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Genuine, encaustic cement tiles, each handcrafted by artisans; that is Granada Tile. It means your new tiles will be treasured for generations. Each piece is created by skilled craftsmen who have been trained in the time-tested methods, which have made Granada Tile the choice of designers and architects worldwide. Genuine, encaustic cement tiles, each handcrafted by artisans; that is Granada Tile. It means your new tiles will be treasured for generations. Each piece is created by skilled craftsmen who have been trained in the time-tested methods, which have made Granada Tile the choice of designers and architects worldwide. Cement tiles – also known as encaustic tiles – are quickly becoming a trendy design option for home and business owners of all kinds, tastes, and budgets. However modern they may seem, cement tile has been used in homes and shops since the end of the 19th century. Only the wealthiest and most prestigious had cement tiles in their homes and businesses for their superior quality and durability, and for their one-of-a-kind designs. Nowadays, just about anyone can take advantage of the beauty and benefits of this product. If you’re interested in furnishing your home or business with an artisanal, handmade product, then cement tiles from Granada Tile are what you’ve been searching for. Discover More You might be wondering why you should choose authentic cement tile when you see so many mass-produced knock offs. The answer is simple. Nothing, absolutely nothing substitutes for the honor and care that goes into our handcrafted products. Enjoy the video displaying our artisans at work and imagine the pride you will feel enjoying your handmade tile. By purchasing directly from Granada Tile, you also save money with our factory-direct prices. You can order our samples here (link) on our in-stock tiles and see their beauty in your home or business. Discover More "AFD has used Granada Tile as their concrete tile source for years. We have the ability to make custom color combinations that give our clients a one of a kind look. Their customer service is always on point and that relationship has kept us coming back." With a legacy of timeless appeal and long-lasting beauty, it is no wonder encaustic cement tiles are a favorite material for designers. Yet, Granada Tile stands out as the “Designer’s Favorite.” Why? Because designers, architects, and homeowners alike know that in addition to the care we take crafting our products, we will make their inspirations come alive by customizing our tile to their designs and color choices! And we follow up with superior customer service. Discover More Browse our collections of cement tile and marvel at the organic beauty and exceptional quality of our hand-made flooring The Echo Tile Collection revitalizes an art form that developed in France in the mid-1800's and quickly spread. The Andalucia Tile Collection of cement tile brings sensual form and layered color together in distinctive yet subtle shapes. The Minis Tile Collection are a modern cement version of the famed zellige ceramic tiles of Morocco. The Olvera Collection combines the earthy colors and textures of terracotta and stone with the durability of concrete. A sigh of relief. A breath of fresh air. Something new’s happeningin the world of patterned cement tiles that puts a whole new spin on yoursurfaces. Introducing relief patterned tiles from Granada Tile. These tilesoffer a beautiful textured finish that layers your space with beauty and depth. View how our beautiful tiles have been used in both Residential and Commercial settings. Granada concrete tiles are one of the most versatile residential and commercial products on the market today, and can be used all throughout a home and in restaurants, hotels, resorts, spas, boutiques, and cafes. Get started taking advantage of all of the amazing benefits of patterned cement tiles today and fall in love with your transformed spaces, such as these: Choose your cement tile today. We have in-stock ready to ship tile, or you can custom design your patterns and colors to fit your vision – you decide! Cement tiles are very durable and long-lasting, but still need regular maintenance and the right kind of maintenance to keep them in good condition. In this article, we teach homeowners how to properly take care of your cement tiles, and provide maintenance tips, cleanings tips, and tips for removing stains the right way. We also teach cleaning dos and don’ts of concrete tiles and how to re-seal them to maintain their clean, flawless appearance. If you are wanting to take care of your own cement tiles, and would rather save money by maintaining them yourself, this is the how-to article for you. Read more During the installation process, cement tile requires a few steps to ensuring it does not get stained from the materials used and will look as great as possible. Sealing the grout is part of this process. This post explains why it’s important to seal grout during the installation process for concrete tiles, and how to do it. If you’re a DIY homeowner researching the process for installing your own cement tiles, don’t