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2021 -2020 - Texas Lotto Report - Lotto Texas Winning Numbers Payouts - Drawing Results for Lotto Texas, Texas Lotto, Powerball Mega Millions, Pick3, Pick3 Fireball, Daily4, Daily 4 Fireball,Cash 5, All or Nothing TX 2 StepUpdated June 23, 2020 - Mark Lanier, the lead appellate attorney for the lottery players in the Fun 5's case, won a $2.1 BILLION dollar appeal in the Johnson Johnson case. WOW!No Sovereign Immunity for G-Tech/IGT. Texas Supreme Court says, they can't lie to us and get away with it. Our cases will be heard in the courts. Click hereTexas Lotto ReportDawn NettlesP. O. Box 495033Garland, Texas 75049-5033(972) 686-0660(972) 681-1048 (Fax)Email: lottoreport@lottoreport.com---------------------------------------Have The Lotteries Been Attacked By Hackers?Could this be why players can't collect their Powerballwinnings and why the TLC hasn't released draw sales for any of the 6/9/21 draws/games.Posted 6/10/21 - 7 PM Updated 6/11/21 11AM Click here------------------------------------A Most Intriguing EmailIt's extremely well written, funny, informativeand complimentary. A must read for all. Posted 9/28/20. Click here------------A Re-Cap of All Lotto Texas Wins/Winners2008 - 2021Lotto Texas Winners 2008 - 2009, Click hereLotto Texas Winners 2010 - 2011, Click hereLotto Texas Winners 2012 - 2013, Click hereLotto Texas Winners 2014 - 2015, Click hereLotto Texas Winners 2016 - 2017, Click hereLotto Texas Winners 2018 - 2019, Click hereLotto Texas Winners 2020 - 2021, Click here--------------Face Masks, Soaring Lottery Sales,The Closed Claim Centers, The Vending Machines A must read for all lottery players.Posted 5/9/20. The Daily Page Click here----------------------As it appears in The InterceptStates Declare Lotteries Essential The Government only cares about your money, not your well being.Unbelievable 4/16/20 - Click hereLotto Report's Daily Page Updated, Click here----------Playing the Lottery is Not Worth Dying OverItaly, Spain China suspended lottery sales in an attempt to protect their citizens. Obviously, the US doesn't care because they are continuing to lure millions of players from their homes each day for the sole purposeof purchasing lottery tickets - a non- essential product. What a confusing message officials have sent ... They say, stay at home and only leaveto purchase essential items - if your caught going out you could be fined as they continue to allow the sale of lottery products. A must read. Posted 4/8/20. Click here---------------Director Gary Grief's Favorite Pastime - Traveling The World For Free -A minimum of 105 trips at a cost of a minimum of $160,000. An unbeliebable story. Click here- A Must Read - Complaint Letter to Governor Abbott Posted 11/9/19 - Click hereExhibits to letter:Exhibits A - D - Click hereExhibits E - J - Click here--------------------Texas' Fun 5's Scratch Ticket LawsuitsUpdated Jan 28, 2021 - Judge Amy Clark Meachum agreed with the attorneys that it makes sense to hold a series of bellwether trials instead of attempting to hold one trial for all plaintiffs at the same time. Trial date set. Click hereUnbelievable - Some lottery software allows lottery terminals to print duplicate quick picks. Posted Nov 3, 2016. Click hereVery sad. (Nov 7, 2013 butupdated Nov 12, 2013) Click here.