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PrefaceI am a German journalist and became aware of my Jamaican colleague Morris Cargill while first visiting his country in the 1980s. When I started to read his columns in the Jamaican Gleaner newspaper, I knew nothing about him - I just found his polemics extremely refreshing. Many columnists just offer wimpy and bland recitals of the news they're supposed to comment on, while Morris Cargill's approach has been best described by "Discover Jamaica": "Provoking Pompous People".This is a quality that Cargill has in common with another one of my favorite colleagues, Carl Hiaasen (non-fictional books: "Team Rodent: How Disney Devours the World", "Kick Ass: Selected Columns of Carl Hiaasen", "Paradise Screwed: Selected Columns of Carl Hiaasen"). Cargill's bashing of Jamaican politicians and Hiaasen's bashing of politicians in Florida are written in such powerful styles that they are enjoyable even to those readers who aren't familiar with the details of Jamaica's or Florida's political scenes.I recently looked for articles I had read on the Gleaner's website around 1997. To my dismay, I found out that they aren't available online anymore. I was even sadder to read that Morris Cargill died on April 8, 2000 at age 85. But his writing lives on.Since even those articles by Morris Cargill which can still be found on the website of the Jamaican Gleaner are pretty much hidden away (it takes a lot of searching to find them), I decided to share the results of my recent search in the following link list. For older columns, check out the books by Morris Cargill.I should add that I don't agree with all of Cargill's views (e.g., on Jamaican patois or against reggae music). But even those rants that strike me as uncharacteristically closed-minded are fun to read. I hope you enjoy them as well!- Peter JebsenAbout Morris CargillShort biography by Discover Jamaica:CARGILL, Morris, C.D.; Retired Attorney-at-Law, Writer. Born: St. Andrew, Jamaica, June 10, 1914, son of John Henry Cargill, Attorney-at-Law, and Isobel Halton Morris-Cargill, House wife (both dec d.). Educated: Munro College, Stowe School (England). Career: Law (admitted 1937); Business Manager, Crown Film Unit (England); Newspaper Editor (Trinidad); Newspaper Columnist (Jamaica); Member Federal House of Representatives 1958-62; Novelist, Broadcaster, Farmer, Writer. Publications: A Gallery of Nazis 1977, Jamaica Farewell 1977, and other books. Religion: Buddhist. Children: 1 daughter. Interests: Provoking Pompous People.Books by Morris CargillMost of Morris Cargill's book are out of print. Used copies of some titles are available at Fleming Introduces Jamaica (edited by Morris Cargill)Hardcover(June 1965)E P Dutton; ISBN: 9997555716A Gallery of NazisHardcover(May 1978)Lyle Stuart; ISBN: 0818402563Description on page (doesn't seem to exist anymore):NX-1187 Cargill M ~A GALLERY OF NAZIS~ 1978. Lyle Stuart 224pages, 250 photos (19134) A powerful photo study of the leadership of theThird Reich and a number of war criminals. The illustrations portray theindividuals often at the height of their power and also at the time of theirtrials. Includes a selection of horrific photographs of the inmates of theconcentration camps. dw wn, ow vg 35.00Morris Cargill : a selection of his writings in the Gleaner, 1952-1985- 321 pages 1st ed. edition Topical Publishers; ISBN: 9768061006Public DisturbancesDescription on page of Gleaner Writings 1986-1996, edited by David D'CostaA continuation of reprints of testy, zesty, unabashed and well-informed comments by Jamaica's incorrigible tailtwister, Morris Cargill; superbly edited by his loyal and learned friend, David D'Costa: softcover 6" x 9"Published March 1998, US $18.00 Description on page' latest book of columns is called "Public Disturbances". He is one of the last remaining writers beloved enough to be a nation's conscience.Input wanted!If you know of any other websites related to Morris Cargill, please add them to the Morris Cargill LinkHitList.This site is a member of WebRing.To browse visit here.

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Tribute to Morris Cargill (Jamaican Journalist, Jamaica Gleaner columnist)

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