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Metabolism Trauma And Autoimmunity with Justin Janoska - Ep. 90 Have you ever wondered how the immune system is affected by trauma? In today s episode Dr. Jade chats with Justin Janoska, founder of The Autoimmune Revolution, to discuss how chronic stress leads to disease. Justin runs us through the major types of stressors that cause... Continue Reading... Nutrtion Coaching 101- Ep. 89 This episode is all about nutrition coaching! Dr. Jade Teta consolidates the 5 Laws of Metabolism into the simplified, more digestible 3 Laws of Metabolism. He dives into the importance of understanding how metabolism actually works when it comes to plateaus and... Continue Reading... Maturity In Romantic Relationships with Emily Gough - Ep. 88 Do you show up for your significant other? Join Dr. Jade and Emily Gough, from the Room to Grow Podcast, as they dive into the topic of maturity in romantic relationships. They have been on opposing sides of the drama that can encompass a relationship, Emily was the faithful partner... Continue Reading... On Authenticity - Ep. 87 What exactly is being true to one s self? Today, Dr. Jade has you ask yourself that question. In this episode he focuses on evolving, from base level humans and culture level humans to next level humans. He explains that if we live our life by staying true to our teenage self... Continue Reading... Media Bias & Ground News with Harleen Kaur - Ep. 86 Join Dr. Jade Teta as he talks with a quintessential Next Level Human herself! Why? Harleen Kaur saw a problem and took it upon herself to develop Ground News, a useful resource that has been bringing ALL the news biases and collating the information into one platform for 3 years and counting.... Continue Reading... Honor Code - Ep. 85 As part of being a Next Level Human our honor code is a crucial component to our success. Answering a few of your questions regarding Dr. Jade's personal life and how they parallel current times, this episode shines a very honest light on how to deal with difficult times in our lives. When faced... Continue Reading... Protein, Fiber & Water- Ep 84 Three things that are often misunderstood in natural health and nutrition; protein, fiber, and water. In this episode, Dr. Jade reviews useful ways to look at nutritional regimes that help us obtain and/or maintain our optimal body composition. Optimizing the ratio of fat mass to muscle mass is... Continue Reading... Marketing & PR with Lauren Salaun- Ep 83 Everyone loves Lauren Salaun! Lauren is a business bad-ass and has helped Dr. Jade many times over in terms of successful launches in online products and services. Not everyone falls in love with social media but there is no denying it holds immense value to educate audiences, reach new people,... Continue Reading... Bias, Dogma, Ignorance and Arrogance - Ep. 82 Oct 2, 2020 There are two things that block us humans from truth: bias and dogma. Pulling from many of his writings, Dr. Jade delves deep into these insidious and hidden forms of cognitive distortions that keep us from truth. "Bias and dogma are the parents of ignorance... Continue Reading... Continuous Glucose Monitoring for Individualized Metabolism - Ep. 81 Back to talking about health and fitness, specifically about how those two worlds are being expanded through tech to evaluate our metabolism. Continuous glucose monitors, or CGMs, are helpful tools if setup, used and read correctly. Whether you are curious about your own metabolism and... Continue Reading... Emotional Maturity, Integrity and Alchemy - Ep. 80 Welcome to a solocast with the good doctor! In this episode, Dr. Jade dives deep into what it takes to develop emotional maturity and the processes involved with that, the psychology of human progression through the four stages of emotional maturity. As aNext Level Humanwe have an... Continue Reading... Politics 101 Part II with Courtenay Turner - Ep. 79 Today on Next Level Human, pick back up with Dr. Jade Teta and guest Courtenay Turner from their conversation about politics and the current climate in America. They pick up with the marathon example to help break down what Jade thinks should represent an even playing field, Courtenay breaks down... Continue Reading... Authentic Conversion: Building an Organic Six-Figure Fitness Business with Nicole Spencer - Ep. 78 Diving into one of the key jobs as a Next Level Human of earning, managing, and saving money Dr. Jade sits down with his good friend Nicole Spencer. Nicole comes from a strong online fitness presence on social media, an established business owner, and master of finance and money. Jade and Nicole... Continue Reading... HEC and SHMEC: The Keys to Hormonal Balance - Ep. 77 Back to metabolism and how to develop a better understanding of how unique it is person-to-person and how it can vary as your activity level and diet changes. In this episode, Dr. Jade dives deep... deeper... into the familiar topic of keeping your HEC in CHECK. You will learn the two things that... Continue Reading... Shifting Health Paradigms Through Adaptogens, Medicinal Mushrooms, and CBD with Joseph Sheehey - Ep. 76 Joseph Sheehey, co-founder and CEO of Cured Nutrition, specializes in CBD based products and "wellness rooted in nature"supplements. Dr. Jade shares his recent personalexperience using CBDproducts and how it has alleviated many health concerns of his own, such as glucose... Continue Reading... Understanding Viruses at a Molecular Level with Talia Mota, PhD - Ep. 75 Dr. Talia Mota, PhD is the guest today and she delivers such an immensely valuable conversation about how we can realistically navigate the COVID-19 pandemic from a purely scientific perspective. Dr. Mota explains her journey of studying virology and her massive accumulation of knowledge in the... Continue Reading... Politics 101 with Courtenay Turner - Ep. 74 Today on Next Level Human, join Dr. Jade Teta and guest Courtenay Turner