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Senphus electrician material co., LTD is located in jiangyin, jiangsu province, with beautiful scenery, rich economy and rich culture. In 1912, Dr. Sun yat-sen wrote: "it is called the civilization of the whole country, initiated from jiangyin".Senphus electric material officially founded in 2003, in line with "with science and technology innovation to promote the energy transformation, with new energy to replace conventional fuel, called the heating civilization, from jiangyin" concept, more than a decade, god hui people continuously enterprising and breakthrough, cultivation and stick with it and made "god fai" domestic brand position, Read more Congratulations to our company on the electrical heating project of children's hospital in aksu district, xinjiang. Congratulations to our company on winning the electric heating project in urumqi bilingual kindergarten in xinjiang. Construction engineering electric power general configuration according to the need of hvac heating, electric heating engineering local climate conditions and the influence of building energy-saving insulation performance, through the heating of the heat load calculation to determine the heat electric heating power, as stipulated in the current construction of civilian residential building energy saving 65%, public construction requirements, up to 50% under the condition of heat preservation performance is good, with electric heating centralized control system of power installation engineering preferred for 65 ~ 80 w / ㎡, usually selected 18 w/m heating cable specifications.Improve the installed power (90-180 - w / ㎡) will increase speed at room temperature and maintain a wide temperature range (16-35 degrees), meet the needs of different people and comfort, but will increase the initial investment of power grid;Low installation power is the opposite;Adapt to different buildings and users.The total load of the project should also be taken into account for the reduction of the factors used in the season of summer air-conditioning and winter heating load. Detailed Address:No.8 Taoyuan Rd, Chengchang industrial park, Huangtu town, Chengchang industrial park, Jiangyin, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China Tel:0510-86659868 National service hotline:400-8811586 DetailedSenphus electrical is a member of the Chinese electric heating industry innovation strategy alliance / / a 1st class Chinese radiant heating and cooling industry design, the construction enterprise / / China building materials circulation association professional committee of electric heating unit / / radiant heating and cooling China construction metal structure association committee member units / / 2012 annual enterprise credit grade aaa enterprise / / 2012 annual national radiant heating and cooling industry outstanding construction enterprise 20 / / / / with the practical patent invention patent 5 Add:No.8 Taoyuan Rd, Chengchang industrial park, Huangtu town, Chengchang industrial park, Jiangyin, Wuxi, Jiangsu, China

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Jiangyin god fai electrical material co., LTD., specializing in the production of electric floor heating, heating cable, heating floor heating, company is the collection electrothermal alloy, heating cable, temperature sensors, large intelligent temperature control system of research and development, manufacturing, sales in the integration of high and new technology enterprise.The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system, welcome to inquire.

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