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Making Certain that Boating is the Right Choice for You Posted by Howard Macey on October 28, 2016 News 28 Oct

The internet and classified sections of local papers are littered with advertisements from boat owners looking to get out of the deal. For whatever reason, wither expenses or lifestyle, they just have to get out from the sale of their boat before sinking another penny into the purchase. If you are looking to buy a boat for sale, consider some of these things first from our friends over at so you are assured this is going to be the right purchase for you.

1. Local Boating Show If you really want to immerse yourself in boating, the best thing you can do at the beginning is to purchase a ticket to a local boating show and just take it all in. These shows are packed with a huge variety of the newest water crafts, tons of vendors, and plenty of boat enthusiasts to help you get a feel for this industry as a whole.

2. Online Group Discussions If you want to learn about the boating lifestyle from those who have been there, go online to Facebook and join a local boating group. These groups are full of boating enthusiasts who are more than happy to share the good and bad experiences of owning a boat. Here you can learn about the industry and all the things you never possibly considered.

3. Boating Magazine Either subscribe to a boating magazine or head to the library and borrow some magazines for the month. There are plenty of articles about how to shop for a boat, what pitfalls to expect, and how you can make the most of your boat buying experience. These magazines have loads of articles from boat buyers who have been there before you and can help you to expect the unexpected.

4. Weekend on a Boat If you have friends who are into boating, ask them if you could spend some time out on the water with them for the weekend from start to finish. Get a feel for how much work is involved getting the boat ready for the day and then securing it after your time on the water is done. if after a few trips on the water you are still excited about getting a boat, the time has come to buy your boat.

Now that you understand what to expect, you are better informed about your boat buying decision. Enjoy your time out on the water with family and friends, these are going to be some thrilling and exciting times.

Lawyers in Myrtle Beach SC Signs That You Need Customer Relationship Management(CRM) Posted by Howard Macey on September 4, 2015 News 04 Sep

Youve presumably heard what got you here wont get you there as it applies to customer relationship management. The same insight likewise applies to a developing business. In the early stages, youll get along all around ok utilizing well known approaches to track your clients and approaching requests. As your business develops, on the other hand, so does quality. Youll rapidly find that you require more versatile approaches to track your clients and thats where customer relationship management comes in. Here are signs from lawyers in Myrtle Beach SC that youre prepared to exchange those old expectations and begin dealing with your client connections in a more proficient manner:

1. Your Not Well Organized
Today you store some of your client contacts on a spreadsheets, Post-its, and an outdated Rolodex that get lost.. On the off chance that you didnt store your clients information in one secure spot, you are just wasting time each day trying to organize a solid plan. The customer relationship management plan gets all your employees on the same page so that when a customer calls or stops by, everyone understands the details.

2. Absence of Visibility
You need to know what the business representatives are doing and how to keep them responsible. You should require more knowledge into current policies and arrangements a business group that may be chipping away at your business for instance, what are the competition doing to gain customer trust and how can you utilize those techniques. if you are not focused on what the competition might be doing, you could be setting yourself up for a big fall.

3. Youre Losing Data
Its hard for you to plan subsequent meet-ups with clients and prospects. If you were focused on customer relationship management, then you could have incredible gatherings with clients without losing information in the process. So now you show up at the clients office, and your sales team forgot to transfer all the specific details of the client and their needs. You walk into a meeting unprepared and looking like an amateur. If you are not invested at this time in customer relationship management, your competition is going to swoop in and take that business right from under your nose.

4. Youre Treat Clients the Same
You dont target your prospects and take into account their business needs. Maybe, you are sending the same sorts of mailings and messages to clients and prospects. The customer relationship management framework will help you distinguish things in the clients most profitable to your business, help you bunch them by industry and locale, with the goal that you can begin refining your endeavors.  For more visit them at:

Divorce Lawyers in Columbia SC Use Chat to Engage New Clients Posted by Howard Macey on September 4, 2015 News 04 Sep

Studies have revealed that more visitors are spending less time when they first visit a website than ever before. People have their information at their fingertips, and they do not have the patience to wait around for information any longer. The average visitor to a website will decide in 5 seconds or less if they are going to stay or hit that back button and leave. This means you have to do everything possible to engage each visitor and make them feel like valued customers. Some smart divorce lawyers in Columbia SC have discovered that one of the most effective ways to do this is by installing an inexpensive chat button feature on your website.  To see it in action visit them at:

Having a chat feature on your website scares many website owners because they feel like they now much sit and monitor the website day and night so that when a visitor has a question they can be answered immediately. This is not the case, and adding this feature has so many more benefits that you will wonder how you went without it for as long as you did. If you are near the computer several hours a day, the chat button can be programmed to notify you by a distinct right on your PC or smartphone, so you can quickly reply to the question and engage the visitor. If you are working on your computer all day, if you get a few questions each hour that should not distract your day too much anyway. These little questions also have the potential to turn into very nice size orders where these people go from visitor to loyal customers.

Even if the visitor does not use the chat button, seeing a chat button gives them that sense that a person is on standby 24/7 and ready to help if needed. That little boost of confidence can help them to make the decision to purchase more easily, knowing help is a click away. If you want to stand apart from your competition who use change during normal business hours, you can hire a service for a small fee to monitor the chat when the store is closed, so they can answer easy questions or direct the visitor to the pages they need. These operators can also take contact information and promise a follow-up from the store manager during business hours. This little contact can make the difference from the visitor leaving, or waiting for you to reach out to them the next day.