about, yes... POLITICS! We havegot to learnhow to have difficult conversations, we need to learn to disagree, we need to learn to say we are wrong, and we need to learn how to be more accepting of different... Continue Reading... CBD: The Facts and The Future - Ep. 73 Today on Next Level Human, join Dr. Jade Teta as he talks about a topic that many experts are afraid to explore: the endocannabinoid system. Although there has been significant research on this topic over the last decade, many are still afraid to take a stance on CBD and other exogenous... Continue Reading... What is a Good Human? Kant's Categorical Imperative for Next Level Humans For those who love philosophy, there are always debates about who your favorite philosopher is. And it is always a very tough question. My favorites include all the stoics, Spinoza, Nietzsche, Kant, and William James But of all of those, if you had to pin me down, I would likely settle on Kant.... Continue Reading... COVID-19: Science, Controversy and Masks- Ep 72 Sources for this podcast (all sources from April 2020-July 2020): Universal use of face masks for success against COVID-19: evidence and implications for prevention policies.Eur Respir J 2020 Jun 18;55(6):2001260. PMID: 32350103 A rapid systematic review of the efficacy of face masks and... Continue Reading... How to Have Positive Political Discussions - Ep. 71 Today on Next Level Human, join Dr. Jade Teta as he talks about having positive political discussions. In the middle of the COVID crisis and the Black Lives Matter movement, people with differing opinions clash, resulting in stressful situations. Jade gets into how we can avoid these... Continue Reading... Losing Weight and Increasing Cardio - Ep. 70 Today on Next Level Human, join Dr.Jade Teta as he talks about losing weight and increasing cardio. The issue begins with the old idea that cardio is the only way to go for weight loss. After that, came the cardio-hating era. Stay tuned to the show to see how you can safely be in the middle. In... Continue Reading... Female Hormone Types - Episode 69 Welcome to your one, two punch for all things female hormones! Stemming from much of my work onMetabolic Renewal, I explain why specific fitness and nutrition programs for females are not only overlooked but why they are so necessary. Times have changed over the last several decades... Continue Reading... The Mindset Of A Champion With Mike Lee- Episode 68 As humans we have a job to do. In fact, we have four jobs: to earn and manage money, to attain and maintain health and fitness, to build and sustain personal relationships and to find meaning and make a difference. Your host, Dr. Jade Teta, is an integrative physician, entrepreneur and author in... Continue Reading... Intermittent Energy Restriction- Episode 67 Intermittent energy restriction, not intermittent fasting, has periods of time where moderate to severe calorie reduction followed but isocaloric levels for periods of time and then repeated. Think the HIIT of nutrition! In this episode I break down how to use this to help others or yourself... Continue Reading... Metabolic Regulation & Recovery- Episode 66 The age-old analysis of when we are anabolic, catabolic, or in homeostasis. In this episode I break down exactly what is happening physiologically when we are in each of these three unique metabolic processes beyond what we commonly know. Be ready to be schooled in this metabolic regulation and... Continue Reading... How To Choose Next Level Leaders- Episode 65 This episode may rattle some cages! Today I dive deep into what I believe it takes to effectively choose those appointed over us that are supposed to have our best interests at heart. The United States typically has enough to debate about amongst either political parties but now with a pandemic... Continue Reading... Carbohydrates: Half Truths and Whole Lies - Episode 64 Carb is not just another dirty four letter word. Carbohydrates have gotten a mixed review over the years, even cast out as a "bad macronutrient". But let's face the science, shall we? In this episode, I share my personal experience with and professional opinion on the best practices for using... Continue Reading... All Things Coffee - Episode 63 Welcome to a special airing ofThe Well Man's Podcastwith my brother Keoni and our good friend Brian Brozy. Keoni is a natural and functional medicine doctor, similar to myself, and Brian is a student physical therapist and certified personal trainer. The three of us share not only... Continue Reading... Pain As a Path to Purpose - Ep. 62 Purpose is made up of your people, your passions, your perspective/perception, your powers, and your pain. All four of these are crucial to developing your purpose, especially pain - yes, pain. The one we most often do not want to look at, acknowledge, much less try to use to our advantage I... Continue Reading... Internet Business 101- Episode 61 Times can get tough throughout the timeline of your business but dealing with a global pandemic certainly doesn't help. In this episode, I speak directly to the health and fitness professionals out there who are maybe struggling during these times of COVID-19. I share some best practices to look... Continue Reading... Fat Burning Foods & Metabolic Meals- Episode 60 Are there really fat burning foods and what foods help and/or hurt our metabolism? If so, are they good for the masses? These two questions specifically I clarify these by explaining the individuality and context of food and delivering a framework when looking at our nutrition based on our... Continue Reading... Truth & Honesty- Episode 59 Truth is not what you want it to be; it is what it is.And you must bend to its power or live a lie. ―Miyamoto Musashi A pseudo-follow-up to last week's episode (episode 58) on conspiracy theories, today I want to explore deeper the concepts of truth and honesty as they... Continue Reading... Conspiracy Theory & Base Level Humans- Episode 