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BYU Learning Outcomes This web page links you to the expected learning outcomes for each major at BYU. Learning outcomes are statements that describe the knowledge, skills, and attitudes that learners should have after successfully completing a learning experience or program. By reviewing the published learning outcomes for a given major, students and instructors can keep in mind and discuss the larger picture of student learning within that major how the courses, projects, assessments, and other learning activities help students accomplish those outcomes. To see the expected learning outcomes for any major, select the college and then the department and program. Mid-Course Evaluations One way to enhance student learning and to assist students in achieving the learning outcomes of a course is for instructors to use the Mid-Course Evaluation Tool. This tool allows instructors to create a simple survey for students to provide feedback on their learning experience in a course. Based on the survey results, instructors can respond to the feedback and adjust their instruction and activities to improve the learning experience in their course. Editing AccessTo gain editing access to Learning Outcomes, your department chair or dean should send an email giving permission for you to edit to learningoutcomes@byu.edu. Tips for Students By reviewing the program outcomes you can see the big picture of the knowledge and skills you will be able to use upon finishing the program. Reviewing program outcomes will help you understand how the work you perform in individual courses can enable you develop the knowledge and skills listed in the outcomes. Knowing the program outcomes will help you develop and organize your personal portfolio of work that will help you impress potential employers. Tips for Professors How to Write Effective Course Learning Outcomes By continually reviewing your outcomes, you will be able to quickly identify areas of strength and weakness in your program. Your case for making changes to improve student learning will be well documented and will contribute to ongoing accreditation for BYU. By reviewing the published outcomes for your program, you can better plan what you will assess and how those assessments will help your students learn and achieve the outcomes. You can better meet your responsibilities to account for student learning by reviewing and knowing the outcomes and how the assessments in your course(s) inform decisions regarding student learning. By reviewing your outcomes and corresponding assessments, you can identify outcomes that need revising in order to be clearer in defining student achievement.

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Expected Learning Outcomes

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