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PURCHASE YOUR PLANNER TODAY TO GAIN ACCESS TO TWO LIVE UPCOMING EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS “Charlie has a wicked genius at catching people exactly where they are and coaxing them into their fullest potential.” Jonathan Fields, bestselling author and the founder of the Good Life Project See why action-takers just like you have downloaded them more than a million times. Reveal your productivity persona and get a custom report with our free 27-question quiz. “Equal parts productivity guru and friend, Charlie gives you what you need to do to complete your work with joy.” Susan Piver, founder of the Open Heart Project Charlie, Angela, and expert guests provide world-class storytelling about productivity, self-care, and more. Enjoy planners, worksheets, ebooks, webinars, interviews, and more, to level up your productivity.

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Productive Flourishing is a community of people who'd rather roll up their sleeves and start doing something with their ideas than merely sit and dream. It's time to start finishing the stuff that matters.

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