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Grow a smoothie garden by Albert Mondor

Do you like smoothies? You want to know how to grow some of the plants you use to make them? It couldn't be more simple!...

Seed Starting – Get Kids Growing by Mark Cullen

Enjoying a great looking garden this summer requires that you either start your own seeds in late winter/early spring or purchase transplants from a garden...

A vegetable garden on your balcony! by Albert Mondor

You wish to grow tomatoes or cucumbers, but think it is not possible as the only space you have is your little balcony or the...

Fertilizing Edibles by Owen Reeves

The trend in growing edibles has been very popular. More people are choosing to dedicate their outdoor spaces, or significant portions of it, to edible...

Tips For Growing Vegetables On Your Roof by Albert Mondor

With 85% of Canadians living in an urban environment, large lots are increasingly rare and space is becoming very limited in cities. Practicing horticulture in...

10 Common Lawn and Garden Woes of Summer

Canadians spend so much of the year dealing with freezing and inclement weather that we all long for summer. However, when it finally arrives, the...

Can Your Lawn Handle a Drought?

Summer means warm long sunny days, and who doesn’t want that? Many of us are eternally grateful for the sunshine after six dreary months of...

5 Ways Bees are Important to the Environment

It takes more than soil, water, and sunshine to make the world green. At least 30% of the world’s crops and 90% of all plants...

8 Most Popular Types of Christmas Tree in Canada

It’s a cherished Canadian tradition: braving the crisp December air to bring home a fresh-cut Christmas tree. Artificial trees may win out for convenience, but...

Holiday Gift Guide – 5 Things To Buy For The Gardener In Your Life

As the holiday season approaches, we spend a lot of our time trying to figure out what to buy for the people in our lives....

5 Tips for Taking Care of Indoor Houseplants

Having a nice selection of indoor houseplants not only brightens up a dwelling, also helps make it a healthier environment for all. Not every houseplant...

Winter Festivals Across Canada

While some Canadians are happy to hibernate during the winter, many of us embrace it. One reason is the wonderful selection of winter festivals held...
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