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Webmath is a math-help web site that generates answers to specific math questions and problems, as entered by a user, at any particular moment. The math answers are generated and displayed real-time, at the moment a web user types in their math problem and clicks solve. In addition to the answers, Webmath also shows the student how to arrive at the answer. via www.webmath.comJudy Jones presented this information to all principals yesterday and today. The presentation covers the expectations for the development of the SIP. Things have changed a bit. We are no longer using the NSSE format. SACs need to be familiar with this content. We will go over it in more detail in preplanning. We will then go over Mabry's data for the last several years when that CD arrives (from Judy Jones) on Monday or Tuesday.SACs will be very involved with our ALTs in the development of this year's SIP. Click the thumbnail below to launch the presentation.Mabry has been assigned Ursula Christie, Kelly Luscre, and Jonathan Tanner as our ALTs. This gives us the opportunity to have a strong vertical team! Ursula and Kelly have an elementary school background and Jonathan has a high school background. We look forward to their working with us at Mabry.I'm looking forward to another wonderful year at Mabry! We are bringing some great teachers back to our school family and welcoming some new arrivals! I will post the current version of next weeks pre-planning agenda this weekend. The early birds can download a copy.I look forward to seeing you Monday morning at 8:30AM! The building will close and be secured each day at 5:00PM. Remember we only have 2 custodians now! (And if you mess up Ruth's floors dragging things over them... o dear god!)And one final announcement in this post: The Think Tank is moving. You will get its new address and log in information when you return.We will have a grade level discussion of the No Zero Policy at Mabry during the first few days of pre-planning. Before school starts we will adopt our policy for this year. The policy can vary by grade level. The policy can vary in time: one policy to start the year, another policy after the first 9 weeks.I know we had a great deal of discussion about this at the beginning of the year last year. To begin the converstation: I am comfortable with any of these options:We decide to not have a No Zero Policy at all. Teachers return to their own reasonable grading policy as approved by the administration.We have students turn in the missing work the next school day for half credit. If they fail to turn it in, they get a zero.We have a 3 week "warmup" period, and then, for the remaining 6 weeks of the 9 week grading period, we keep students from PE/Connections until their work is done that day.Stipulations:A grade level must come to consensus on whether or not students will be pulled from PE/Connections. To avoid creating confusion with the PE/Connections teachers, one teacher can not decide to do this nor can a group of teachers decide they will do it on a sporadic basis (for example: just for this assignment).Sixth grade teachers may not pull students from PE/Connections during the first 3 weeks of school while Band and Orchestra recruit students.We will not pull students from PE/Connections after the first 9 weeks.An interesting professional link from a professional organization about this topic sent to me from a Mabry teacher: Click HereThe following list of teachers are scheduled to have an interactive white board installed in your room at some time in the future. The list also includes teachers who have an existing interactive white board in your room. The new boards are presently in the building and the electrical crews have begun work. I have no projected timeline for completion of the installation process for the new boards. If you do not want one of these boards and will not use it frequently, please let me know immediately, and we will move you to a different room. 8th NewMoncrieffMcCreryKellyHartnett8th Existing BoardsBowmanStephensCrawfordKaplanShockleySumrellVacant (Science)7th NewHowardGraberAlbertsonAbramsGlennTreadwell7th Existing BoardsBaylorLarkinCarrollKulkarni6th NewLippincottMiceliMitchell6th Existing BoardKrodman/RandBrown-CurryWoolseyDavisVerniePE/ConnectionsGraber/Tartaro (Health)Welborn/ScottHi guys,Just found out that CNN is interviewing my dad, Fernando Sanchez, this afternoon in regards to what's happening in Cuba/Castro these last few days. My dad was a prisoner of war for 2 years after being captured with other fighters in the Bay of Pigs. It will be airing(edited version) tomorrow. They were thrilled to find an English-speaking, intelligent, and focused 80 year old Cuban American!Just thought I'd share!A VERY proud daughter!CarmenDear Superintendent: It has been brought to my attention that some teachers are trying to activate their gift cards prior to tomorrow's planned start date.Please ask your principals to get word to their teachers that the cards will automatically be activated at 12 a.m. on August 3, and then de-activated at 11:59 p.m. on August 6 (when the tax free days are over). No action is required in order for teachers to begin using their gift cards tomorrow. Instructions should have been included with each card.Shame, shame, shame!Many of you frequently share articles, books, links, etc. with me. Every time you do this, you help me grow professionally in our Mabry community of learners. I just posted this to my blog for parents and students as a result a recent suggested read. You may also find it of interest. I received these 8th Grade Writing Performance Level Descriptors from Curriculum and Instruction. These are not just for our 8th grade Language Arts teachers. Every teacher at Mabry should be familiar with these.Grade 8 Writing PLD.docToday I received these 8th Grade Writing Performance Level Descriptors from Curriculum and Instruction. These are not just for our 8th grade Language Arts teachers. Every teacher at Mabry should be familiar with these.Grade 8 Writing PLD.docHere is the latest schedule for Professional Learning for Middle School teachers on August 9th. Be sure to attend the inservice for your area.August 9th MS.docOK...Now's the time. If you want to update your staff bio, get me that info ASAP. Once it falls off my radar, it's gone until next year.One important note I neglected to mention but need for you to do so with your staff upon their arrival. Please remind all to make sure we identify ourselves at all times during the school day while on school campuses by wearing the system picture ID. It is appreciated and important. Thanks. Gordon PritzAn Important Reminder: If your school teacher laptop is stolen from your classroom and your classroom was not locked, or your laptop was not properly secured in that room, you are personally financially responsible for the cost of the laptop.Please keep your laptops secured at all times!PS: Thank you Mrs. Glenn for the spelling tip!

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