- Numbers Frequency -As requested for years, finally, here it is! Numbers frequency - plus more -for Lotto Texas, Cash 5, Texas 2 Step,Daily 4 Pick3. Updated daily, click here.Monopoly, Pick3 Daily 42020, 2021TX Lottery Audited SalesAll GamesFY 1992 - FY 2018, Click HereFY 92 - FY 18, a printable pdf, Click hereTX Lottery Audited Unclaimed Prizes- Unbelievable Figures - None of which goes to Public Schools1992 - June 30, 2015Click HereTX LotteryClaim CentersClick hereLotto Texas - Texas LottoLotto Texas Prize Amounts By DrawLotto Texas Sales by DrawShould You Win Lotto Texas ...Lotto TexasPretest Drawing ResultsTexas 2 StepPrize Amounts by Draw Includes Draw SalesTexas Triple Chance(Game Ended 7/28/18) Triple Chance Sales and Payouts, Click hereTriple Chance Rule and Game Details, Click hereGame adopted and TX begins play on 9/28/15With this letter, I've done all I can do. Posted 1/30/14. Click hereIs this game a true lottery game?Is it legal? Posted 1/20/14, Click here Secretly Proposed - Details New Game.Posted 1/7/14, Click hereLotto TX Winning Tickets This Draw: 13,533Lotto TX Losing Tickets This Draw: 1,019,871- EXTRA - (Cost of ticket: $2) -5 of 6: 5 Winners @ $11,9204 of 6: 210 Winners @ $1523 of 6: 3903 Winners @ $132 of 6: 34,832 Break Even Tickets @ $2 Was A $5.25 Million Lotto Texas Jackpot Allocated From ROLL Sales To Fund: $791,206After Minimum Taxes: N/ACash Value - 1.3034%: Est $4,027,926After Minimum Taxes: Est $3,020,945Short to Fund Jackpot: Est $3,236,720 Jackpot Winners Receive The greater of either the cost to fund (Cash Value) OR the amount allocated from roll sales. The cost is determined by the factor on the first working day after the drawing.- Promo - June 1 - 30, 2021 -Buy $5 Pick3 on one ticket, receive a FREE $1 Lotto Texas ticket at 328 SELECT HEB.xlsx locations (June 1 - 30, 2021)Click here to see a recap of Lotto jackpots where the TLC overpaid the winners (short to fund).Just since 2006, overpayments total $94 million! (Updated 06/07/21) Next Lotto Texas Jackpot (06/16/21): $5,500,000Cash Value (30 YR): Est $4,219,733After Minimum Taxes: Est $3,154,799Numbers frequency/stats plus more, click hereComprehensive Draw DetailsDrawings Held Wednesdays Saturdays, 10:12 PM---------------------------------------------- Mega Millions Megaplier Winning Numbers - - No Jackpot Winner - - Was A $22 Million Mega Millions Jackpot - Cash Option Gross - $15,246,015(30 Year Factor: 06/15/21 - 1.443%)Allocated From MM ROLL JJ Sales To Fund: $13,972,876- All States Combined - Includes Just the Jackpot -Break-Even Tickets This Draw: 273,781Winning Tickets This Draw: 149,112Losing Tickets This Draw: 8,730,463Total Tickets (Sets of Numbers) Sold: 9,153,356Total Combinations in Game: 302,575,350Next Mega Millions Jackpot (06/18/21) $30 Million Cash Option (Gross) (Est) $20,790,021Just Texas Mega Millions Sales Mega Million, Megaplier and Just the Jackpot SalesClick hereAbout those awful changes to Mega Millions ...Complete details, click hereMega Millions Odds Prizes (Revised 10/23/17), click hereComprehensive Draw Details - A Must Read For Players, click here then scroll down to Mega MillionsDrawings Held Tuesdays Fridays, 10 PM------------------------------------If you play Fireball, then it can replace ONE of the numbers drawn ... Easy to understand examples of making new winning combinations using the Fireball number, click herePick3 Sales, Click here - Daily4 Sales, Click herePick3 Fireball Sales, Click here, Daily 4 Fireball Sales, Click hereNumbers frequency/stats plus more,click here Order A Pick3 Combination ReportShows all Pick3 Combinations and when they were drawn. Click here to order.Drawings Held Monday thru Saturday 10 AM, 12:27 PM, 6 PM 10:12 PM----------------------------- Texas