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Mozart Chocolate Coffee combines the 2 most popular flavors in the world in one bottle: chocolate & coffee.



Have you ever tried Mozart Chocolate for dessert?
Discover your favorite recipe here.



A highly concentrated chocolate flavor that adds complexity to
longdrinks and cocktails.

Explore true false Chocolate Symphony

Take a spark of creativity, shape it through years of experience, and blend it charmingly with attention to detail into a unique symphony.

Cream Belgian Chocolate | Cream | Aromatic Notes of Vanilla and Cocoa White Aromatic Vanilla | Delicious Caramel | Cream | White Chocolate Dark Bitter Chocolate | Vanilla | Caramel | Smoky Herbal Notes of Cocoa Beans Coffee Roasted coffee notes | Belgian Chocolate | Vanilla | Fruity aroma of red orange Strawberry Fruity Strawberry Flavour | White Chocolate | Vanilla Pumpkin Spice Chocolate | Caramel | Pumpkin Juice | Cinnamon | Clove | Vanilla A world of Chocolate

Mozart Chocolate Liqueur is an Austrian brand combining the best of two worlds: chocolate & spirit. Discover our products, the unique manufacturing process and be inspired by the variety of ways to enjoy Mozart Chocolate Liqueur.

Masterful quality All natural ingredients, carefully handcrafted Special Product News Mozart Chocolate Coffee Our Products Inspired by the most popular chocolate flavors in the world Most Popular Mozart White Chocolate Lady Rose Chocolate Pleasure Mozart Banana Cake Be inspired

There area variety of ways to enjoy Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. Apart from neat or on ice, one of the most delicious ways is in the form of an extraordinary chocolate cocktail – a Mozart Choctail.

Mozart Choctails Choctail Selection

Chocolate pleasure with Mozart Chocolate Liqueur. Discover our delicious Mozart Choctails – in the form of a dessert, classic, creative or hot drink.

View all recipes Mozart Coffee Chocolate

Chocolate Cappuccino Martini

Mozart Cream Chocolate

Chocolate Punch Cake

Mozart White Chocolate

Chocolate Colada

Mozart Dark Chocolate

Viennese Chocolate Cake

Mozart Strawberry Chocolate

Chocolate Pink Dream

Mozart Pumpkin Spice Chocolate

Pumpkin Chocolate Cheesecake


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