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Science & Technology
Floating Solar Farms Are a Game Changer

The sun’s power is virtually infinite — opportunities to collect and make use of it are not. As demand for renewable energy increases, so does the need for places to generate it.  Over the last few years, a technological evolution has resulted in solar farms that take up no land at all.

How Whale Snot is Saving an Ocean Near You!

Whale biologists at the Ocean Alliance are pioneering a new, non-invasive way to study whales using drones that allows scientists to observe whales like never before. These insights are giving us a glimpse into the lives of the largest creatures to ever live, and helping us understand how to better protect the oceans that they call home and we depend on.

Adventure to the Island that Came Back from Extinction

Can we really save an entire ecosystem when it is nearly hunted to extinction? We can! Let’s adventure to an island of survival where life is once again finding a way.


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Don’t Look for Connection in Nature, Listen for It with Liz McKenzie

After Adopting 123 Kids, Former Buddhist Monk Transforms Education with Gen-la Lobsang Phuntsok

Streets are for People, Not Cars? Bringing Joy and Humanity to Your Neighborhood with Blaine Merker

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The Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast

The Conspiracy of Goodness Podcast is designed to give you more joy, less fear, and no end to the evidence that a bright future is possible. Each episode, we help you make sense of the world by introducing you to people tackling some of the world’s most difficult problemsand show you why they still think the future is bright.

Latest Episodes

Don’t Look for Connection in Nature, Listen for It with Liz McKenzie (Episode #105)

If there are times when a moment of delightful joy or wonder would save the day for you, then our guest today has a message that will be a gift that keeps on giving. Liz McKenzie is an expert in…Continue Reading

After Adopting 123 Kids, Former Buddhist Monk Transforms Education with Gen-la Lobsang Phuntsok (Episode #104)

There is nothing quite as enlightening as listening to the insights of someone who has been to the edge and back. Today’s guest – Lobsang Phuntsok – had been to many edges of human existence. He was abandoned at birth,…Continue Reading

Streets are for People, Not Cars? Bringing Joy & Humanity to Your Neighborhood with Blaine Merker (Episode #103)

If you wish your neighborhood brought more opportunities for delight and connection close to home, you will love our conversation with guest, Blaine Merker. His work with one of the most important Urban Design companies in the world is aiming…Continue Reading

Recent Videos

The Key to Personal Development with Ted Fells and Eric Twiggs

In our May Happy[ness] Hour we had the pleasure of talking with Ted and Eric, friends, business partners, hosts of the the podcast The 30 Minute Hour, and founders of the “What Now?” movement.

How to Invent Yourself with Innovative Thinking with Ann Makosinski

Ann Makosinski is our youngest guest in Happy[ness] Hour history but don’t let that fool you her accomplishments are much greater than your average 23 year old. Ann is an inventor, writer, global keynote speaker, and CEO of her own company! A person with aspirations this high who is able to achieve so much at…

How To Launch a Social Enterprise with Adam Morris

What is a social entrepreneur and how do you become one? In this member-exclusive conversation Adam shares his insider knowledge on social entrepreneurship and advice on how we can develop our own social enterprise.

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You’re not alone in caring.
There is a wave of goodness and progress well underway, all around the world.

Your opinion of yourself is the only one that realIf there are times when a moment of delightful joy A great tip for work, and for life!

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