Let’s shake up city hall.

After fifteen years, we've all had enough of corruption, indictments, and mismanagement.

We deserve some results for a change. Let's build a better city together.

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Chuck Schumer

As Buffalo voters start to head to the polls, I urge them to cast their ballot for India Walton as the next Mayor of Buffalo. India is an inspiring community leader, mother, nurse, and a lifelong Buffalonian with a clear progressive vision for her hometown. India Walton won the Democratic primary fair and square.

Kirsten Gillibrand

I’m proud to endorse India Walton for Mayor of Buffalo! She’s run a truly impressive grassroots campaign and clearly has a heart for public service. And her experience as a working mom and a nurse have prepared her to tackle the challenges facing Buffalo’s working families.

Sean Ryan

As we work to end the pandemic and transform our economy, Buffalo needs a leader who will address the critical needs of every neighborhood, and I am proud to endorse India Walton as the next Mayor of the City of Buffalo. For far too long, problems that directly impact people's lives have been ignored, and it's time for change. We need to improve our infrastructure and housing stock to protect children from lead poisoning. We need to tackle poverty, end subsidies for wealthy developers, and make Buffalo a model city for progress. India Walton will deliver this vision, and that's why I'm supporting her on November 2nd.

Samra Brouk

India Walton isn’t just the Democratic nominee for mayor, she is the best candidate for the job. She is a powerful advocate, healthcare worker, mother, and community leader. As a working person, she understands the needs of everyday Buffalonians. For these reasons and more, I encourage Buffalo voters to repeat what they did in June and vote for India as Buffalo’s next mayor.

Jonathan Rivera

It is with incredible excitement that I lend my support to such a dynamic and engaging leader. The bold and innovative energy that India has shown is exactly what we need right now. I believe in leading with compassion and in the direction towards equity; that’s why I believe in India.

April Baskin

As a single mother who persisted through parenting while working a low-wage job and starting a career, I know India has the lived experience to be an elected representative, and she is the exact kind of person we need to lead the local government. The next generation of leaders stands poised to direct and lead us to be a safer, healthier, and more equitable City of Good Neighbors. That’s why I trust India Walton to lead Buffalo, and I wholeheartedly endorse her for Mayor.

Rasheed Wyatt

She supports transparency in our government. For that, because she will listen to the people, I am endorsing, full-throatedly, Ms. India Walton as our next Mayor of Buffalo.

Betty Jean Grant

For Decades, Buffalo has literally been 'a tale of two cities.' While certain areas of the city have been revitalized, the East Side has patiently waited for the attention and resources to flow down to us. We are still waiting. I believe India Walton, as our Mayor, will address this obvious disparity and will ensure that all of Buffalo will once again be that glorious and productive city it used to be.

Antoine Thompson

I’m encouraging everyone in Buffalo to vote for India Walton, the endorsed Democratic nominee for Mayor of Buffalo. Let’s make history!

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“I believe that the people closest to the problems
are closest to the solutions.

It’s time for us to stop waiting for someone to save us, and do it ourselves.

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