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description:Biomedresearches (bmr'S) is a medical information center, directory and an internet publisher of health, news and medical information.
Biomedresearches (bmr'S) is a medical information center, directory and an internet publisher of health, news and medical information. Awareness Campaigns

Our first Awareness Campaign was launched in the year 2013, and was dedicated to Epilepsy. This year, we launched Coronavirus Covid-19 Awareness Campaign. Our plan is to launch more campaigns, which represent our compliance with the duty and responsibility towards our societies and the world.

Health and Medical Directory

Compiled Helpful Health and Medical Categories in Just One Place.

Biomedresearches Blog

No doubt, in today’s modern life, blogging should be a way of life. Further, it is essential to spread knowledge and information. In general, and particularly for health and medical topics, knowledge and expertise posting is a guide to others who look for an open source trustworthy and reliable information.

Insight. Health Quality And Literacy.

We promote health literacy to let individuals have the capacity to obtain, process, and understand basic health information needed to make appropriate health decisions.

Data And Statistics.

Health statistics include both empirical data and estimates related to health, such as mortality, morbidity, risk factors, health service coverage, and health systems.

Signs And Symptoms.

Signs and symptoms are abnormalities that can indicate a potential medical condition. Whereas a symptom is subjective, that is, apparent only to the patient, a sign is any objective evidence of a disease that is observable.

Coronavirus COVID-19 updates. Abbreviation and Terms What is Corona virus? Is Corona a new virus? Human Coronavirus Types Vaccine’s Timeline Symptoms of COVID-19 COVID-19 Prevention COVID-19 Vaccines Epilepsy Corner. Epilepsy Epilepsy Health Corner Epilepsy and Seizures. Prevalence and Incidence. Common Epilepsy Causes. Types of Seizures. Types of Epilepsy. Diagnosis, Treatment and Care. First Aid for Seizures. Epilepsy and Driving. Epilepsy and Pregnancy. Living and Managing with Epilepsy. Continue reading.. Epilepsy Diagnostic EEG Information Page History and Introduction. Main Diagnostic Application. EEG in Practice Clinical Use. Methods Used in EEG, Limitations Risks. How the Procedure is Performed. Types of EEG Test. Normal and Abnormal EEG. What is an EEG Machine? EEG Equipment Components and Resources EEG VS Metabolic-Based Imaging Techniques. Continue reading.. Resources Epilepsy EEG Resources Biomedresearches EEG Educational Videos. Organizations. Associations. Regulatory Bodies. Guidelines and Standards. Informative Websites. Graphical and Video Materials. Epilepsy Awareness Campaigns. Epilepsy Journals And Publications. Supportive products. Continue reading.. Trending. Health News Are you tired of surfing the internet every time you want to know the latest and breaking Health and Medical news? So Do Everybody!

Don’t bother, we have Favorited it for you, so you will not be confused nor scattered between hundreds of Health news providers on the Internet.

Medical Regulation Healthcare, Medical and Pharmaceutical Regulations and standards: Who Does it, and for what purpose?

Most important and reliable medical regulatory bodies in the world, and the pioneering role they play to ensure everything related to medical, health sector, patients and practitioners are in harmony.

Medical Technology Medical Open-Source Software or Proprietary Software - Cons and Pros - What Is Best for healthcare?

Open-source medical software evolved in the market a few years ago, and started to break the strong monopoly of the traditional “closed-source “software developers best known as proprietary competitors.

Medical Reference Website You are a doctor or healthcare professional, and tired of searching the net or googling every time you look for medical information, or to investigate new procedures!

You have reached the place that will save your time and efforts .... Here is a list of Top Medical Websites for Doctors and Healthcare professionals.

Medical Information Reliability The Risks of Misleading Health Information can lead to the greatest risk of suffering repercussions due to trusting unreliable sources.

It is very common for the normal internet surfers and searchers not to think of medical information validity and reliability found in websites until a while, and may be in particular when the content is contradicting or similar.

Online Medical Dictionary If you do the common usual procedure as many does, when searching for the meaning of a word or terminology by googling it, you will be surprised by the outcome of your search!

A compiled a list of online trusted Medical Dictionary of health terms, terminology and glossary.

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Biomedresearches (bmr'S) is a medical information center, directory and an internet publisher of health, news and medical information.

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