forget this step. It will save you time, money, and many headaches down the road. Get all the information you need in this post about sealing the grout for your concrete tiles! Read more It’s no doubt that cement tiles are a trendy design feature in new and renovated homes nowadays. But in order to make them look their best in a particular space, there are a few considerations to make. Tile size is one of them. In this article, we share our top tips for deciding on the concrete tile size that will work best in your space, to accentuate the right areas and deliver the style you’re going for. You’ll learn how different variations of tile sizes change the way a space looks and feels, and how you can take advantage of that for your unique home or business. Read more If you’re in the process of building or renovating a home or commercial space, choosing flooring material is on your list of to-dos. While hardwood floors are beautiful and classic, don’t dismiss tile floors. Today’s tile isn’t your grandmother’s tile flooring, and it can transform your space from one that looks like everyone else’s into a space that’s completely unique and speaks to your personality. It’s even more important in a commercial space to stand out from the crowd and develop a signature style. Cement tile floors can do all that, while delivering a durable and practical flooring option. Learn why cement tiles make great floors in this post! Read more Whether you’re looking to add color, pattern, texture, or a one-of-a-kind feature in your home or business, cement tiles can completely change the look and feel of a space and make it your own. If you have a room, like a kitchen, that is boring and lacks personality, cement tiles will instantly add style and visual interest. And the great thing about that is, you don’t need an expensive full renovation to do it. All you may need are concrete tiles from our cement tile shop to transform your space and turn it from blah to wow, with color and pattern. Read more Cement tiles, concrete tiles, ceramic tiles, and porcelain tiles… if you’ve started looking into different tile materials, chances are you’ve gotten a bit confused at all of the options and what makes them better or worse. In your search, a term you may have come across is encaustic. What exactly does it mean, and does it apply to cement and ceramic tiles? In this post, we explain the meaning of encaustic for tiles and how it applies to concrete and ceramic tiles. If you have any confusion over this term, or simply how ceramic tiles and cement tiles are made, this post is for you. Read more If you’re the DIY kind of home or business owner, installing cement tile yourself may be a great option. Tiling a floor is one of the most common DIY projects. While doing it yourself can save money down the road, if you don’t know how to install them properly, concrete tiles won’t add the kind of value you’re hoping for. Cement tiles look incredibly stylish and high-end, but if they are improperly installed and begin to stain or warp over time, or just look uneven, they’ll only end up costing you more money, time, and headaches down the road. Learn how to tile a floor using cement tiles with these tips and professional advice. Read more Adding new cement tiles to a bathroom will instantly give it updated style and personality, and can help you create a spa-like environment, or a funky bathroom that really speaks to your taste. You don’t even need to tear everything out and the bathroom sink to make a significant visual impact and add perceived value. And, the best part is, it can often be a DIY job. If you’re wanting to make a real change in your bathroom, we suggest tiling the walls and inside the shower. Don’t know how and worried that you’ll install your concrete tiles incorrectly? Don’t be! Just follow this step-by-step post for tiling a bathroom wall and you’ll have everything you need to do it right. Read more Hand painted and hand poured tiles are very different from each other and are actually completely different types of tile. While ceramic tiles are hand painted with glazes and pigments, cement tiles are hand poured with the design set into the tile itself. This difference is what makes cement tiles so much more durable and long-lasting than ceramic tiles. But that’s not all cement tiles are good for. They offer many more benefits and can be used in a number of ways both in and outside your home or business. Learn more about the features and benefits of handmade cement tiles here. Read more Cement tiles are undoubtedly one of the most stylish and sought after home materials of the design world today. They add artisan-quality color and pattern in a space that just can’t be recreated with any other material. Not even ceramic or porcelain tiles match up. If you have a building or remodeling project you want to tackle in your home or business, be sure to consider cement tile floors. This project makes a big visual impact in a space, without taking over the other elements. It can also be a DIY project, which saves you money. Learn about the many benefits of cement tile floors here and get inspired. 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