486

ph: 305 271-9683


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