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Hot Girls Pearls cooling jewelry are the chicest and stylish way to stay cool. Our patented light-weight pearls are filled with non-toxic gel that won’t leak or sweat. Freeze for at least 4 hours for instant cooling relief- great for hot flashes and hot days. Receive a FREE $20 insulated travel pouch with your purchase of any necklace or bracelet.  No matter what turns you on- running, tennis, golf, yoga, hiking, boxing, you name it, Hot Girls Pearls ™ is the perfect post-workout gear to cool you down and looking good. Hot Girls Pearls™ can provide immediate relief no matter where you are; home, work, or out for the evening. You’ll feel better and look good all at the same time. For women suffering from certain medical conditions, treatments cansometimes feel worse than the disease. Women dealing with cancer, lupus,multiple sclerosis, even migraine headaches, report that the hot flashesthey endure add yet another misery to an already stressful situation. Busy lives make for hurried lives. Whether running to catch the bus towork, running errands getting in and out of the car, lugging groceries upthe stairs, or chasing after the kids, Hot Girls Pearls are that little “pick-me-up” to feel cool and comfortable, keeping stress at bay. When you look good, you feel a little better too. Hot Girls Pearls ™ is a great gift to treat yourself or someone you love. Wearing one of our cooling necklaces or bracelets is the perfect way to survive in style and comfort.

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Created as a fashionable remedy for people with menopause symptoms. Also a cool treat for expecting and breast feeding moms, provides relief to people who suffer from heat tolerance medical conditions. On a steamy summer day, or during a round of golf — lots of scenarios where a little cool-down goes a long way!

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