58 "An important aspect of conspiracy theory is to come up with a seemingly coherent explanation that is consistent with one's worldviews." Katrin Wegmann "The fact that politicians sometimes lie or that corporations occasionally cheat does not mean that every event is the result of a... Continue Reading... Male Hormones & Sexual Potency- Episode 57 Joining me today is my longtime friend Allie Gilbert, she joined me during her bachelorette weekend to talk all about erections, testosterone, and all things male hormones and sexual potency. A two-time Golf Digest Top 50 Golf-Fitness Professional Trainer, Ali has become highly sought... Continue Reading... Fear & Hardship As A Next Level Human- Episode 56 What an interesting time in the world as coronavirus has us all inside. Having more time on my hands, it has given me the ability to practice more of my favorite philosophies and dig deeper into concepts of fear and hardships. In this episode, I pass on to you some of the key philosophies, such... Continue Reading... How To Think About & Teach Health & Fitness- Episode 55 Good friend of the show Sam Miller was recently in town and we found ourselves talking about what it takes to not only help ourselves but what it takes to do so for other professionals in the space. How do we come up with educational products or services to sell to our audience, how do we make... Continue Reading... Finding Meaning & Creating Purpose- Episode 54 Purpose, meaning, passion... we often use these terms as if they are the same thing. But are they? Part of the framework of the four jobs of becoming a Next Level Human, purpose is in fact very different from meaning and passion.In this episode, I attempt to explain not just how it is in... Continue Reading... Managing Fatigue & Gym Mindset- Episode 53 Good friend of the show Sam Miller was recently in town and we found ourselves talking about what it takes to not only help ourselves but what it takes to do so for other professionals in the space. How do we come up with educational products or services to sell to our audience, how do we make... Continue Reading... Training With Metabolic Dysfunction- Episode 52 The term "metabolic damage" is often misunderstood and over marketed. This term should ring true for you if you have experimented at all with metabolic compensation through diet and exercise. In this episode, I dive deep into the ways that metabolic damage can possibly happen through... Continue Reading... The New Alpha Male- Episode 51 Welcome back Mike! A tricky topic for men these days is the term "alpha" - something that has been under a fair amount of discussion across the media. In the coming-of-age 20's, 30's, 40's and beyond Mike is able to help others rewrite their story inside of relationships. Thinking and acting... Continue Reading... Estrogen, Progesterone, and Contraceptives in Female Athletes - Episode 50 By request, this topic is both very interesting and very difficult to address for all of the female athletes out there. Studies show that "the female sex steroid hormones estrogen and progesterone have potential effects on exercise capacity and performance..." on top of the very big grain of... Continue Reading... The Gut Health and Microbiome State of the Union with Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro - Episode 49 Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro, CISSN, CHC, is a Renaissance Periodization consultant, Monash low-FODMAP certified and ISSN-certified sport nutritionist, and ACE-certified health coach. Dr. Fundaro combines her knowledge of nutrition and motivational interviewing techniques to promote intrinsic... Continue Reading... Protein: How Much You Need and Why It Is Important - Episode 48 Protein. Perhaps one of the most debated macronutrients in terms of how much humans really need, whether we are athletes or just weekend warriors, and why it is important for our metabolism. Protein is the predominate way to satisfy hunger but it is so much more, which is why this short master... Continue Reading... Clearing Up the Hormone Myths with Carrie Jones - Episode 47 Many of you may think that I am the hormone and metabolism expert, but let me tell you what... today's guest is truly THE expert! Dr. Carrie Jones is able to teach in a very relatable way the ins and outs of not just understanding human metabolism, hormones, and the human potential as a whole... Continue Reading... Aging Well with Dr Tyna Moore - Episode 46 Dr. Tyna Moore specializes exclusively in the application of natural pain solutions and regenerative injection therapies. As both a board certified Naturopathic and Chiropractic physician, she brings a unique perspective and expertise to the diagnosis and treatment of pain and orthopedic... Continue Reading... How to Be a Good Lover- Episode 45 This one is for my guys out there! By no means am I declaring to be the king of romance, but I have some single mother friends in my life that have posed some unique questions around sex health especially as young men are coming of age. I want to break some of the taboos and provide a better,... Continue Reading... EVER FORWARD: Turning Tragedy Into Something Magical with Chase Chewning - Episode 44 Purpose and meaning. Two high-qualifiers as a next level human and definite areas that guest and personal friend Chase Chewning brings to the table in all of his work. An Army veteran, health coach of nearly a decade and host of the top-rated "Health Fitness" podcastEver Forward... Continue Reading... Metabolic Prehab - Episode 43 Not rehab, butprehab. Metabolic prehab has to do with spending some time attending to the conditioning of the metabolism prior to any weight loss attempts.But why?Because when we diet, we often experience issues such as metabolic compensation/adaptation, excessive hunger and... Continue Reading... Two StepLorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

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