Charleston Homes For Sale Uses Intigrated CRM to Manage Customers Posted by Howard Macey on September 4, 2015 News 04 Sep

When it comes to a CRM a.k.a Customer Relationship Management software, every business enterprise seeks for that one particular software that covers up all the shortcomings of their business. And, brokers in Charleston homes for sale competitive real estate market are not different. They know that no two CRM’s are same; they might be similar, but never the same and they cannot fit every business type. This is the reason, why most of the business owners try to find CMR software that is an exact match to their business value requirements. So, what makes a good CRM? What are the factors that contribute to the efficiency of this software and how can we know the key characteristics of an efficient one? We will know about all of these ahead in the article, just keep on reading.  For more about Premier One, visit them at:

CRM software is a company’s way of interacting and managing its customers. The tool is helpful in managing all the conversations, deals, queries that are related to a customer. The tool makes use of different features that helps in automating all the data on an integrated platform that is made accessible to all those in the sales department. Additional features help the user to synchronize the data in real time and manage all the interactions for future time.

Following are the factors that make a good CRM:

Integration: Easy and seamless integration is the foremost important factor that makes it easy for companies to combine the existing data on a new platform, i.e. CRM. A good customer relationship application includes the tools that help to seamlessly integrate all the data in no time. Customization: Most businesses have unique requirements that require a CRM application to be customized accordingly. Be it interface, database, logic, special features or configuration, a flexible application can be easily modified to provide the kind of functionality a business needs. Customer Data: The most important thing for a business is customer data. Therefore, integration of customer data for an increased efficiency in the business processes is mandatory. The customer data is highly valuable and confidential, which needs to be provided added security as well. Analytics: A CRM should definitely have analytics feature that can allow business managers to have a look at the insights of the data related to customer data, target audience, strategies, campaigns etc. to name a few.

Apart from these factors, additional features such as Lead generation, multichannel support, easy sales process flow, campaign management are also very important. So, now you know what makes a good CRM!

Charleston Personal Injury Lawyer Makes a Good First Impression! Posted by Howard Macey on September 3, 2015 News 03 Sep

Perfect communication is the most central aspect of all websites. Most people who visit your website are looking for some particular piece of information that will help them in one way or another. If your website does not make a good first impression, its very obvious that your visitors will leave it within the first 10 seconds. This Charleston personal injury lawyer shows us how people are ruled by their emotions, if you start your articles with a personal story, its very likely that you will capture their mind as they want to learn more about your organization, products and services. Good stories inspire people to read more and also motivate them to pay some attention.  Please Check out their website to see how they made a great first impression:

1. A Good impression attract visitors
When visitors land to your site, they should see a clear and intuitive path that easily directs them to the information they are looking for. Your website design should be attractive enough in a way that present your priorities and immediate goals. The landing page content should be well arranged, H1 to H6 tags should be well formatted and highlighted in bold colors. An ultimate, engaging and well optimized website can do a lot of wonders that can make visitors to keep on returning to the same web page. Depending on your website niche, everything should reflect your brand in a positive and professional manner.

2. Always keep your content simple and flowing
A visitor has less than 10 seconds to determine whether your website is trustworthy enough to provide the required information. If you want to easily capture your visitors whole attention, be classic and keep everything simple. Always make sure the descriptive parts of your articles are flowing in an easy way that will not confuse your visitors. Important facts and all relevant information should appear in italic and bold letters. Always use keywords that are easy to understand for your site visitors. Most sites have a high tendency of focusing on search engine results-page rankings instead of engaging content that help their site visitors. When you are designing your website landing page, you should always keep your visitors interest at hand and not the search engines bots.

3. Offer great value to your visitors
If your site visitors stays for more than 20 seconds at a particular web page, then you probably know that they are interested with your brands, services and products. In most instances, first-time customers are not always ready to make a purchase, most visitors are always shopping around and learning more about the subject. Once you add valuable content to your sites, all visitors will keep on returning to it for more tips and best practices. Returning customers will inform their friends and share your site with industry peers that will keep coming back for more useful information as you establish your niche or brand.

How to Market Mortgage Rates Charleston SC Posted by Howard Macey on September 2, 2015 News 02 Sep

When it comes to marketing to people who are looking to purchase or refinance their mortgage, you have to really be proactive to stand out in the crowd. Nothing is more difficult than competing for the clients looking for mortgage rates Charleston SC. This industry has exploded in recent years, and more companies are trying to attract the same number of homeowners or potential buyers each day. To separate your company from the crowd, consider a few of these effective mortgage broker marketing tips.  And, feel free to visit them at:

The Mortgage Calculator
It is one thing to tell your audience that you can save them money on their mortgage, it is another to show them exactly how much money they can save. Install a mortgage calculator on your website, with clear instructions on how to input the numbers. If you have a email subscription list, send out a friendly message to all that you now have this tool, and encourage them to share with friends and coworkers. Make certain you have a calculator that works as an app, the majority of people are now using their mobile devices to go online and should be able to use the calculator easily from their devices.

Connecting to Social Media
Regardless if your method of communication with your customers is a website or a mobile app, you need to be connected to social media to keep your company in front of the customers. Your customers might not need to utilize your services today, but if their friends, family, coworkers, or neighbors need mortgage help, being in front of the client will put you in the best position for a referral. Stop blasting sales messages all day on your social account, rather post helpful tips and hints for free, positioning yourself as an authority in this competitive industry. This way when they do need help, your name will instantly come to mind.

Your Email Signature
One of the most overlooked places to market you mortgage broker company is your email signature. This is the perfect place to put a link to your website, your app, your telephone number, and your social media website. Many people access their mail via their mobile device, so they can instantly follow the link and save your information in their contacts. Now they can find you in a second, or if they are approached by a friend or coworker looking for advice on their mortgage, they only need to share your information to be able to put you in contact with a new potential customer.

Welcome Posted by Howard Macey on September 1, 2015 News 01 Sep

Thanks for visiting our new website. We will be live and available shortly. Come back for tons of information about marketing on the web.  HMA Marketing Consultants.

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