Coastal Shoreline Environmental Consulting Services

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– solving coastal property development and use challenges.

Coastal Planners, LLC provides professional services in Hawaii, Asia and the Pacific. We help oceanfront property owners deal with erosion crisis and plan for the future in innovative novel ways.  Our firm has assisted 77 clients over the past 7 years with their permitting and planning needs.  We offer excellence particularly in the following core topic areas:


Land Use EntitlementsErosion ResponseMaster PlanningPark PlanningResort DevelopmentDisaster Preparation PreventionCommunity-Based Protected Areas


Special Management Area permitsShoreline Setback permitsFlood Development permitsConservation District Use permitsEnvironmental AssessmentsBuilding permitsGrading permits

Infrastructure Improvements


Renewable Energy

HydropowerPhotovoltaic (PV)Concentrated PVSeawater Air Conditioning

Policy Reform

HRS 205A – Hawaii Coastal Zone Management Act2006 Hawaii’s Ocean Resource Management PlanMaui Island Plan12-202 Maui Planning Commission Special Management Area Rules12-203 Shoreline Rules for the Maui Planning Commission8-27 Kauai Shoreline Ordinance2008 Beach Management Plan for the Island of MauiPost-Disaster Reconstruction Guidelines Protocols

Coastal ~ Watershed ~ Environmental

Planning Management

Constructed Wetlands Sustainable Development


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