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Don'tcall me LittleWashuu -I'm the full-size, industrial-strength Washuu!Now let's come up to thelab, and see what's on the slab ...I see you quiver with antici--pation....A Introduction for the Newcomer:Hi.The real, official, drivers-license name here is Ellen Kuhfeld. But sinceI'm a writer and a fan, I've written under several pseudonyms, the mostimportant of which has been Rose Prescott.For one thing, I've recently retired from my job as a museum curator. Asa curator, I wrote quite a few articles and such under the Kuhfeld name. Museums are institutions that greatly value reputation. I have a tendency to bepolitically incorrect and a speaker of unpopular truths, not to mention writingmysteries and fanfiction. Thus, I also wrote as Rose Prescott to avoidcross-contamination of reputations. (A friend and I had a business together asthe Rose and Nefr Press, whence the name.)I often use the term cooties to quickly express the idea ofritual contamination – it's understandable to everyone in America from the ageof four up. Using two names is a way of keeping two separate swarms of cootiesfrom interbreeding. Life can be easier that way. I'm using Rose a lot less thesedays, since the museum no longer need fear ritual contamination from me. Thereis much to be said for keeping all one's karma in a single basket, keeping onlyone set of books.Which doesn't explain why I go about calling myself Big Washuu, doesit?Washuu isn't a pseudonym. She's a persona, or perhaps an avatar.I've always been a bit of a mad scientist, and lately I'm quite an anime fan.(Anime is Japanese animation.) One of my favorite anime is Tenchi Muyo!, and inthat show I feel great kinship with Hakubi Washuu – one of the most famous madscientists in all of anime. For an admittedly-limited readership, calling myself Washuu is as efficient a way of getting personality across as cooties is for getting across the idea of ritual contamination.In the show, Washuu can switch between two bodies – an early teen, or amature adult. Because of a youthful (but adult) tragedy, she prefers the youngerform. It saves her from a lot of potential romantic entanglements. And tostrengthen that, she insists on being called Washuu-chan.Now -chan is one of those hard-to-translate Japanesehonorifics. It's an affectionate diminutive, and there is no directly equivalentEnglish term. The translators used Little Washuu , which is at best apartial translation. Since I'm large, more the size of the adult Washuu, Iinsist: don't call me Little Washuu. I'm the full-size one.Hereare pictures of the two forms of Washuu - Little on the left, Big on the right.She is with Tenchi in both pictures, so you can see she gains quite a bitof height as she ages!Sit down, and enjoy the site of a storytelling mad scientist. I had a greattime doing it. And there's more to come.

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