Lottery Cash 5 Winning Numbers -New Balls Machines Effective 12/01/20Matched 5 of 5 - 0 Winners @ $25,000 Note: There's a $75K cap on the top prize. It reverts to a pari-mutuel prize when the cap is reached.Tickets Actually SOLD This Draw: 160,060FREE Tickets Issued This Draw: 20,921Total Tickets In Play For This Draw: 180,981Percentage of Sales Returned to players in way of prizes: 36%(The Sept 2018 Rule change removedthe guarantee that players wouldreceive 50% of sales after each draw)Break Even Tickets: 21,929Winning Tickets: 2,273Losing Tickets: 156,779An Interesting Tidbit - Since C5 Rule Change on 9/28/18 - Where they reduced the $2 prize for matching 2 of 5 numbers to receiving a FREE ticket instead. See how many FAIL to collect this 50 cent prize- Click here - Comprehensive Draw DetailsDrawings Held Monday thru Saturday, 10:12 PM----------------------------------------------- Texas Lottery TX 2 Step Winning Numbers -4 Plus Bonus (Jackpot) - 1 Winner @ $375,000San Antonio: Circle K, 1231 Probandt(Self Pick)4 No Bonus: - 14 Winners @ $12693 Plus Bonus: - 47 Winners @ $463 No Bonus: - 1424 Winners @ $212 Plus Bonus: - 1035 Winners @ $191 Plus Bonus: - 6471 Winners @ $7Bonus Only: - 11,386 Winners @ $5Winning Tickets: 20,378Losing Tickets: 616,628Comprehensive Draw DetailsNext Texas 2 Step Jackpot: $200,000Drawings Held Mondays Thursdays, 10:12 PM----------------------------------- - Was A $31 Million Powerball Jackpot - Cash Value (Investment Cost): Gross $21,800,28130 Year Factor: 06/12/21 - 1.422%Allocated From ROLL Sales to Fund Jackpot: $14,908,646Short to Fund Jackpot: Est $6,891,636 Click here to see a complete financial breakdown of this win/draw.PB is guaranteeing the amount advertised - NOT the amount allocated - 0.3400655% from sales - for a jackpot winner. This is not good for players. Pari-mutuel is only fair payout for all parties concerned.Winning Tickets This Draw: 475,610Losing $2 $3 Tickets This Draw: 11,000,932Total Tickets Sold (Many Duplicates): 11,476,542Total Combinations in Game: 292,201,338Next Powerball Jackpot (06/16/21)$40 Million Cash Value Option: Est $28,128,395Powerball Is Obnoxiously Harder To WinRead all the fine details of the rule change plus some tidbits they don't want you to understand.. Click herePowerball Prize Chart, click hereComprehensive Draw Details, click here - then scroll down to PowerballDrawings Held Wednesdays Saturdays, 9:59 PM------------------------------------------------------Texas Lottery - All or Nothing $2 Per Ticket- All or Nothing Stats - Sales, Payouts, Number of Winning TicketsClick hereAll or Nothing Drawings Held - Monday through Saturday4 Draws Daily - 10:00 AM - 12:27 PM - 6:00 PM - 10:12 PM --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Previous Drawing Results/Winning NumbersLotto Texas, Texas Lotto, Mega Millions, Powerball, Cash 5, TX 2 Step, Pick3 Daily 4, All or Nothing, Monopoly 2020, 2021This is an unofficial site and is not associated with the TLC (TxLottery). Although I take extreme care in posting the results- I offer no warranty as to the accuracy of any of my presented information. To confirm winning numbers - I strongly urge you to obtain a printout from your retailer. Do NOT ask them to run your tickets through the machines - the TxLottery machines can do make mistakes. Check your own tickets.(All About the Lotteries)Texas Lotto ReportDawn NettlesP. O. Box 495033Garland, Texas 75049-5033(972) 686-0660(972) 681-1048 (Fax)Email: lottoreport@lottoreport.com

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