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Data Course Complete The DATA course. The DATA course must be taken by all drivers getting their first drivers license in Florida. Teens can take the DATA Course at 14 years old. Permit Test Pass the Permit Test. The Permit Test is 50 questions and can be taken online. You must get 40 correct to pass. You can take the Permit Test at 14 1/2 years old. Make an appointment at a local DMV office for eye test and photo. Don't forget to bring the necessary ID and other Documents. This video will explain the steps to get your learners permit in Florida. To prepare for the Permit Test, watch the Videos, review the guides, and take the practice tests in our Pass the Permit Test section. The DATA course is required for all drivers getting their first drivers license in Florida. It is the first step to get your Learner Permit. Also known as the TLSAE (Traffic Law Substance Abuse Education), the DATA course teaches you how drugs, alcohol, your mood, and other factors effect your ability to drive. DATA = Drugs, Alcohol, Traffic, Awareness DMV Approved for all of Florida Login and logout on your schedule Completion automatically transmitted to DMV Sign Up Now - $29.95 The 50 Question Permit Test Sign Up Now More Information The Permit Test is the written DMV exam required to get your Learner Permit. The test covers the rules and regulations of driving as well as road signs. To pass the Permit Test you must get 40 out of 50 correct. We highly recommend you study the drivers handbook and review all the videos and information in our Pass the Permit Test section. Approved by the Florida DMV Road Signs and Road Rule test all online Required to get your FL Learners Permit Known as DMV Test or Permit Test Sign Up Now - $28.95 Permit Study Guide Course to Prepare for the Permit Test Sign Up Now More Information The Permit Study Guide is an online course that you do at your own pace. It includes everything you need to pass the Permit Test the first time. Include in the Permit Study Guide are videos that explain confusing topics, practice tests, and tips for passing the test. Guide to passing the permit test Short videos give you insider tips Login and logout on your schedule Practice tests so you know you are ready Sign Up Now - $14.95 You can never drive alone with a learners permit. No night driving during the first 3 months. After 3 months hour are extended to 10PM. Questions and Answers about Getting a Florida Learners Permit and Drivers License For most Floridians the process of getting your Learners Permit starts around 14 years old. At 14 you can start taking the required courses. Here are the Steps: Complete the DATA Course (also known as TLSAE) Prepare for the Permit Test by reading the Drivers Handbook and Reviewing all the Content in our Pass the Permit Test section Take the Permit Test Online at 14 1/2 and pass it When you are 15 years old go to a Florida DMV office and take your vision test and to get your picture taken All new drivers in Florida are required to pass the Florida Permit Test. The test is 50 questions that are mostly the rules and regulations of driving in Florida. There are also road signs you must identify. The DATA course is organized into sections or modules. Each section has a required amount of time you must complete before you can advance to the next section. It's important to logout of the course if you are taking a break. All the sections add up to 4 hours - of course you can complete the course on your schedule doing it all at once or over several days. Yes you can take the DATA course and Permit test in any order but we recommend taking the DATA course first as you will learn material that may be on the permit test. The DATA Course teaches you material that will be on the Permit Test and you can take the DATA course at 14 but you must be 14 1/2 to take the Permit Test. When you go to the DMV in Florida what do you need to bring to get your learners permit? You will need to bring two forms of identification, two documents showing your residential address in Florida, and a parent of legal guardian to sign the Parental Consent form. Here are a few examples of acceptable documents: Primary Identification: Certified Birth Certificate, Valid Passport (unexpired) Secondary Identification: Social Security Card, W2 Form, Paycheck with your Social Security Card, 1099 Form, Military ID Proof of Residential Address: Deed, Mortgage, Voter ID, Vehicle Registration, Current Home owner or Auto Insurance Policy, W2 or 1099. Copies of documents will not be accepted - they must all be originals. There are 19 document listed in the drivers handbook that can be used to prove you live in Florida. If I am an adult (18 or older) and never had a drivers license, do I have to get a learners permit before my drivers license in Florida? Adults getting their first drivers license in Florida are not required to hold a learners permit but you must do the following: 1. Complete the DATA Course, 2. Pass the Permit Test (at a local DMV office), and then pass the road test (behind the wheel test). You can never drive alone with a learners permit in Florida. You must have a licensed driver 21 or older in the seat closest to you at all times. How long do I have to have my learners permit before I can get my drivers license (Class E License)? You must have your learners permit for 12 months with no moving traffic violation convictions. You may have one moving traffic violation if adjudication is withheld, which requires completing a traffic school course. About provides the courses you need to get a Florida Learners Permit and Drivers License. Established in 2004 by the Florida Drivers Association, we have serviced over 1 million students. Read reviews of -

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Getting a Florida Learners Permit involves serveral steps. This can confusing for teens and their parents - This guide will give you all the steps and answer your questions

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