This is the home page of MPEG, the group that develops standards for coded representation of digital audio, video, 3D Graphics and genomic data. Since its establishment in 1988, the group has produced standards that help industry offer end users an ever more enjoyable digital media experience.

In its 30years of activity MPEG has developed an impressive portfolio of standards andtechnologies that have created an industry worth several hundreds billion USD.

In a world where information technology, consumer electronics, entertainment and telecommunication products and content variously converge by incorporating increasingly sophisticated technologies and the need for timely available standards is as strong as ever, MPEG provides a proven mechanism to bring research results into standards that promote innovation for the benefit of all.

MPEG developed well known video and audio coding standards such as AVC, HEVC, VVC and MP3. For a broader overview of MPEG standards see here. Also in future MPEG is going to develop innovative standards as illustrated in the roadmap:

MPEG Roadmap
Next meeting:

The next meeting MPEG 137 will be held online from 2022-01-17 to 2022-01-21.

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